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Drive Megapolis 3D

why not polish up your skills with a driving simulator meant to make a difference · By s5zone

start games error

A topic by kop9000 created Mar 31, 2016 Views: 1,017 Replies: 15
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KIFA iCoreSys[S]->
Please Close This Application Or Terminate It By Selecting CANCEL!
Function: CCore::NativeDump() At:
Failed To Do Specified Task

That such an error pops up. For laptops I have no such error. True laptop weak


The file comes with directx redistributable, try installing it, try updating notebook chipset and gpu drivers, what is your notebook model?

On the contrary laptop game works but with the brakes. On a large computer is not. directx installed


What OS do you have on large pc, what gpu do you have, have you tried launching INSTAL_DX.bat (it sometimes helps)? Some troubleshoot also available here

INSTAL DX.bat launched. Does not help.
the processor intel core 2, the video card geforce gt 440


I see, can you give screenshot of the error window, and error log, it should be located in E3D\log.txt or in mgpls\E3D\log.txt

Within two hours, all will be.

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it looks like your cpu doesn't support latest instruction set, that core i3 supports, this will be fixed with april update and hopefully you will be able to lunch it with no problem.

a you can throw me today in the form of a patch?

I mean as a small update


here, try this, download it unpack it into debug folder and overwrite dlls there, it might work for you or it might just crash the project.


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I want to have the April update right now))) to play in an endless road forever and learning to drive. I love the games where there is a generator of roads. I was looking for these games but never found. The only game I found this Jalopy but eat only in alpha.

By the way, I came across one more question about the infinite road. I ask him now in that subject if you do not mind?


i don't mind