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Couldn't get it working the screen is too small. Sorry. Some kind of GMS2 surface issue perhaps?

The artwork is drawn to differing resolutions. And I couldn't get past level 1. But a really nice take on the theme.

I feel the mechanics of this could be flushed out a bit more. Perhaps if it were turn-based? And maybe if it had a more balanced difficulty curve that second level is quite a spike.

Feels like it would be better if I had another person to play with!

I really like interesting takes on turn-based combat. So I am biased towards this game a lot. Fantastic presentation interesting level-up mechanic. Could be the core of a really good experiance. 

This has real potential. But it needs a better tutorial and difficulty curve. Easier levels. My real criticism is that it's probably too ambitious for a jam. I respect the attempt a lot though! 

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Really solid puzzle experience. Good level design and challenge. Presentation is simple and effective. I played it on my phone and think it would make a great mobile game.

A good game and I reached the end. A little short but that's fine for a game jam. Appreciated joining together different traits almost like a mini Metroid-Vania that takes 5 mins to complete very nice. Its a shame about the stuttering background and slightly mismatched art but its not a super big deal.

Really good! Maybe add some music in? Also if you need to make floor tiles quickly for a game jam I recommend a program called tilesetter.

Fantastic silly presentation. Best name ever. Its a bit hard and fast. Maybe the speed of the obstacles could start slower and then ramp up?

Nice take on the theme of joining colors. Took me a while to get. 

Wow had to really split my brain up. Good use of theme. Just try to make sure your game art is consistent in the future and try to have an easier start to ease new players into the game.

switching between characters is clunky and doesn't always seem to work. Also if you choose to develop it further please take left-handed moue users into account.

Good concept. Feels a little janky. With some more polish could be really good!

As others have said it needs a tutorial. I'd like to put more time into it to learn what this game can do. It looks impressive. But sadly demanding a lot of time from people so they can learn your mechanics during a game jam isn't a good idea. Looks like it could be something special if you give it a proper introduction though.

A good idea and is similar to xeodrifter where you also switch between planes. Good use of theme! It's a shame it's unpolished. 

I'm completely lost sorry.

I'm sorry I can't figure out what to do. Nice to see an rpg maker game though.

I'm assuming it's your first jam. This is obviously quite rough. Keep entering jams and keep trying to make something cool! You'll get there with time and practice.

Sorry, my friend but I couldn't get it working as my antivirus removed it before I could play it! In the future, I really recommend porting to web. Unity should be more than capable of doing that it's the porting king. This is also probably why a lot of people haven't ranked the game.

Good graphics. I can't seem to figure out what do to do. This kind of walking simulator typically isn't my kind of game. A little more direction would be appreciated.

Also please note that in order to build something new you'll have to click the button of what you're already building to de select that first.

Please note that the reset on Level 5 is broken. 

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Yeah It so annoying I know what causes that issue with the reset on level 5 but couldn't fix it by submission oh well. As for the second yeah I really wanted to add the feature where you just click the other button but didn't have time to set that up. As for the third you're completely right that's because it was supposed to have more mechanics and more levels that would ramp up in difficulty.

Yeah I know what causes that. Sadly I can't fix that for at lest a week.

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I really appreciate the storytelling. Weaving that into a  48 hour jam is to be commended.  I found it funny and charming. However, I think some tweaking with the physics is needed. If you can I would recommend having a series of really small projects: platformer, shooter click and drag puzzler ect that you can repurpose for each game jam so you don't have to wrestle with the physics every time you want to make a game.

Astonishing presentation the lighting effects are wonderful. The game itself is a little basic I would maybe like some way of issuing commands to the attacking one and some more enemy types but very good effort. 

Nice concept fun little game. The physics need to be more reliable but otherwise very nice!

Very good well-executed game. Well done. Good scope management and everything was reasonably intuitive.

Absolutely fantastic presentation. The core gameplay isn't explained very well. A tutorial or two would be nice sounds for feedback or even just a music track would have gone a long way to improving it. Interesting Idea though it has a lot of potential.

The idea is interesting but confusing. The presentation is fantastic. A tutorial or two wouldn't go amiss.

Short Sweet Fun experience. Good adherence to the theme.

Excellent game! 

Good game! Flappy bird and flappy fish! I would have liked a seperate control method for each I kept diving when I wanted to fly but I like it a lot.

Some more feedback to the player is required I think. It took me a while to figure out what is going on. Some text flashing up saying "you died" would be a good addition. Also it would be better if the enemies were more clearly threatening. As it stands I was a bit confused until I realised it was a score attack game and I was supposed to avoid the enemies. Good try though.

Nice Game. Maybe could have used a bit more structure? I think the tutorial is broken. But a unique take on the theme.

Unfortunately this isn't the game for me. I have dyslexia and trying to remember specific details that I accidentally misread is frustrating. But the game is solid and adheres to the theme well in a unique and interesting way!

Very good. Enjoyed it a lot. Music needs to loop. 

Good original idea. I like how the Robots face changes depending on the level of health! I feel like the mechanics are a bit underdeveloped though. Some more challenge would have been great! 

Cool original idea. Some more level design could really go a long way to making this a more fun game. I would work on in-game tutorials introducing ideas slowly one step at a time.