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nice little game, keep up the good work

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3D c++ rpg game attempt #32 items, inventory and equpment

3D c++ rpg game attempt #31 first person view+chests+reward

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this video showcases:

improved materials and lighting

monsters now have different textures and are different size

there are mana, stamina and health potions scattered around the map along with gold, there is also mushrooms that you can grab and it(some heal you, some will kill you)

healing spirit house building has been also added

here's showcase of new short grass i'm testing out

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3D c++ rpg game attempt #28 new knight class + updated fog,more trees and stamina potion

new knight class has been integrated, many texture problems still needs to be fixed
added lerp to skybox which created a nice faraway fog effect
amount of trees in test location has been increased
since running and attacking now consume stamina I've added a stamina potion
you can read more and contribute here
p.s. dudes will also appear in this creation later on :D

3D c++ rpg game attempt #27 new class+updated monster spells

I've added new class to our little creation - assassin, she can throw darts for faraway monsters and use blades in close range
also I've added classic ring spell for new monster kinzar
frog has been updated and it's animation fixed
there are still a few bugs here and there I'm fixing them
if you are interested in the game you can donate here

yes, once i release the version for downloading, probably this summer

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new forest generator

New videos

does it show any errors?

did you install directX redistributable june 2010?

do you have any antivirus software?

New voronoi destructions+rigid body physics video

new gameplay & first person video

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here's new random road generator video

We've also started steam greenlight here