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Nice game! Fun to play, though a few combinations have me stumped. Maybe a tutorial lol

If you wanted to transfer the hacking to something else, you could have "cursed" items that you can only restore if you hack them. I feel though, if you really wanted to keep away from Cogmind territory, but you wanted to salvage the mechs, then you should keep it multi-tile based. I feel like that's one of the unique parts of this game, that you have to be conscious of how large your mech is.

Possibly, you could even learn to program them- like, "if you see enemy, move toward it and shoot", as one of the other mini games. Maybe you only have a limited number of commands that you can collect as you go. I don't know, just an idea.

Regardless of what direction it goes, I'm excited to see what happens.

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I love this game. The visuals are a nice tribute to Rogue, I love the hacking minigame, and it feels great to be in the middle of a thousand bullets but still have the time to hack a machine for two minutes :)

Now, it's been about a year since someone asked this... but will this be developed anymore? This is such a great game and I love it on it's own, but it seems like there's more story to tell, with the intro text and such. I would love to see what you had in mind to flesh this out.

That was a beautifully done demo. I cannot WAIT for the full game! The animations were incredibly polished, the movement was very satisfying, and the level design was well done.

The only critique I have is the controls. I would recommend Space be jump, Z be dash, X be attack, and C be arrows. I often found myself mixing up the two movement keys, jump and dash.

That's all :D

Just came across a small bug, I ran into this little room with 2 hearts, this snake turret lowered me to 0 hearts in one shot.

Now I'm stuck in the running animation facing the turret, moving to the right veeeery slowly. Not quite sure what caused it, except I think the block may have been moving down while I narrowly made it inside the room.

If it helps, eventually I made it to the right wall, and when I passed the chain, it made chain noises. So collision is still on.

Minigolf: with Sasha

...gone wrong

Right there at the bottom, it's the demo version.

Where can I see said speedruns...?

Ohhhhh I thought that was a puddle of ketchup... I was trying to cook the lettuce burger 😅.

Besides my minor confusion, this game is a lot of fun.

Thanks for the critiques, I'll work on the controls. 👍

I liked the puzzles, but like a lot of others here, I didn't quite get what c did. After I did figure it out, however, it was a really good game. It definitely has me hooked for a sequel :D

Yeah sorry for the lack of audio, I usually play games without sound, so that's the last thing that comes to mind. Next time I'll work on that :D

That was so fun, sad to see it was so short. Can't wait for harder levels :D

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Cool sandbox game :D I got a Kraken, Mummy, Goat, Giant, Kangaroo, Crab, Koala, and of course, Buffalo. Lots of Buffalo. Neat little game, reminds me of those Doodle God games where you have all the elements, but you need to figure out a way to combine them. I'm a little annoyed that I couldn't fill the entire island with grass (the grass tiles disappeared too fast).

Maybe if you added onto the game, you could have rain make forests on grass. Or when lake tiles are surrounded by lake, they turn into ocean and can spawn fish and stuff. Just some ideas :)

Edit: Saw the screenshots for the game and saw forests... I guess you're already one step ahead of me!

Cute little minigames and good story :D

Very enjoyable little platformer! The animations looked great and the music was very chill.

This game oozes Warioware. Like, literally. If you put this on a floppy disk and crushed it, it would look like Warioware.

Please make the soundtrack downloadable! 😆 This puzzle game was well polished and felt great to play. It wasn't too hard, but it packed plenty of content for a game jam. Keep up the great work!

Fun platformer, although a little touchy controls. Love the graphics though 👍

Uhhh got stuck right here for some reason

Very fun! The puzzles were very well designed. I already love these types of puzzles, but the enemies made it a lot more challenging, turning it into more of a turn-based puzzle. The only thing holding me back from 5 stars is the level system, which made it really annoying to figure out puzzles. (especially when you got into a "checkmate" scenario, and can't make any more moves without dying)

This looks like a good game, and I love nonograms, but I'm afraid it was a little too hard to keep track of the colors and their values. Maybe put a screenshot of the help menu on the game's page would be helpful?

Also, I didn't really get what the checkerboard colors were.

I'm such a sucker for a good factory game 🤩

The desktop version works. Thanks for waiting :D

If you happen to have a Mac, I'll be uploading that one in a minute.

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Well, the input is half the problem. On both builds (downloadable and web), sprites disappear. I'll upload the desktop version so you can see what I mean.

Edit: The sprites disappearing glitch is fixed! The downloadable version works.

Quick question- if I do work out the bugs and everything, do you know if I'll get any ratings? I had a similar last-minute-bug situation with another jam, and I saw most people do ratings at the beginning.

Is that what it is? Thanks, I saw the error code, but I had no idea what it was. I looked it up and couldn't find anything, either. Wasn't sure what part of it I was supposed to look at.

Sorry, I've been having difficulty getting it to work. It plays fine in the editor, but once I export it, sprites start disappearing. Along with that, I can't get the input working with the browser version. There are no error codes, and these are for the most part undocumented bugs, so I haven't been able to find a solution. I'll probably take it down until I can fix it.

This game is genius. Now, the "one is easier to move", "one is easier to live" idea isn't completely foreign, but the way this made all the objects in the game change is just so clever. When I read that you could change dimensions, I thought it was going to be something like red and blue dimensions, but this just flipped that idea on its head. I only played a bit, but I'll have to come back and play this when I go and rate games. :)

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Personally I think this was just a creative way to show you the size of the house, and at least follows the spirit of the 64x64 rule. But I'm not telling you how to rate the game. :)

Haha, it's literally gorilla warfare. Nice.

I'm not quite clear on what C does.

It says that about 1,300 people have joined the jam. How does that number usually compare to how many people really enter/finish games for this? Anything even close to that possible 1.3k would be a huge jump compared to previous jams.

Ah this game is just so simple and good! Love it!

Using Unity with that awesome package that Caliber Mengsk made.

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Being a noob, I uploaded the incorrect file for my game's Webgl version. Anyway, now when I try to delete the file, it shows that I deleted it, I save the changes, but the file still shows up for download when I go to the published page.

Ooh nice game, I'm a sucker for rewinding time. Currently I feel like the returning bullets is more of an extra bit of damage. I don't find myself really using it well. I think it'd be cool to add enemies who have a shield facing you, because then you'd have to return bullets to beat them.