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Which version are you playing? The web one, the downloaded demo, or the full game?

The lines represent the number of times you can die in testing module before the door locks. So if you reach the door with three or less deaths, you can go through it and see what's inside.

As for the rest of the other areas... you'll have to get the full version of the game! Thanks for playing ^^

Thank you so much for buying and playing my game! Hope you like it and play more!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much for buying and playing my game! I'm glad to hear you love it! I'm currently bouncing between game ideas and some commission work, but if you'd like you can play some of the prototypes I've made on my profile page! Hope to hear your thoughts on those too if you get the chance to play them! ^^

Neat game with nice art! The sound effects are cool, but some music would really enhance the experience. Gameplay-wise I think fewer blocks to carry at the start would help the player ease into things. Well done!

Really good game with a nice difficulty curve! The switch to the shooter part was a fun surprise too, and remembering what to shoot at what bugs got really hectic. Personally I think the box is a tad too big and there were too many fruits dropping at once to only catch the right ones in the later stages of the first half, but I seemed to always end up with a positive score even after catching just about everything. Great job!

Cool game! The platformer part was really well done. The character did move a bit slow, though I didn't mind it much.  I was hoping there were more levels in the maze though, and maybe a bit more enemies there. Good job!

Fun, solid game with cute sprites. Creative interpretation of the theme, and the dancing cat video at the end was just adorable. Great job!

Cool idea to have to remember where the obstacles are before going into the level! The perspective makes it kinda hard to tell where the safe spots between the sliding walls are though, and there might be too much going on at once. It might be better to have several levels where you introduce new challenges every time. Keep it up!

Cool little platformer, though I wish there were checkpoints in the levels. Some indication as to where to go in the second level would be great too, I kept running into clown jumpscares (which always got me). Keep it up!

The tetris part was definitely very interesting. Judging from the other comments there was some kind of pattern or something to predict how it would change things, but I couldn't figure it out. Some extra feedback would be nice in the second part would be nice too. It was kind of hard to tell if my bullets were destroying things or making them bigger, maybe having the target cells be coloured or having some sound effect play when you hit the right things would help. Keep it up!

A nice game! I know you said art was your focus for this game (and it's really well done!), but I wanted to point out a few things regarding gameplay. First, it'd be nice to have an invisible wall at the edges of the screen so you don't fall off the map (when walking left or right off the edge), or at least respawn the character when you do. Second, double jump seemed a bit unreliable, or there was a really short window after you reached the peak of your jump during which you can jump again. Something to keep in mind for your next project. Keep it up!

This was a nice game. It wasn't really complicated but does what it does well. The music was great too. Well done!

Really well done! I especially liked the way the space ship controlled, really felt like a proper ship. The grandpa telling the story was a great framing device for the different parts of the game. Well done!

It's really well done how you were able to tell such a compelling story with such simple mechanics! The jump back to the platformer style as the man was reminiscing was absolutely perfect. Well done!

This was great, short and sweet with a bit of melancholy. The switch from the puzzle to the platforming parts was also really cool too. Well done!

The story was cool and the drifting movement really made it feel like you were in space (unrelated, but the floppy character sprite was pretty cute too). It was nice to see the astronaut and the AI bond as the story progressed, and made the last choice pretty hard. I would suggest that you increase the time limit in the last part though, or at least make it so that the timer paused when text was showing. I was interacting with the mainframes to see if I could maybe take the AI with me in the escape pod, but time ran out while I was reading the text which was a little frustrating. Great job otherwise!

It was fun to shoot down the insecurities and negative thoughts.... less fun when they were chasing me though. Great job!

Cute, funny art, amusing concept. 10/10 would summon a herd of bears with a ice pop again. Well done!

The platformer part was really cool especially with time rewinding power. Maybe there could a bit more variety in levels with puzzle or something. Good job!

The concept was great! Using the memories to see hidden stuff or stuff that isn't actually there is a great idea for a platformer. I didn't get much use of the memory bubble in the second half though, mainly because I was too busy dodging the fireballs. Maybe if you can use the memory to reveal platforms to jump to or hide under that could give the player more reason to use it then. Well done!

A decent game, but I feel like the turn based battle could occur at the end of each platforming section so it has more presence.  The sprites were really cool, and the main character had neat animations in the first half. I think it would be much better if the turn based battle part had at least the same fireball animation too. Keep it up!

That explains it! I was able to get through it after doing as you said, and the "upside down" tetris was neat. Having blocks floating in midair after completing lines beneath (above?) them threw me off and forced me to rethink my usual tetris strategy. Well done!

I think it was hard to orient myself in first person while wall jumping in the second part (after you wall jump for the first time), and had to keep moving forward while doing so. The mouse sensitivity was a bit high too, so when I tried to turn while jumping/midair I often lost track of which way I was going. Again, I'm not great at platformers, especially first person ones, so these might be issues from inexperience. Keep up the good work!

Having another font for the narrator is a great idea, I'll keep it in mind! As for music, I couldn't get a suitable track for the main parts of the game, so there's only music in the title screen. Next time for sure though. Thanks for playing!

You did great for your first time! Take the lessons you learned from this and make a better game next time!

This was amazing! It took me a moment to realize that the hacker does exactly what you did when you played as them so you had to set yourself up to fail (so to speak). In hindsight I should have realized since it's your past self after all. Great job!

The shooter part was great, and it was definitely a fun surprise when the ship suddenly became a tetris piece.  Unfortunately I seem to be stuck in the tetris section. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but all I see is the ship-turned-tetris-piece looping from bottom to top over and over. Everything else works, but pressing space just speeds it up instead of sending me to the next level.  Let me know if I need to do something else, and keep up the good work!

This was nice! Though like other people said, you have to inch along the track in order to kill the zombies so it's not really a race. I think you can either increase the damage of your gun or reduce the number of zombies (or both) and it'd help a lot. Also you have a really cool thumbnail! Keep it up!

Okay, no problem. Keep up the good work!

The music and aesthetic were great! Personally I'm not great at platformers so I had some trouble with the wall jumping portions, but it was fun otherwise!

Neat little top down shooter, though the characters move a bit slow for it to be a challenge.  Also I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything so I have to ask, was there a second half where the game shifted genres?

Cool use of the sword as a climbing tool in the platforming bit! The risk part was a great idea and I would love to see more of it, but right now I think it needs an "end state" that lets you restart the game or something after you win. Good job!

Fun game, but I'd recommend a lives system or a HP bar, it's a little frustrating to make it through all the guards then having to restart because you didn't see a rat coming. This game has potential, keep it up!

I loved the first part, the red eyed guys were legitimately scary sometimes. Hope you get the chance to flesh out the second part more!

Yeah there's a lot of text in the first half, I understand if you didn't read it all. I'm glad you liked the second part though, thanks for playing! ^^

I understand that visual novels aren't for everyone, but I'm glad you liked the idea! Thanks for playing! ^^

Adorable art, cute concept, and actually quite challenging if you don't use a notepad or something. Great job!

I loved this game! You tied the two generally unrelated phases together really well, and the art was absolutely adorable. Great job!