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Drive Megapolis 3D

why not polish up your skills with a driving simulator meant to make a difference · By s5zone

Several errors

A topic by kop9000 created Apr 17, 2016 Views: 446 Replies: 6
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Good. I tested the new version and I really liked it. Finally, the main menu is in Russian and there was "endless mode"

I found a few bugs.

1) When I change the screen resolution after I play and returns to the main menu, the screen resolution settings becomes not one that I have put

2) when I once played in "Infinity road" is when I start to play for the second time it pops up an error

CCarCtrlSys [0] ->
Invalid Car Index, setting to 0
Function: CCarCtrl :: CreateCar () At:
CCarCtrlSpawn.cpp (139):
Failed To Do Specified Task

But it is corrected by pressing the "repeat" button


thank you for bugreport, will be fixed

If I find more bugs. I will write.

By the way the problem with saving the screen resolution, I found more to the point when nebylo game update

A few more errors.

1) There is a crossroads right and left. There intersection just to the left. But there is no intersection just to the right. Also, there is no such intersection when the road ahead no Ie necessary to either turn right or left.

2) bridges there is no longer a myth. But there's nothing under the bridge.

Another bug I found. When the mode is automatic gearbox when the car speed reduction gearbox is not switched below


1. this can be done

2. that requires terraforming under the bridge, and so far i only worked with planes under the road, perhaps in the future there will be a river or something under the bridge

3. do you speak Russian by any chance? i don't quite understand the bug with gearbox in automatic transmission mode.

3) when it picks up speed gearbox itself is normally switched. And when it reduces the transmission is not switched