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Interesting idea, solid implementation. Impressice to build something big like a strategy game in so little time.

The UI was a bit iffy, and the hand drawn tutorial notes doesn't go great with the otherwise okay pixel art style.

I had to mute this game early, because the sound effects were super loud, and I wasn't a huge fan of them. I tried to click the button in game, but if it did anything I didn't see. Maybe it wasn't active in the tutorial?

Interesting little adventure game.

However, it didn't really seem like dice or randomness have anything really to do with the game. Your character is a die, sure, but you could be a turnip and the game wouldn't change at all as far as I can see.

The visuals are great, and the puzzles are much more achievable than several other similar games.

Great work overall, good job!

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A neat idea, with adorable art! 

I felt the game played REALLY slowly. Like, I read the prompt and I want to advance, but in some encounters I had to wait like, 5 or 10 seconds for the full animation to play before i could advance. Which was more interesting in some encounters than others.

The mechanics were okay, but not super clear or engaging. Some more instructions would have been nice.

EDIT: oh, also, I had a bunch of resolution problems. Some screens were too big, other times the buttons were in the wrong place, and the whole time I had to resize my window to like 50% size. It kept changing inconsistently depending on what screen I was on when I changed resolution.

This was pretty fun! I liked the strategy and the rigging of the dice. The art was solid and the idea is really clever and unique.

Running into a stalemate is annoying, but bound to happen given the two-attribute nature of the game. Perhaps if the rigging only lasts one round, or if there was a third attribute that came into play it might get around that?

Whatever the case, great game you came up with here.

I can accept being a dice who runs around the casino doing things to earn money, even if it's a bit far-fetched. But I don't see any reason that every time you click the button you change size and jump height. It doesn't add anything to the game except frustration and confusion.

Great job submitting a game!

Simple idea, fun little game. I like the idea that you get a random powerup and what is basically a random powerdown each round.

The hardest part of the game by far was that enemies all fired at you the exact moment the play button is clicked - it would be nice if they had a slight delay, or even if you could see where they would spawn before starting so I didn't have to react to things I couldn't see yet.

Fine, but rather hard little game. Unfortunately, other than the idea of the character being a DM, and the DM rolls dice in DnD, there isn't really anything to do with dice or rolling or randomness.

Wow, best jam game I've played so far by a long shot!

It has a fun, unique idea - some cute and simple graphics, and solid mechanics. I like how the game builds up as it goes on, where there's risk and reward between saving your 1s or using them, the chaos of trying to find where all your dice rolled off to, and the energy of getting rid of those darn cards. The music is nice and catchy, too.

I encounter have some bugs, but they were fairly small. A few of my dice rolled all the way off the world a few times (good thing for the collect button), and they did keep bouncing off of what seems to be nothing.

Overall, stellar work.

Beautiful little platformer, the controls feel quite good overall, although I found the hitboxes on the spikes to be much too big, and I would have preferred not to have to restart the level each time you hit them.

More importantly, the dice don't really feel like they have anything to do with the game itself - you just have a predetermined 1-6 tries to beat each level. 

Fairly minor concerns for a little game jam game though, great work!

Simple concept, very straightforward. Feels surprisingly finished too. The dice doesn't really add much -- you roll a dice to do damage. Wpould be nice to have some more substance to it.

Could also have used some extra detail to the floor to make moving feel a little more dynamic. The first hallway especially I had to guess if I was moving.

Combat was fine, although a bit dull. roll, wait, roll, wait. Hope you do better than your opponent. Fight the next dice a few seconds later.

Simple idea, and excellent job having clear instructions. Would love keyboard shortcuts rather than being purely mouse driven.

Also, although game idea is fine, there isn't really enough content to make getting all the way to 2500 that interesting. It quickly begins to repeat. More personalities, and more types of actions for the player would go a long way.

I didn't really enjoy this.

Mostly because there's no real explanation. Sure, it's a fairly simple game, but as little information as how much stamina might be gained or lost on a successful roll would help a lot. Or who would gain or lose it. Or if there is a cost to passing. Or if there is a goal or you're just playing to see how far you get. And, for someone whose first difficulty was is a 12, how many dice you're rolling would have also been great to know.

Love the art style!

Unfortunately, other than not running out of money I don't know if there's really a goal to the game, which means it's just waiting, then watching numbers go up - with your management skill determining how quickly.

It would also be great to have some more feedback. For example, greying out a selected dice for instance. And maybe some feedback on how much happiness or health the workers could lose by selecting each option.

A bit buggy (pun intended), but cute and seems fun. I kept ending up with dice bouncing and landing on my character, which meant I couldn't jump, but outside of that, it looks good and seems like it would probably be fun if I could get more than a few minutes in. Also, a few times I fell into a pit and respawn inside the pit, only to lose all my hp and have to restart.

A solid prototype!

I like how the dice is expected to roll around like a ball, that's a good idea, and it could perhaps make a great game.

Although in this game, there were a few problems... The biggest of which is that the physics is a bit janky. The dice feels super floaty, and it's really hard to tell where it's going to land. Those are both critical for a game like this to feel good.

Also, probably related to the gravity being too low, it doesn't feel like it matters that this is a dice. It sometimes rolls or bounces in a way a ball wouldn't, but usually it just rolls in whatever direction I press, without the orientation of the dice really mattering at all.

Overall, it was fun little game.

This game is cute, the instructions are clear, and the puzzles are straightforward and fun.

But what may be the best part of it, is the clever reskinning of dice as a whole (and the clever use of the words 'roll', and 'dice'). That game uses the same mechanic as other dice-face games, where you need to roll a dice to a specific face on a specific tile. If you took the cute burrito themes out, this would be a game about dice. Very clever! 

It's a really hard question, because I know the current view lets you see three sides of the dice at once, which is really important in this kind of game. I think just shifting the whole camera to a 7/8 sort of view would help a lot - give a very clear "this is left and right, that is up and down" while still seeing as much of the dice as possible.

Thanks for replying, and for being a good sport about it - I was trying to be constructive with my feedback so I hope that came across ;)

I'll look forward to the game being updated after the jam!

Well look on the bright side, you finished and submitted something, that's still better than some people, like myself! ;)

So, after getting the controls from the comments, I actually played the game for real. I didn't enjoy it terribly much, but good job for putting something out anyway. More than I accomplished! Some more specific feedback:

Aside from the controls page not actually explaining the controls in an understandable way - which you already know - it also closes automatically rather than letting the user read it on their own pace. That's bad for a bunch of reasons.

There was no way I could see to know where the coins were. Just had to guess.

The character did not feel good to control. Super high jump and slow movement. If I wasn't already moving towards the door when the dice showed up, it was game over.

Everything was purely color based. The character is color-coded to the chips, and the rooms. But that is totally inaccessible. The rooms and chips should at least have numbers on them to try and match the dice theme. Plus, the player has to memorize the color-to-number combinations, which is frustrating. You don't want the players to be thinking "I need to clear a purple chip, is purple six?", you want them to be thinking "I'm going to clear this 6 chip and then be 4 to go get more coins"

I've seen a few games with this idea - this one was nice and simple, with a clean look and obvious mechanics. Good job.

One comment is to watch for using up-down-left-right on a game with 3/4 view, it can make controls harder than they need to be.

Very cool game - I loved the idea of the different dice each having a bunch of possible effects. The enemies were also very cool to look at. The game did drag on a little, with  just rolling dice to do, and the UI could use a lot of polish - but overall very good execution and fun idea.

This game is, unfortunately very buggy. A giant buglist fills half the screen when you start, and has to be manually closed. Some enemies can't die. Your weapon changes randomly (this might be intentional). I killed a boss thing and all the sprites went solid black, and half of them disappeared. There's also no stated goal or story other than shooting enemies. Which is okay I guess but not really that fun in this style of game.

Plus, the biggest problem is that this doesn't really relate to the jam. The weapon changing is probably a "dice roll", but it doesn't feel like it. I can't even be sure that was what the intended relationship was, because I only even saw 4 guns, and that's a pretty small "dice" if that's what it was intended to be.

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I mean, it's arguably playable, but also not really. Clicking the dice adds a seemingly random number to your score. Like 19.01. That's not a dice value. Buying birds is a neat idea, but they don't do anything and also they're free, but only after you get to 500? Also, menu requires the enter key, but the rest of the game is mouse only?

Thanks for submitting, but absolutely needs a lot more work.

I like the action-puzzle element of this game! However, there were definately bugs, and it seems possible to softlock in certain levels, which is annoying. 

My biggest problem, however, is the resolution. The whole game felt blurry - which combined with the lights and colors and such were really unpleasant to actually play the game at all.

There was a huge amount of whitespace around the game window that made it harder to play than it should have. The jumping feels really awkward, and rolling the dice doesn't feel like it has anything to do with the gameplay itself. It just changes the room. Nothing else.

Plus, I think it was supposed to be being shown coming out from under a cup? That was not clear at all.

Papers please, but for dice! I like how you have to distribute your rolls, like you're being the dice. Mouse-only controls are a bit awkward, but it's a fun take on a good game idea.

I liked this. Game was a bit hard, but it's a puzzle game. Would have liked tracking highscores, or being able to hold a button to keep rolling, but good idea.

It was kinda fun, and I liked the dice math - but the clicking-and-dragging is pretty awkward to use.

They look to be very close to the same game - Sorry is just a North American variant of it.

This game ended up being too much moving around in circles, and not enough... well, anything else. After two laps around the board, I hadn't found a way to do anything to actually affect my opponent (maybe I couldn't reach them, but I can't control that) and there was no way for me to avoid losing other than rolling numbers that weren't landing on traps.

This game is challenging, but it's not an issue considering how short it is. The goal and game are straight forward. However, it's just a tiny arcade game - as far as I can tell, the only thing the dice has to do with the game is making it visible which pattern the boss is going to do next. If it were invisible, I can't imagine I would relate this game to the theme.

Simple, but fun! It still feels a bit prototypey, with just one hit before game over, no waiting time between rounds, and the super short instructions - but it was still fun for what it is. Good work, that's the hardest part. :)

Brilliant idea, using the dice both to move around the board and to hit everyone else. This would make a great party game, I think - even maybe in real life. Great idea to pick a simple, known game like Sorry for the basis.

I did feel the lack of feedback when one of your pawns was knocked over was something really needed - it would sometimes happen so fast I didn't realize what was going on, and maybe switching from click-click to pick angle then power could be replaced by some kind of 'a' for hard, 'b' for medium sort of mechanic.

Overall, great work!

I could pick at the presentation or the interface, but the most important thing is that this simply wasn't very fun to play. Click a button, and wait. Click the same button, wait.