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Oh man this game was fun and I can definitely relate. Definitely a tough game though! I like the theme and everything too and the music wasn't annoying and actually kind of added to the ambiance of the game. I will say that sometimes I wasn't sure what I would be grabbing so I may click on receipt but if it is stacked super high it'll turn out to be a memo. But I guess that adds to how frantic the game is meant to feel. All in all good job!

This isn't too bad but I also appreciate your comment indicating that one of the jumps is too high. The atmosphere was indeed cool and it is kind of this lonely place where you are trying to repair a robot. The music added to that sad feeling and that was great! I think you did a good job in the short time allowed and made something very special here.  Good work!

Good job on this game! I managed to win after a couple of tries. I noticed that even though it took me a while to win it still said I won after "0" seconds. The gameplay was solid though and I think it is cool that you included health packs the player could pick up. Made it kind of strategic.  Keep up the good work!

Oh my goodness. This game starts out super light and then becomes a frantic exercise. I really like how you had the nurse go really fast so it feels like rushing. Also you introduced new gameplay mechanics a little bit at a time instead of all at once so that I could ease into it a little bit instead of being bombarded with everything at once. All in all this was a good job! Also love the blood bags on the patients as a kind of health meter so I could prioritize who needed to be helped and when. Keep it up!

This game is a really cool idea and it plays okay. However, after I did the first delivery it didn't seem like there were any more deliveries to make. I could just kind of wander around the screen. It did start raining and stuff so it is cool that you brought all those extra elements in. Also the semi truck too that went  super slow. 

All in all it does control well and the graphics are pretty cool so this is a good job in my opinion! Keep it up!

Hey this game was really fun and pretty cool. It was kind of like a relaxing diner dash or overcooked.  Music isn't bad and it just is kind of fun. I am definitely curious about some of the customers orders though. Some of them REALLY like bq*4 + egg + lettuce. Made me laugh. Good job!

This is a tough game but I love the scream. I was able to get to about 40 but it did run really tiny on my computer for some reason. The scream at the end legit got a laugh out of me. I like that you have the cars that come by too but if I protect myself from the car does that mean my burger gets rained on in the meantime? Kind of tough to figure out, but it may be that my screen was too small to see for the game. All in all good job! Keep it up!

Man oh man this game was unforgiving! But it was definitely fun, for some reason I kept wanting to keep on trying to see if I could get to the next bit of the song. The artwork was really cool too. I think maybe tone down the difficultly slightly or offer some ways to wrangle the tuna can better. I couldn't really tell where it was going to go.  Good job in getting a game out the door, this is still definitely a solid game and I'm glad I was able to mess around with a tuna can and avocados in space!

Wow this one was really good! It had the perfect kind of progression and just was very pleasant. Not sure how else to describe it. Loved the ending too! Great job on this one!

This was a fun game. Very simple concept but challenging enough to keep me interested enough to try to keep finding that last crystal. All in all a great job!

This was a fun game!  It really forced me to be strategic. Played simply too, I understood exactly what I had to do without too much trouble. Beautifully done and definitely has that ominous feeling about it. Keep up the good work!

Man this game gets crazy just about a minute in. But I like that you have a lot of different spells and stuff going on. All in all I think this is a good job, especially in just 3 days! Keep it up!

This was a solid simple idea and you executed it well! It was also kind of funny too. Hope you keep on making games because you did a good job as this was super playable and everything. Good job!

This was a very cool game. Kind of difficult as the random battles were very frequent but I like that you put the effort in to make an interesting combat system. Plus you provided a PDF that explains exactly how to use it. Reminds me of those old games back in the day where the booklet told you how to play. Good job with keeping with the retro feel! I hope to see what you can end up doing n the future!

Good job. I really enjoyed this game.  It gets kind of intense with the # of enemies but you kind of got to strategize then. Keep up the good work!

This was a really cool game. Very simple with a hilarious concept. Nice to see us from Lunk's other perspective in my opinion. Great job!

This was pretty cool. My favorite building was the burger building and the Casino. All in all this was a fun proof of concept. I'd love to see what this would be like in the non-64x64 environment. I think there is something really great here. Good job!

Thanks a lot for fixing as well! I was able to play it and really enjoyed it. A nice relaxing little game. Puzzles were pretty clever too, but they weren't unpleasantly difficult. Just the right amount of challenge. Also, the music was good too. Great work!

My apologies. I probably should have put a prompt once you place them all to tell the player to go back to the ladder once you are done placing all of the bulbs. 

Thanks for the tip about the subpixels! I will do that next time to avoid that issue. I didn't know that. I may fix/improve both of these things for an update in time for the upcoming holidays. Thanks a lot!

Great game. Was fun to play. I totally understand about getting Unity to render correctly.  A very solid exploration/combat mini-game in my opinion. Good job!

I tried downloading and playing the game V0.1.2 but it says that the SDL2.dll file cannot be found. Looks cool so hope that can maybe be fixed soon. 

Definitely difficult but I loved the design and music of the game. It was fun to explore to see what all was there. Just wish there were more ways to know if something was going to be a leap of faith or not for some of the things you had to do. Or maybe I just wasn't good at solving the maze lol. Good job overall though! I did enjoy it.

Not a bad little game! I was able to get 38 points and it has solid controls too. Very difficult though, but a neat concept that you need to force the red dots to crash into each other. Great job!

Honestly not bad. It was pretty fun and silly. Good job!

What a crazy idea for a game. You put a lot of work into this with the cool cutscenes and everything. Glad to see this amount of effort going into a story for the low rez jam. Great work!

This game was very charming. A nice way to just kind of kick back and relax as you work your way down the mountain.  Reminded me of the game Proteus just a little bit.  Good job!

Fun game and fun idea. I like the work you put into making tutorials and menus without just throwing people right into it. I always appreciate that, especially considering how limited scope this game jam was. Must've been a lot of work to get all that in there and have everything be so alive in the menus. Great job!

Weird and strange game. But I enjoyed it. Felt kind of like an interactive art exhibit. 

This was a cool game. I like that it was small in scope but I still feel like I was exploring appropriately. Reminded me of gold game boy games, but with a cool color scheme. Great job on this one!

This was a really fun game and I enjoyed it. Love the metroidvania style feel of it all. I got of a lot of Environmental Station Alpha vibes from this game and I really enjoyed it. Loved that you put hidden diskettes around. I didn't manage to find them all I don't think but it is really cool that you put that stuff in there. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah the roof is a little on the big side. I probably should've added some obstacles like a chimney or slippery ice or enemies to make it more interesting if I was going to keep it so large. I may add in a later built or reduce the size in case I update the game for the holidays coming soon. Thanks again!

The game over "music" was hilarious. Almost reminds me of some of the funny/strange sound effects old 3DO games would have (games like Cyberdillo). The game itself wasn't what I expected going on, you can't just move the Bawl all over the place, I was forced to strategize and think about what was happening and where the cubes were heading.  Great job!

This was a really good game. Control was a little tough but I really felt like I was playing the old arcade game "Off Road" for some reason. You also had a good art style for this and it just felt nice to look at. I think this game shows a lot of real promise. Great job!

This was a really fun game. Good job! The music also wasn't annoying and it was kind of ominous. I'm not sure if I got the "good" ending or if there are multiple endings or more to explore. It was so cool how you utilized the backpack to be a health bar to save space. All in all this was a good job!

I downloaded this on my phone and it ran great. Also it is a simple concept that is a lot of fun and kind of addicting. The difficulty really ramped up at 100 zombies killed though. I guess it keeps you on your toes that way. It also looked cool and the music wasn't annoying. Great job on this one!

Good job on this one.  You even have a well done tutorial and everything. Such a neat little concept and it feels like a game I would have a lot of fun with friends playing at an arcade. Winner Winner Hot Dog Dinner!

This was a really cool game. Thank you so much for making it. Very limited in scope and I like how you can accidentally bonk on the walls if you're just running out of control. That legit got a laugh out of me. Also somewhat ominous. Felt somewhat like an old text adventure game but with a little more graphics.  Great job on this one I am glad to see this style of game is in the jam!

Oh wow this game was a lot of fun.  Short and sweet, this game is clearly from someone super talented and the music was pretty good too. Great job!

This is such a fun little game. Reminds me of trying to catch the rabbit with the star in Mario 64 a little bit for some reason. Good job!