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Thank you.

Since then, I have not been here 4 months whether there were any big game updates? And whether updates game modes "infinity road"?

3) when it picks up speed gearbox itself is normally switched. And when it reduces the transmission is not switched

Another bug I found. When the mode is automatic gearbox when the car speed reduction gearbox is not switched below

A few more errors.

1) There is a crossroads right and left. There intersection just to the left. But there is no intersection just to the right. Also, there is no such intersection when the road ahead no Ie necessary to either turn right or left.

2) bridges there is no longer a myth. But there's nothing under the bridge.

If I find more bugs. I will write.

By the way the problem with saving the screen resolution, I found more to the point when nebylo game update

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Good. I tested the new version and I really liked it. Finally, the main menu is in Russian and there was "endless mode"

I found a few bugs.

1) When I change the screen resolution after I play and returns to the main menu, the screen resolution settings becomes not one that I have put

2) when I once played in "Infinity road" is when I start to play for the second time it pops up an error

CCarCtrlSys [0] ->
Invalid Car Index, setting to 0
Function: CCarCtrl :: CreateCar () At:
CCarCtrlSpawn.cpp (139):
Failed To Do Specified Task

But it is corrected by pressing the "repeat" button

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Somehow I have long traveled to Karelia. And you know there was great. When we passed a large city then it began the worst.

We drove along a country road. The road was without stripes. When the village ended unexpectedly changed the asphalt onto a dirt road and started a dense forest. After a few kilometers we came to another village, and the road back has developed into the asphalt. But then after a minute the village was over and we went back on the dirt road. But soon after we arrived at a crossroads where the trail was already. Like this.

I propose to make two types. In the first case, the road from the junction to the junction will always dirt. In the second case, it will start with the intersection or asphalt or dirt and will sometimes vary. Maybe that is sometimes when you povarachivaetsya at the crossroads of the asphalt will be long. And then it will be a little bit of a primer and then the asphalt again. And sometimes vice versa. Immediately when povarachivaetsya at the crossroads of asphalt will be a little bit and then will be a long dirt road.

Thank you. Looks good.

What is missing the various road junctions in the generator. So all is well.

Various road junctions this is how I think the important part. I hope to see them in the May update At least two different types. If possible.

I have one more good idea. But I write the idea in a separate topic.

Hey, I see the update came out. I still can not download. I am not at home at the moment. Soon I'll be home and download.

Maybe someone knows whether there is a similar game where there is a generator road

Thank you

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Thank you

I watched the video and saw that "endless road" no raising of the road and slopes. The road looks smooth. and there is no road junctions with the bridge as it is now in the jalopy

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1) That's cool. although better road signs so as not to destroy. Know. I love when there are occasional signs. For example I'm going, yes. And there out in front of a sign. And I am getting ready for no waiting. And when I see the sign 40 km / h. I brake abruptly. Or, for example, it will be a traffic light that glows red (traffic lights will also hope to "infinity road"?)

2) I only Yandex money

3) Another question. Will the "speed humps" in the infinity road?

Thank you.

Why in the game when I select the main menu language "Russian" the main menu still remains English?

If it is specially made whether you can translate the main menu with the settings in Russian?

Will the "traffic signs" in the infinity of roads?

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I want to have the April update right now))) to play in an endless road forever and learning to drive. I love the games where there is a generator of roads. I was looking for these games but never found. The only game I found this Jalopy but eat only in alpha.

By the way, I came across one more question about the infinite road. I ask him now in that subject if you do not mind?


I mean as a small update

a you can throw me today in the form of a patch?
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Within two hours, all will be.

You can make a new test video endless road?

Thank you. I would have bought the game but I live in Russia, and I have a payment method Yandex Money

INSTAL DX.bat launched. Does not help.
the processor intel core 2, the video card geforce gt 440

You did not understand me. Will the infinity map contain dirt roads?

On the contrary laptop game works but with the brakes. On a large computer is not. directx installed

While I was waiting for an answer about the fact that I have not worked on a good computer game I tested the game on a laptop and found a bug

The game slows down heavily on the laptop but I was able to test it

On the road, do not work "speed bumps". Even when riding in vehicles on the "speed bumps" the car does not bounce

That such an error pops up. For laptops I have no such error. True laptop weak

KIFA iCoreSys[S]->
Please Close This Application Or Terminate It By Selecting CANCEL!
Function: CCore::NativeDump() At:
Failed To Do Specified Task

And another question. Will the dirt roads?

I hope this is not an April Fool's joke?

I saw this video. It looks good but there is only one long road. I would like to see how looks like an endless road right now. Are there any changes?

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I am very interested in your project and I want to know will look like an endless road in the future? Whether the city? Whether intersections and interchanges?