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Choosing the colors of the theme art as inspiration was a simple but really great idea i havent seen. 

Love color/music theory. If you havn't listened to The Deer Hunter's album The Color Spectrum you should.

That is not what I was thinking when I listened to this, but honestly that makes me like it so much more.

The title descriptions nail the feeling of the tracks. Also big fan of the AI art, I wasn't able to get anything useful but yours came out great.

That could go in any Thriller Detective game, not just 2D!

Nailed winter with the bells. Love how unique these feel.

Like top down strategy, or dynasty warriors, or something else?

Loved the track, fits your genre well.

Love the layering, I think you could have done even more with it, wish everything felt just a little bit bigger and full! Wonderfully composed and it flowed start to end.

What year do you think this game was released? Dig it, I think if you had something in the low-end it would fill out the track a bit more.

Autumn was a banger, I got into the chill vibe immediately and enjoyed being caught off guard half way through. Winter felt a lot like the season, but missed hearing some of the beautiful melodies like you had created for Autumn.

Sequel? 👀

I had a similar vibe for mine, so that makes me biased, but I dig it.

Interesting, your description makes me think of Thumper!

Perfect description of the kind of game this would go for and it would fit so well. Was hoping to feel a bit more of the seasons in each song and their uniqueness, but the songs themselves are ready to go in a game already.

Loved all the tracks. Survival ain’t my genre but I’d play that game if the music sounded like this.

So glad I listened to this with headphones. Every track was unique and high quality. Love the slow panning as well.

I'm always a sucker for sneaky time signatures. You got the creepy across thats for sure, yet I couldn't pull myself away from listening to the layers and what was next.

My vote is that Safe in the Shadows is the best here. Could fit well in a game or movie.

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Climb and Spry were a little slow going for me on a first impression. I'm glad I kept going because Summer of All Fun was awesome and I convinced me to push through and listen to everything else.

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So good. This is music that immediately feels like it came from a game, not just composed for a jam. Listened to all the tracks and loved it.

Some Final Fantasy vibes here, totally makes sense given the picture theme as well. Great job!

Physics Roguelike?! Are there games like this yet, thats a super interesting idea.

Trippy, felt like a DOOM era game. You pumped out a crazy amount of content in a week, im impressed.

Oh yeah, I can see it. Nice job man!

Nicely done, parts of Autumn really visualized the game for me. 

8 Bit Farming Action Platformer.

Strong first impression. The syncopation of the delays was making it a little difficult to "get in the groove", but i LOVED how it sounds and the instrumentation.

Loved AutumnPiece. Very cool idea to break out all the songs separately but put them together in 1 at the end.

Incredible. I was floored in seconds, this is ready right now to be put into a finished game. It's apparent you're an incredibly talented musician, with insane flexibility and can change your composition style to what is needed. Loved every second of every track.

The pace was a bit slow for me, but honestly I had a lot of fun jumping around the track and listening to different segments, there is a LOT of high quality instrumentation and writing here.

Will there be a way to see how we were rated? Publicly or privately?

You're welcome! I also completely forgot to mention how much I love the cover art. Seriously, you killed it.

This went in directions I did not expect and I liked it.

Loved every moment, every second.

I'll admit, I'm biased. BOTW is one of my favorite games of all time and Disasterpiece is one of my favorite game composers of all time.

I'll be streaming these long after this jam is over.

Well that was a ride, and I'm even more surprised that I loved it. I'm not typically one for soundbites, but it definitely fit here.

Super polished, tight and well mixed. This is one of my favorites here, fun to listen to from start to finish.

Wonderful musicianship, it's easy to notice flaws in playing when a track is so "naked" but I didn't feel anything like that here.

Slow, heavy , and the bass just drives through everything. Really enjoyed it.

Loved it, super well mixed and awesome synths. Felt more like video game music than the original!

The more I listened the more it grew on me and I was intrigued to just keep going. Love it.

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PastaTime is the winner here for me! Couldn't help but start head bobbing to it.

I few of the tracks felt a little repetitive with the main rhythm loop.

Great job, all around! I'm impressed you did so many tracks, but maybe it would have been worth giving your 2 favorite tracks twice the attention.

I'm also unfamiliar with LMMS, screenshots of the interface looked very interesting and I'll be checking it out.