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Drive Megapolis 3D

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Logitech gamepad support

A topic by wowogiengen created Apr 16, 2016 Views: 615 Replies: 3
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Hello, I wanted to know how i can setup the gamepad axis for steering and acceleration / brake.

It seems like calibration data is working, but the axis itself is not showing up in the corresponding drop down box.

Developer (1 edit)

when you press and hold the axis do you get XYZ or RotXYZ or RGL sliders moving on you only get joy buttons? What is your joystick name?

i think, that it was only the problem of different naming of the axes... i found them. but the car wont move because of the clutch
Developer (1 edit)

you can set AutomaticIgnition and AutomaticTransmission so you won't be needing clutch, you can also set clutch in KeyMapping, so you can use keyboard to apply it, i can also add ability to map clutch on joystick if you want.