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Hey !

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Essaye de voir avec Atomium pour mettre le lien CrowdForge sur la homepage ;)

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Cela pourrait être pas mal de mettre en place un CrowdForge !
Je ne sais pas si n'importe qui peut créer la page (et à le droit), mais c'est plus pratique que le forum pour le coup.
Enfin c'est que mon opinion ^^'

Humm I see, I should had a luminosity parameter to set up at the beginning !

Thanks for your review =3
For respawn I normaly forced the checkpoint's lamp to be on when you die !
I know also there is a light bug on the right part of the map, where it is pretty dark, I'll try to fix it.
Most of the time I tried to put a lamp in range to another in order to avoid the random go.
Can you tell me on which part you couldn't find a light source close enough ? or you felt lost ?

Nice entry, the game is totally in the theme. Since I don't see much menu good job for it too !
The ambience is pretty cool with those graphics & music, it feels like a horror mansion =3
The gameplay is simple but fun, it would have been nice to add some new mechanics over the waves (other way to spend our money) since it feels a bit redundant after some waves or maybe punctual power up / events.
I think lowering the mouse speed could help to avoid player doing the "swiping no justsu".
A small feedback when you missed an enemy could be a nice adding (like a small red blink or ...).

Great job for your entry !

The use of the light fits the theme, making ghosts & monsters run away if you light them is a good point.
I liked the aesthetics of monsters & ghosts.
Over that, the sounds wasn't really good, especially the "capture sound", it is way too loud compared to the main music.
The 3 levels feel about the same, it would be nice to add some features over the levels (I saw the light radius changed sometimes in level 3).
Finally some feedbacks when you got hit by monsters and few invulnerabilities frames would be great, sometimes I got all my life eaten very fast by a single ghost following me.

Overall great job for a new developper !

I liked the ambiance of the game (Graphics & Audio), felt like a sweet little story of a caterpillar.
I prefered the flying part over the ground one, the small maze with enemies was challenging enough.
On the ground part, I struggled a bit climbing on the woods branchs. It could have been nice if the ground part was a bit longuer, we collect just three leafs and that's it.
Maybe add some leafs to show how hard it is for a caterpillar to become a butterfly =D
Good entry, good jobs guys !

Hey there is a "Activate light around you for a while" !
When you grab the first fuel upgrade ! It tells you to press Shift for that =3

In fact by all the points I gave, I think the diversity of cars is one of the lowest priority.
I think adding some mechanics would increase the lifetime for the game, giving to the player the chance of trying several strategy to win !

But it's already pretty fun, I put multiples points because you wanted to know where you could improve =P

Ohhh thanks for your time dude !
Tell me what kind of upgrade your were expecting ? =D

The concept is fun and in the theme. At start I struggled a bit, crashing my car right into the cars that I just illuminated x)
The graphics and sounds are ok, although differents cars skins could be nice (even just colors) and some sfx for breaks, turns ...
For the game design, I think adding some kind of energy bar to make the player use his light wisely (with why not some battery on the ground in order to refill). Maybe different kind of lights, like a short one very effective but just around your car in opposition to a very ranged one but very tight (like shotgun and sniper) or it could be available as power up ^^
Could be nice for enforcing the race aspect to improve the sand/dust, I didn't feel a huge differents between the ground and sand.
I tried to details and give you some points as you asked ^^
Over that I liked the fact of having to concentrate over the race and at the same time to light up others cars to win, Good job =3

The lights effects are stunning =3
In addition with those sfx the atmophere suits the game nicely ! (Are the wind sounds made by voice ? =O)
Would have liked a bit more content of course (some mechanics to understand the kind of gameplay it is going to be).
Great job, don't hesitate to notice me if you update the game =d

Hey thanks for your review =D
I know the lack of sounds is terrible, it's the point I'm not very good at ....
I tried last couple of hours to create a theme for the game but it wasn't very nice, just saw latter that we could use sound generator like Bfxr to add at least some sfx for Dialogue/steps/lighting ...
I'll try to update it adding a music them and some sfx !

Funny game, the upgrade style game make it pretty adictive (Raised the tax so much, I just waited in my city to robe ... humhum collect my citizens xD). I liked the enemy design especially the one showed in the main picture. I think it could have been better with some story and goal (I thought I had to raise the light over a specific level to win). Next the musics were fine but sadly they aren't looping ! And to improve a bit the balance, the monster should damage the citizen giving you a point to return home. Oh and a bit more feedback on damages could be great like a more visual effect than transparent !
Overall I had fun playing your game, Good Job =3.

Thanks hope you'll manage to win the game =D

Fun game with a simple concept.
The game style is pretty cute (love the little pingu) =3
Sometimes, narrow area (1 tile) can be hard to cross or to loot the curry on it.
Good job for your entry !

The concept is fun ! We can feel the social network environment with comment/like bar.
The comment are also very funny =3
Sadly I am not that good at reactive game, but the differents pictures that I saw, were very well made =D
Good job, just need some music now and especially an sfx for the capture ;)

A good starting point for a combat system game.
The game fits the resolution very nicely and animations and graphics are great too !
The combats mechanics is interesting, I spent a bit of time trying the several bosses (A bit sad poison just last for a turn).
A good thing to add in order to avoid the "run and chase" could be the destruction of some part of the arena restricting players movements.
Or add an ability to drop a trap that last for 2 turns ? =D
Good job overall, would have been really nice with some music & sfx ;)

The style is fun, very fun !
Adding some new elements to a classic snake.
Good small game =D

Ps : Care of the menu screen a bit too flashy !

You can try mine Block'ed, if you are patient enough to read the game page since there is no tutorial inside the game ^^'

Simple idea but the game is pretty fun.
The style is great, we can easily identify our good friend Donny Don =3
It would have been nice to had an other option to deny Don (like one using money) because I ended up turning arround the island collecting coins without using the pinguin.
Or maybe darken the screen over time du to some pollutions clouds to stick with the theme (just kidding I know, it is pretty hard to do that with pico8).
Nice entry !

A small great point and click !
The lighting, rain and thunder give a nice atmosphere that suits the game very well.
So sad it is too short ! Starting some story plot with those notes but we don't know what happened after.
Looking forward the next episode !

I liked the boss fight =3
I was more scared by himself than the rocks x)
The graphics and audio are good.
A bit suprised at first that my fire spells did nothing to the larva(?) and I found a coin pretty hard to find because of the scrolling.
Nice entry overall, I had fun playing it =D

I like the idea of being a ghost and possessing the enemy !
The cutscenes are great, it had some depth to the story.
Graphics & Audio suit the game nicely, I like the style of the enemies.
I didn't try all the ends, but I read them in the game page and they are pretty cool (Will try the sacrife one if I manage to do it) =D

The ambiance is really nice, with the graphics and the torchlight effect !
I didn't know much what to do, but it was still fun crossing the house in this atmosphere.
I ended my journey on some kind of ghost, don't know if it was the end !
Good job overall ;)

Hey thanks for the review !
Happy that you manage to make work some stuff ! =3
I still think in addition with the game page explanation a small tutorial would have been nice.
Like at least, show how to put two basics factories working together.

For the robot rotation, I was hesitating !
Like I knew if I did it that way some would be annoyed and same if I did it the other way =S
But I get your point, since I was hesitating, I just made a choice ^^'

Tell me when you try it later if you manage to win the game =D

Ok, in fact the levels were good enough in order to understand how to play without tooltips !

Thanks for your review !
The absence of some kind of tutorial make the game pretty hard to take in hand.
Sadly the engine limits me in tokens numbers so that I cannot really make a tutorial.
This is why I tried to explain a lots on things on the game page, but I can get that you don't have time to read them ^^
When you'll have more time try to read the description, it will help you for sure.

Very nice idea ! It fits to the jam pretty well !
The price of a pixel when we have so few.
I did 26 benefits on my first job, I bough some pixels for nothing x)

Nice plateformer with several mechanics, those are well introduced by examples levels.
They are many levels providing differents puzzles.
The design and animations ares so cute =3
The scroll when arriving on border can sometimes bother you when you have a block to move or ...
And some introductions tooltips don't fit into the screen.

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I love tactical games like this one, and it is really well done.
The space is nicely used, we can still understand what is happening even when the game is getting crowded. The music is ok and suits the game without bothering you.
A harder mode would be appreciated =P

Pas de soucis pour la phrase de 15 bornes !
Merci pour ton retour.

Du coup sur la version que l'on travail à améliorer, on a choisi de réduire le périmètre. Pour le jeu de sculpture, on a choisi d'utiliser des débris dont la couleur change en fonction du rythme pour éviter que le joueur ai besoin de regarder autre part. Car effectivement le fait de devoir taper à un endroit précis en regardant à un autre endroit rendait la chose compliqué.

On pense sortir cette version dans la semaine, si tu veux la voir ;)

Merci pour ton retour !
On travail actuellement pour améliorer le gameplay, car effectivement celui-ci n'est pas des plus intuitif/simple pour le moment.
Par contre pour ce qui est du thème, l'objectif étant de ramasser des objets cassés ou des bricoles afin de les retaper pour les vendre par la suite. Je ne trouve pas spécialement tant éloigné du thème, peut être le manque de gameplay qui donne cet effet ?

Principe sympa, j'aime bien l'idée de se balader dans un niveau à la pong =D.
Les graphismes sont un peu trop simple, un petit feedback lorsque l'on est touché par l'ennemie aurait été bien. De même qu'un peu de musique/bruitage aurait été cool (le petit "pong" lorsque tu touche la balle =3).
Impression personnelle, je trouve la physique de la balle un peu bizarre, notamment lors des rebonds contre les murs des niveaux libres (l'angle de sortie me semble très nette : tu arrives avec un angle à 30° et tu rebondis à 45° =0).

Bon boulot à vous ;)

J'aime beaucoup les jeux d'algorithmies du genre, le style graphique passe très bien.
Bref très sympa & bon boulot !

Plutôt simple mais efficace !
La style rend très bien avec le genre, par contre le rapport avec le thème est pas des plus claire.

Bon travail à toi =3

J'aime bien les jeu de stratégie à la fire emblem =3
J'ai eu effectivement un peu de mal à comprendre le but / lien avec le thème, que j'ai compris avec les commentaires !
Probablement le design que j'ai le plus apprécié dans cette GJ, dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de mode 1 joueur.

Bon boulot en tous cas !

Un petit jeu très sympathique, on comprend assez vite ce que l'on doit faire, les graphismes collent bien avec le jeu. Il manque juste un peu de challenge =P

J'aime beaucoup le style du jeu, le gameplay est simple mais efficace (J'ai pas trouvé tout de suite qu'il fallait utiliser la souris pour viser =S).
Par contre effectivement certaines phases sont assez hard et on avance pas très vite, je pense que c'est principalement dû à la portée des lasers faisant que l'on ne touche pas les ennemies volant à moins de s'en approcher suffisamment.
Mais sinon très sympa, good job à toi =3