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you already can get steam keys, you will need to grab them at user area in your account.

nice little game, keep up the good work

on log it shows 1 axis, you might need to install logitech drivers for windows(you can download them from site) in those drivers you must set it so steering wheel will be 900 degress and there you can also remap buttong, after that console should show that you have 2 axises.

There is definitely gonna be another update(that will feature VR, and many bugfixes that has been found), also it might feature one more tutorial mission. Infinity road is on hold for now.

Console writes that you your wheel have 1 axis, that usually means you've connected it wrong, or you haven't installed drivers for logitech, or you only have wheel without pedals.

for red halo you can try this it might take a while to reassemble effects for first time.

29 here's how to calibrate it

it's called force_dx10 in your editor.lua. DXGI errors usually arrive when you don't have dxsdk installed or some dll conflict, try installing directx redistributable june 2010, is your windows x64 or x86?

here's list of common startup errors and patches to fix them
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this error usually happen when you have non dx11 gpu. Try to download the latest version, open mgpls/edtior.lua find there field forced3d10 and change it from false to true, also update your gpu drivers.

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3D c++ rpg game attempt #32 items, inventory and equpment

3D c++ rpg game attempt #31 first person view+chests+reward

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this video showcases:

improved materials and lighting

monsters now have different textures and are different size

there are mana, stamina and health potions scattered around the map along with gold, there is also mushrooms that you can grab and it(some heal you, some will kill you)

healing spirit house building has been also added

here's showcase of new short grass i'm testing out

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3D c++ rpg game attempt #28 new knight class + updated fog,more trees and stamina potion

new knight class has been integrated, many texture problems still needs to be fixed
added lerp to skybox which created a nice faraway fog effect
amount of trees in test location has been increased
since running and attacking now consume stamina I've added a stamina potion
you can read more and contribute here
p.s. dudes will also appear in this creation later on :D

3D c++ rpg game attempt #27 new class+updated monster spells

I've added new class to our little creation - assassin, she can throw darts for faraway monsters and use blades in close range
also I've added classic ring spell for new monster kinzar
frog has been updated and it's animation fixed
there are still a few bugs here and there I'm fixing them
if you are interested in the game you can donate here

yes, once i release the version for downloading, probably this summer

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new forest generator

1. this can be done

2. that requires terraforming under the bridge, and so far i only worked with planes under the road, perhaps in the future there will be a river or something under the bridge

3. do you speak Russian by any chance? i don't quite understand the bug with gearbox in automatic transmission mode.

thank you for bugreport, will be fixed

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you can set AutomaticIgnition and AutomaticTransmission so you won't be needing clutch, you can also set clutch in KeyMapping, so you can use keyboard to apply it, i can also add ability to map clutch on joystick if you want.

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when you press and hold the axis do you get XYZ or RotXYZ or RGL sliders moving on you only get joy buttons? What is your joystick name?

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here's the new video from it it still has few bugs here and there, but it's looking much better then the previous one. Also in this video you can see the highways in the city, that in the future also will be randomly generated.

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fixed it, update will be on this week with logitech configurator and experimental road generator

There are many type of roads... The video that i gave you shows you 4x_road with 2x_road intersection. In city we use 2x and 4x streets, for highway there is highway4x+highway junction type of roads. Unfortunately the road will be flat in the next update, there are some overpasses but the height of the road won't change dynamically, perhaps in future updates this will be implemented.

i don't mind

1. sure, trafficlights will not be in infinite roads, at least not in the next update

2. i will see what i can do about it

3. they will be

the traffic signs and objects that you can destroy will be placed in infinite roads, since you are in Russia do you have QIWI or LiqPay payment providers or you only have yandex money?

the main menu will be translated, but at present changing the language will change the language of all the errors and exercises in the game

here, try this, download it unpack it into debug folder and overwrite dlls there, it might work for you or it might just crash the project.

it looks like your cpu doesn't support latest instruction set, that core i3 supports, this will be fixed with april update and hopefully you will be able to lunch it with no problem.

I see, can you give screenshot of the error window, and error log, it should be located in E3D\log.txt or in mgpls\E3D\log.txt

What OS do you have on large pc, what gpu do you have, have you tried launching INSTAL_DX.bat (it sometimes helps)? Some troubleshoot also available here

Not in april update, perhaps in later updates.

No, it's not april fool joke :)

the only dirt map available is this one it should be in current version.

What type of dirt road did you wanted?, depending on complexity we might build it and add to the game.

The file comes with directx redistributable, try installing it, try updating notebook chipset and gpu drivers, what is your notebook model?

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The infinite road is currently in development, they will be available in april update in testing phase along with many other features. As you can see in this video, there are 4x roads with T and X based intersections . Later we will add 2x roads and highway junction roads, later perhaps at summer we might also add random generation of streets and cities.

New videos

does it show any errors?

did you install directX redistributable june 2010?

do you have any antivirus software?

New voronoi destructions+rigid body physics video

new gameplay & first person video

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here's new random road generator video

We've also started steam greenlight here