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Nice!! We're glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!! :)

Thanks for the feedback, yes we are aware of this but we did not have time to make these minor adjustments, we will give a little more attention to this next time .. thanks u <3

Cute game with this chill music, satisfying :) love it.

Nice game! It's always fun to play a pinball :) gj

Everyone who has a cat and a Christmas tree at home, manages to finish this game very easily haha nice work!! :)

Cool game, u really should keep this project on, with more level and monsters, gj

Amazing man!! Nice arts and sounds. I really liked it .. gj

Good game man i liked it!! but omg so hard

Good man, I was thinking of doing something like that too, glad to see u did that :) .. I liked it!

Check it out and leave a comment so i can see your game too!! <3

The shotgun for sure, so strong :)

This reminded me when I played the first Doom, good times..

Btw, my score was 97..  At first it was easy, then it got very difficult, lot of monsters haha gj

The beginning in 2D is quite cool, but similar to other platform games, when it came in first person, it was good because it was different and much more difficult.. nice work!

Nice game, arts, sound, everything.. and just for have a ranking it make the game more addictive than it already is ahaha, waiting for someone to beat my score!! 

So fun to play and the music matches perfectly with the game, good job man.

Nice game bro, classic rpg .. gj :)

So addictive. I dont know if u gonna continue this project, but u should.. put some bg, good music, some "boost" and skins.. it will be a success. oh and a restart button on keyboard would be good . gratz man

omg, my fingers hurt a lot haah but is a nice game.. u should make it more difficult as the score increase, that would be cool.. good job man gl :)

really nice game,  but so easy, you should continue with it by putting more enemies and some different "shot" types, good work :)

Liked it, you should put more enemies to make it a little bit hard,  cool sounds btw :) 

Addictive game. I got 42k points and then i stopped because my fingers were hurting a lot haha, when u fix it with auto shoot, let me know ill play more :) .. good job man.

I liked, did you do all the arts?

One of the most funniest game i found here, good work with the art and sounds, gl :)

I like it, half psychedelic and the music is so good.

Nice game man. Music and graphics reminded me a lot of hotline miami. Love it :)

Love the music and the style of the game, gl :)

That was supposed to be a easter egg, when the spike block hits the character and he is falling out of the screen you can fly to the end of the level.. Thanks for the feedback