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Great implementation of the theme. In future versions it would be really cool to be ale to share levels!

I read the game page first and so the controls were not confusing to me! A good implementation of the theme too! I did have a glitch where if column 3 was selected, 4 would shoot, same for 4 -->5, and 5 --> 6. Also Maybe have the "human's" ship not fire at empty spaces as much

Real solid game! One small thing I wish I knew was how to start the round! I figured it out but wasn't sure how to at first.

Impressively complete game for 48 hours! I liked how projectiles stuck into the lil guys. It was fun to see much I could get them stuck with without dying!

I just meant that in the description it said we had to make the hero and survive and also have it be exciting.  I assumed the game was somehow tracking how exciting you were making it for the hero

Really solid, polished, and fun. I wish I knew more how the game quantified the hero having a good run and also the hero didn't attack after I had placed all my cards on stage 4. But, all in all, great job!

Simply beautiful. And they way the frogs hoping, catching the flies, and moving the lily pads worded with the music was inspired

Really tight presentation and concept. There was almost a puzzle like aspect of trying to figure out which element to swap to but it's wrapped in an energetic bullet hell!

Wow, just fantastic! It feels like it would be set in the same country as Papers Please. But really this is such a fun unique idea for a puzzle game. Small thing though was that the red text was a little difficult for me to read

Really pleasant experience! I was confused at first about how to change rooms and why I couldn't just click on the door. Bu then I realized what the green guys were for!

I liked the lil snakey. It was fun to watch "decide" if it wanted to eat me or the easy target

Really great art and overall presentation. The timeline, the blocks, just everything was intuitive and pleasant to look at. Two things I might change would be to tweak the players control so they can cross platforms when they aren't perfectly aligned and maybe have the player not move until we start the timeline, to give us time to look at the stag

The betting mechanic really made being a shopkeeper exciting! One suggestion might to have the weapon type effect their chances but also maybe have limited weapons to give. 

Lol you actually reversed the roll!

Darn impressive stuff! You could release it now and people would play with. Feels like it could make a great mobile game! 

This is such a clever idea! Such an interesting way to present a narrative and done through gameplay! 

Thanks for the feedback! My sound guy gave me a great sound effect to play when reversing roles, but I forgot to include it!

I had a lot of fun with this game! For me, the hero was health was balanced well as I was down to my last few archers on the last stage when I final killed that pesky hero. The interactions were clear and I quickly picked up on how to play. I would like to see more!

Great concept and still pretty polished for losing 5 hours of work! The push and pull between the three table states is inspired

It was real fun trying to figure new gameplay mechanics. The moving platforms and the pink arrows made it clear to me what they did without needing to be told. 

Very clean presentation! I was able to read the game real well (except maybe doors but I saw the comment about them) Otherwise very fun and a great balance (on medium at least lol) I would be interested to see what other levels could look like

That fixed it! Games working for me!

On chrome i got this error message
The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

Attacking as player two would be up or down + right control button. I had it written down wrong, thanks for bringing it to my attention! I fixed the controls in the description

I'm getting this error message on chrome!
The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

Lol most relevant username ever. Yeah that's a bug that a lot of people encountered. You can even see in the picture the objects aren't touching, so I'm not sure why the collision is screwed up but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ something to improve upon in future versions. Thanks for your feedback!

This is the most nihilistic game I have ever played. The more I played the more I got the sense my choices didn't actually matter. You try to pick the best choice in life but in the end it's a roll of the dice. Well done.

I like the whole playing on a table with dice and paper vibe. Also this game has a good amount of content! Upgrades, and units to purchase, and overall just a lot of variables and things to consider. 

Wow what a whacky game! This is definitely going to stick with me. Loved that the quality of the chop influenced your bowl! 

This is the only game like this I've come across this jam! You got the basic gameplay down and that by itself is already fun. Like others have said just adding a few things, dynamic camera, music, a few effects and this'll be great adicitng zen kinda game

This is a fun little game! I liked how the mechanics were clear. Like I knew what buttons would do because of the colors and arrows. And Mr. Mookie was adorable! The glider was fun but I didn't find the jetpack! I did notice a glitch where if you pushed the die against the bucket and jump against it you could win without getting the die in. Two other small improvements I would suggest is to have the game unpaused when you start a level and maybe map restart to R so we can restart a little faster.

Oh interesting! I learned something today thank you

This game was fun to play! I thought you balanced the speed things moved (enemies, player, projectiles) well so when I died I felt it was my fault and wanted to do better rather than blaming the game. If any thing I felt needing to get the single dies to 4 felt a little random? Could be cool if they had a random number assigned to them you had to get them to. Just a thought, fun game overall though! Good work

Fun game! It's really fun to get upgrades and I enjoyed how it involved having to pick up the coins. It was a good risk/reward structure! I might consider upping the shoot speed as I found myself getting overwhelmed pretty quickly

For game on the surface that is just rolling dice, this game is deceptively fun and deep. Being able to chose your randomly generated dice was a great choice for player control. And the physically simulated dice were a real nice touch. It could be cool to release a 2-player mode!

Really fun game. It feels fun and response to move around and shoot. Like being hit felt like my fault and not the game. Really fun use of multiple RNGs to determine several things. It would be cool if there were some kind of sprite associated with buffs/debuffs like a bomb for bomb shot kinda things (totally understand that this woulda been real hard in 48 hours)

You have a good foundation here already! The game looked clean and plays well! Other people have so great suggestions like a shop or enemies but I have just two small UI suggestions. I would have the amount of coins you need onscreen at all times instead of on the portal and I would have an arrow point to where the portal is when it is off screen! But great work doing all the art and coding!

This game was really fun to play, especially when you get more than one die. It felt like a good implementation of input randomness like someone else mentioned. I was going back and forth about whether or not I thought the bad guy should have their path displayed. Maybe you only show the next move? I kept dying, but maybe I'm just bad lol

Admittedly this game could use some polish but don't let that stop you! There's enough feed back to make the game easy to read and fun to play. Really enjoyed the sense of progression. Small bug: the die would jitter when I move

Really well paced game! I kept wanting to play levels because there was a satisfying stream of new mechanics!