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Deviously cooperative runner/puzzle platformer for 1-4 players. · By Space Mace, Graffiti_Games

Joggernauts Headed to Bit Bash AND 2D Con!

A topic by Space Mace created Aug 01, 2017 Views: 219
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Welcome, joggers!

I’ve got so much to tell you about our Twitch debut, press, new artwork, and upcoming events.

Shall we? Here we go!


The secret is out!  Joggernauts will be presented at Bit Bash on August 12th. 

Wait... That’s the same weekend 2D Con! Don’t worry. Joggernauts will be at both! 

Joggernauts had its grand debut on Twitch thanks to JadeSilkBadPlayersPlayingBadly, and LastGeek!  

You can check out the fun they had here: 

JadeSilk July 4th, 2017

LastGeek July 29th, 2017

JadeSilk and BadPlayersPlayingBadly July 29th, 2017

We met up with reporter, Naomi N. Lugo, (coincidentally, a reporter from our home town of Minneapolis. Lol.) at E3 to discuss Joggernauts. Not only did we talk about how development of Joggernauts was going, but also a bit about our thoughts on the Indie presence at E3 and the MIX.  

Read about our conversation here.

Tommy locked himself in a cabin over the 4th of July and came back to the team with with some truly inspiring artwork.

I mean judge it for yourself! You should see how cool those waterfalls look with Joggernauts behind them.

Oh wait... well that’s coming! I’ll show you that soon. :)