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Really glad you liked it! Yeah, so, the original plan was to have more backgrounds, but the original artist ghosted the team, which forced me to join in at the last second lol. So all of the art was made in like... Three days? Three short days lol. I would have loved to make more backgrounds, but alas! 

Thank you for playing! :D We put up solutions for the flower puzzles in the description of the game page, as some people (me) had trouble figuring it out.

Thank you!

A very polished and impressive game! Easy to get into, simple yet fun mechanics. The music became a bit repetitive, and the recharge time target could have had a contrasting color compared to the bullets shot by the enemies, but those are my only (minor) complaints. Really good job!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :)

Thank you for your feedback, really glad you liked it! Good point about the instructions, we'll keep that in mind for the future. I'll check out your game too!

Very creative concept, and impressive doing a 3D game for a jam! I really liked the visuals, and the sound design felt very good. For feedback, I would have liked if the controls were a bit more responsive, even if I liked the slow moving feeling too. Respawning a bit faster could have been helpful as well. It was a bit difficult to understand if I was close enough/aiming correctly to win the level, maybe doing some sort of indicator with the pointer would have helped?
I liked playing it, really great job!

Really clever take on the theme! Simple and smooth feeling, it's super easy to understand the mechanics but still feels very strategic, which isn't all that easy to achieve. The music got a little bit repetitive, but it's my only feedback really. Great job!

Thank you for playing! Yeah I agree, it does get a bit distracting haha :)

Love the theme, it's a clever setting for a dungeon crawler and genuinely fun to play! The voice acting is a really nice detail and brought a lot of character to the game, even if the sound quality of it wasn't perfect.

It was easy to figure out the objective and get into the gameplay quickly, which I appreciated! I would have liked if the enemies had a health bar to understand how my effective my attacks were, and judging how close I was to winning.

It was easy to get lost sometimes, but it feels like a real supermarket that way.
Simple but fun, a proper jam game, great job!

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback, it's really useful! Glad you liked the game :)

Thank you for playing, glad you liked it! Yeah, the balancing was definitely the hardest part, it could have needed an entire week of work on its own.

Thank you for playing<3

Haha, thank you so much! Our programmer is awesome, it's crazy how fast he whips together really impressive and stable code. Shadows would've been really cool, I'll look into how I could do that in future games! :) 

Thank you for your feedback, so glad you liked it! We would have loved to do a bunch more polish, much of the game was finished very close to the deadline haha, so I definitely agree with your points there. :)

Thank you! Yes, I've painted and animated pretty much everything, no assets used. :) Our awesome programmer did the bone rigging for the flowers.

Thank you so much! They are done traditionally, with a little  bit of digital cleanup and light adjustments (my camera was not ideal for the mission haha)

Thank you for your feedback, happy that you enjoyed it! :D yeah the insect is a bit weird lol

Super chill vibes, and really fun theme! The speaker voice was a great idea, it gave the game so much character. Don't use self harm to your advantage lol. I liked the gameplay as well, had some trouble figuring out how to use the S-button, but it could just be that I'm not very smart. Great job, I enjoyed it!

Thank you for your feedback, it's appreciated! it definitely could have used more polish, I agree with what you're saying there. :) I've checked out your game as well! plants pals lol

I liked the concept, the story was nice and it's well connected to the theme of the jam! Even though the long distances and empty places felt like a part of the theme, it felt like a bit much of walking back and forth where it didn't happen very much, and a little hard to anticipate how far you would be able to travel in the sun. Maybe it would be better if the distances were shorter and the sun more dangerous, or something like that. The eyeball-things were heckin scary. Great job overall!

Wow, that's really impressive then! Well done, I wouldn't have guessed it was your first time doing it. :)

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A fun game! It was simple, but it felt smooth and satisfying to play. It would have been cool if the colors combined became purple that some houses had to be painted in, even though it messes with the current idea of them lowering the progress if the other. Good job, I enjoyed it!

Love the visuals, and a really clever take on the theme. I was a bit confused by the controls in the beginning, that together with the tight deadlines make it a truly wild ride, but fun! The gradual introduction of new mechanics works well. Great job!

Thank you, relaxing and casual was the vibe I was hoping for, glad you liked it! :)

Really fun take on the theme! I loved the story as well lol, fit together perfectly with the visuals. The controls and camera are a bit difficult at times, maybe having a view of the entire screen at once and clicking on which minon to control would fit the mechanics better? It could be a great concept for a bigger game, keep on working on it :)

Thank you very much! and hey, both our games have the same idea to find different kinds of deaths :D I like that

The mechanics and concept is really fun and creative! Despite some bugs I had a genuinely good time playing it, and it's smart having a restart button in case you accidentally lock yourself out of a death during a level.  :)

Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback! I agree that the tree was a bit hard to decipher, I should have made it more obvious. I was thinking that we maybe should do a walkthrough video. Thank you for sticking through to the end despite that! :D

Really satisfying gameplay when you get into it, I simply got lost in it after a while ( a good way)! A bit chaotic though, especially in the beginning, I would have liked to have gotten a little more instruction. Making the start of new waves more clear would be good as well, like a more obvious time counter. Great job!

Thank you for your feedback, glad you liked it! :)

Loved the visuals, simple but stylish, and an impressive level of polish. The bouncing pink dudes were a bit too fast/erratic for me, othwerwise very balanced gameplay and enjoyable controls. Almost feels like it could be a published game. Really great job!

Many thanks, happy that you liked it! :) I'm really proud of our team, everyone did such a good job.

I laughed out loud at that first choice lol, Jimmy kindof scares me, I expected it to turn dark any second. really enjoyed the experience, so strange in a good way. My only feedback is that the text could've appeared a lot faster. Good job!

Happy that you liked it! :)

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Well constructed puzzles and a really cool mechanic+visual effect with the slime splashing around! I really liked that each level was quite short and gradually became more difficult in a nice way, so that when you died you never had to redo a bunch of stuff just to get back where you were.  It felt challenging in a casual way, but not frustrating. The voice over could have used subtitles during the explanation in the beginning, just to make it even easier to follow along. Really well done!

The visuals, color scheme and polish is simply amazing, it looks so professional. As others have said it's quite difficult, but really cool gameplay ideas! My only feedback is that the controls could be more accurate and "heavy", the acceleration of the character is hard to anticipate which makes it hard to control. Making the character slightly larger could help too, it kindof disappears at times.
Really impressive overall!

Oh yeah, I played yours and thought about that too! art buddies :D

Haha yeah, we can definitely relate to that... It's already hard to believe you made that game using only three days, so really great job!

Thanks for your feedback, glad you liked it! I've checked out your game too :)