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Drive Megapolis 3D

why not polish up your skills with a driving simulator meant to make a difference · By s5zone

infinity road

A topic by kop9000 created Mar 31, 2016 Views: 584 Replies: 15
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I am very interested in your project and I want to know will look like an endless road in the future? Whether the city? Whether intersections and interchanges?

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The infinite road is currently in development, they will be available in april update in testing phase along with many other features. As you can see in this video, there are 4x roads with T and X based intersections . Later we will add 2x roads and highway junction roads, later perhaps at summer we might also add random generation of streets and cities.

I hope this is not an April Fool's joke?

I saw this video. It looks good but there is only one long road. I would like to see how looks like an endless road right now. Are there any changes?

And another question. Will the dirt roads?


No, it's not april fool joke :)

the only dirt map available is this one it should be in current version.

What type of dirt road did you wanted?, depending on complexity we might build it and add to the game.

You did not understand me. Will the infinity map contain dirt roads?


Not in april update, perhaps in later updates.

Thank you. I would have bought the game but I live in Russia, and I have a payment method Yandex Money

You can make a new test video endless road?

Will the "traffic signs" in the infinity of roads?


the traffic signs and objects that you can destroy will be placed in infinite roads, since you are in Russia do you have QIWI or LiqPay payment providers or you only have yandex money?

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1) That's cool. although better road signs so as not to destroy. Know. I love when there are occasional signs. For example I'm going, yes. And there out in front of a sign. And I am getting ready for no waiting. And when I see the sign 40 km / h. I brake abruptly. Or, for example, it will be a traffic light that glows red (traffic lights will also hope to "infinity road"?)

2) I only Yandex money

3) Another question. Will the "speed humps" in the infinity road?


1. sure, trafficlights will not be in infinite roads, at least not in the next update

2. i will see what i can do about it

3. they will be

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Thank you

I watched the video and saw that "endless road" no raising of the road and slopes. The road looks smooth. and there is no road junctions with the bridge as it is now in the jalopy


There are many type of roads... The video that i gave you shows you 4x_road with 2x_road intersection. In city we use 2x and 4x streets, for highway there is highway4x+highway junction type of roads. Unfortunately the road will be flat in the next update, there are some overpasses but the height of the road won't change dynamically, perhaps in future updates this will be implemented.

Thank you