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Deviously cooperative runner/puzzle platformer for 1-4 players. · By Space Mace, Graffiti_Games

Joggernauts at The MIX E3 in LA!

A topic by Space Mace created Jun 11, 2017 Views: 252 Replies: 2
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Developer (3 edits)

Joggernauts has the tremendous honor of being selected for The MIX LA during E3 on June 14th.  We're going to be showcased along side games we are huge fans of such as Secret Legend, Nidhogg 2, Overland, Ooblets, and Semblance just to name a few!  We are sooooo excited!!! Even Runner 3 is going to be there, which is CRAZY because Joggernauts wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for a drunken, day-long session of Bit.Trip Runner with friends.

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Developer (1 edit)

We had a blast at The MIX!  Press coverage is already starting to come in.  Here's a great write up by Ars Technica: "E3 2017's brightest indie games"

We've got a clip in their roundup video as well!


Joggernaut's is on Game Informer's list of the Best Indie Games of E3 2017! We are incredibly flattered. ☺️

"...we all started to scream out colors, such as, "Green! Purple! Blue, it's your turn!" in order to collaboratively make it through the level, though we died a lot along the way. Although it looks deceptively simple, Joggernauts is a difficult but fun game that requires strategy amongst friends."