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Thank you for your time! I can't deny I need a lot more practice with audio in general and music doubly so, and after some brainstorming I hope I can deliver something better in a post-jam version.

Thank you and well done, it looks like you really took to the playstyle! There's a lot of ideas floating around honestly so this might be the first time I go through the effort of a post-jam version.

p.s. also added to the scoreboard in the desc

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Thanks for your time! I actually forgot to choose a real palette this time for some reason, so I'll definitely take a look to improve by my next entry! Having a real palette would probably help convey my level design too lol

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Very cool as a fellow golf enjoyer, but I may have hit upon a bug or two getting this score. There was a number of holes that I sort of just launched the ball through the wall off-screen and it seemed to give me an instant hole-in-one.

After reading the other comments I will mention that I do use firefox, which could be the culprit.

The visuals are great, I do like checkerboard grounds and autumn vibes so that gets a plus from me. The music is also solid and well paced for the gameplay. I do enjoy the simplicity of timing your angle and power, kind of like using a 3D golf game's systems in a 2D one. Fun overall!

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! The tunnel and bgm are consistent with other feedback so I understand it's something to watch out for next time. Also I do enjoy creating thumbnails so I'm glad someone noticed lol

I think I can see where the screenshot is supposed to be? But for now I've added a makeshift highscore board at the bottom of the description for the scores I've received.

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I appreciate the feedback!

I might have to fix something audio-wise on my PC cause it's much louder on my end, but that complaint is consistent with other feedback I've received about my setup. Edit: I reset some settings and it is much quieter.

I'll also value that art advice highly, I'm a novice on that end and still tend to just feel my way through it. I myself was unsure if just darkening the tunnel would be fine, but I see now that I could've done a bit more to convey my intention.

Thank you for your time! I appreciate you giving it a shot.

If you just got the purple fruit, you stick to surfaces, which means you can climb up the darker tunnel to the upper area. Once there, you continue using that power to cross the obstacles to the left and find the next fruit.

Though it is a failsafe, the "R to reset" can also help if something catastrophic happens after getting the purple fruit; It returns you to where you first got your current power-up, but it also adds a stroke so it's fair.

Thank you for your time and compliments!

It can be a bit tricky, but it might help to adjust your position using the lowest power shot.

Admittedly while there are a few situations where choosing a middle power level is better, most progress can be achieved by using full power but adjusting your angle.

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see everyone they crossed it, it's just a normal bridge

Good atmosphere, and finding places to manually rewind the tape is very fun. Good work!

Pretty fun boss fight, and though it feels like the story could go on the game itself feels complete. Well done on releasing a fleshed out game within the week!

Unique take with really satisfying visuals. At first I thought being able to shoot as fast as I want made it too easy, but once more colors got added I saw how the color wheel worked and it was interesting choosing what to focus on. Great job!

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I didn't read anything beforehand but ended up picking up on the mechanics while playing. I really liked how effective the game was at getting you to jump at literal shadows while wading through the darkness. Good execution.

I couldn't find any pills in the first level (besides next to spawn) but ended up finding a bunch in the second one, though I couldn't nail down if they were randomly spawning or manually placed there lol

The controls are pretty smooth and nice feeling, and I like how you use the tether as a weapon but also have to be careful about the hexagon in the middle. The sounds are also super satisfying! Good job!

Wow, I think this is the first time somebody mentioned anything about disconnecting, and you raised a couple good points! I will mention that the movement cooldown does reduce as the waves get faster, but I'd like to do it in a smoother way in the future so that it's not so egregiously slow at the beginning. Or at the very least make it more obvious when you can or can't move, in which case I'd probably tie the movement cooldown to the beat. I'd actually really like to implement an incentive for breaking off and see how it affects the gameplay, it sounds fun. Thank you!

Original, funny, and honestly really charming! I'd love to see more from you!

Extremely cool game, actually surprised me with how much I liked it! I love parable-esque things and there were a lot of interesting implications and mechanics that came about from tearing up the contracts. Really well done!

Wow, actually insanely cool! The dialogue is cute and the main mechanic of dropping stuff between screens is really fun. I'm sure you would've thought about it already but dropping things off the bottom to use on the top would be pretty cool too!

Fun idea to connect everything into a single big health pool, really keeps the difficulty constant throughout waves and might be something to explore for similar wave-based games! Though the music was slightly repetitive as some have mentioned I still think it fit the "feel" of the game, and the art was pretty good (I honestly really like the skull on the end of the horde health bar). Great job!

Nice, clean aesthetic and honestly pretty fun as a tight platformer. Others have already mentioned the double jump bit so I'll just move on to the good job!

Very serene music and cute visuals. Not to be the odd one out among comments but without the space-to-move I definitely would have accidentally moved the wrong direction a bunch of times 😂

Though I usually have that issue with grid movement in isometric views anyway so that might just be my problem. I definitely agree with some camera controls. Good job!

So cute and really fun, I really want to see more post-jam! I was really trying hard to beat the "time to fly" level but I could only ever get one stitch across the tear 😂

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Pretty well polished, both visually and audibly! Gives me a sort of Monaco vibe. It could be interesting to try and implement differences between the characters, like maybe one's faster but the other has more pull on the tether? Very cool competitive design though!

Thanks for playing! There's a lot of visual things I've got to try to make sure it's less eye-strainy when I take it further; thanks for pushing through though and going a couple rounds!

That's a fair assessment, it does seem like it'd fit into a rhythm heaven compilation sort of game; definitely something to keep in mind if I take it further! Thank you!

Cute art, great music; a fun idea that plays pretty well. Really unfortunate about the softlock, but there's very clear and obvious potential here for a full game!

You probably know already that there's a few bugs, but I might as well list what I encountered 😂

- If an enemy actually drops into a pit(rather than walk above it), it seems to always pull the player in too, no matter where they are on the map.

- I actually didn't figure out the first fire room for awhile cause I happened to shoot between the flames each time I tried. Probably would've figured it out faster if I read the desc though. (The first time I cleared that room I actually smacked the octopi with a sword to send them through the fire and possessed them before they went too far for me to do so, without extinguishing any)

- I had a wild time trying to replicate this one to make sure I saw what I saw, but in the room where you push a block to spawn the enemies the octopus threw a shot over the water, hit the button in the top half of the room, and dropped me into a pit.

- If you stay possessed as the same thing and never unpossess, your spawn position never updates. I'm sure this is intended in some form to actually prevent softlocks, but it softlocked me when grabbing the middle turtle in the room with the mercury gem, because it didn't spawn again when I got sent back.

Overall I had a great time! I really tried to pick the softlock to see if it was possible the way suggested in the desc (I even used cheat engine so I could try it over and over again eventually), but I think the heart will always hit the wall before the turtle spawns after the screen transition. I would really love to be proven wrong though! Great job!

Pretty cool visual style, love the glowing paint splatter effect! It plays pretty well, though feels like it might be even more fun as a 2 player game. Good job!

Nothing big cause I wouldn't know what you're planning, but maybe enemies that eventually approached from different sides? Then I think you'd have to be more active with the directions the blasters shoot in.

Really crazy puzzle design, I didn't end up beating the whole game but I got to the level where a laser bisects the room and you're surrounded in boxes. I admit defeat 😂

Great job on the music as well!

Nicely done! Really solid, tight platforming. The artstyle/aesthetic honestly reminds me of VVVVVV which is really nice. Really fun to play too, I'd love to see it expanded!

Controlling minions with different mechanics is fun. The art style is pretty cute, but the first time the door sound effect played it scared me without any music to compare volume to 😂. If I were to suggest something more then maybe minions with differing movement patterns would liven things up a bit. Great job!

Super satisfying feedback in the form of sound-effects, screenshake, visual effects and all that. the animation for the shooting tether looks so good and I love the lighting on the sprites! It's really fun to swing around stuff!

Pretty cool puzzle platformer; I can appreciate the puzzle design here! The music gives a nice "haunting" feel which I think follows the visual design pretty well!

Unfortunately I found I couldn't progress past a certain point (the first part the bat can't pass through) because I couldn't get the camera to consistently follow me. I can't tell if I wasn't intended to go to the other side because after respawning it did follow me, but then wouldn't follow me back to the left.

Great work for two days though!

The art style is really cute and the music is super relaxing. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a game with this type of mechanic implemented this way! The theming of it makes for a lot of humorous moments like getting choked out when the scarf is pulled off screen or yeeting the cat in order to not immediately get choked out. Love it!

Fun puzzle game with some good puzzle design! I had a good time trying to figure out level 8 and I lost one move from the finish on level 10 😂

Pretty cool actiony physicsy platformer puzzley thing! I think there's a lot of potential for cool maneuvers one could do with the orb, maybe letting the player hold right-click to catch it when they're near it would facilitate moves like that more.

Pretty unique take on the theme, and pretty fun too! I just read below that the crates are destructible and I wish I tried it out but I didn't figure that out either. Instead I opted to shoot from distance when I could and memorize which ways to go, which was fun in its own right. Pretty decent visuals and music too! Good job!

Pretty neat concept! I really do think this could turn out to be a really fun base builder, and I really like how the art and animations look! Pretty unfortunate that you didn't get to finish implementing everything you wanted to, but great job nonetheless!

Pretty good execution on the concept, I really like the music! In particular, having the other bits of the ship lag behind gives a pretty interesting difficulty to both defensive and offensive maneuvers, and I can appreciate that enemy ships shoot slow enough that you can still react to them with this delay.

Got 239 as my best!