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Drive Megapolis 3D

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Changing the road surface.

A topic by kop9000 created Apr 16, 2016 Views: 251
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Somehow I have long traveled to Karelia. And you know there was great. When we passed a large city then it began the worst.

We drove along a country road. The road was without stripes. When the village ended unexpectedly changed the asphalt onto a dirt road and started a dense forest. After a few kilometers we came to another village, and the road back has developed into the asphalt. But then after a minute the village was over and we went back on the dirt road. But soon after we arrived at a crossroads where the trail was already. Like this.

I propose to make two types. In the first case, the road from the junction to the junction will always dirt. In the second case, it will start with the intersection or asphalt or dirt and will sometimes vary. Maybe that is sometimes when you povarachivaetsya at the crossroads of the asphalt will be long. And then it will be a little bit of a primer and then the asphalt again. And sometimes vice versa. Immediately when povarachivaetsya at the crossroads of asphalt will be a little bit and then will be a long dirt road.