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Okay since a lot of people are getting this with the bundle, I'll be working on a free full release of this for every person who got that bundle, I will try and fix most issues with the game and balance it out

The gameplay is tedious at times, and the game itself doesn't explain a lot about its mechanics. Took me a while to realize levers are proximity triggered, and then in the next level, the levers were abandoned. I think that the game doesn't fully explore the possiblities the setup has given, and I feel like there's a lot of room for improvement regarding the level design. The visuals are nice, but the music is repetetive, and combined with monotonous gameplay with long waiting times it serves up a lot of irritation. The thing I'm least pleased with is how continous the rotation is. The levels usually tend to make the player go in a straight line, so it would make sense to give the player a tiny freeze window in which they can squeeze in another move in the same direction. It would greatly pace up the gameplay and make it feel less like a chore.

There actually is coyote jump, it's just that it's probably very subtle and you can't tell it's there, but without it a lot of the jumps wouldn't have been possible - I'm not sure if jump buffering is needed in the game, you only control everything with one button, and it's already a bit difficult to manage, so it's unlikely the player will need buffering.

Thanks for feedback, but major disagreement on "bounce from wall to wall" part - the game was made with full emulation of regular controls in mind, plus I don't want to give up flip controls! I think the problem is more in latency and flipping indicators, rather than the mechanic itself. The idea was to make a regular input game with one input - not to mesh in regular controls into a one input convention!

Really fun concept, although I wish it was explored further! I'm really glad you've decided to give the player a bit more agency over their decisions, while making sure it's not just clicking buttons! Please work on this game more, I'd like you see what else you can come up with! :D

Really decent idea for a game, sadly it does not fit the theme of the jam, so I won't rate it.

Overall: 2+ (considered 3)
The pacing is too fast, I'm instantly dead after booting up. Space out obstacles and make the game have easier levels to begin with. I can't rate this game anything above 3 stars, seeing as I'm unable to view a major part of the gameplay, because my reaction time is too slow to get around the first level.

Gameplay: 1
The gameplay starts too soon. Give the player a grace period and IV frames to compensate for high obstacle count, or reduce obstacles. Insta-death in what I'd assume is a rythm based game is not a good idea. It's impossible for me to rate this experience, because it ends as soon as it starts.

Visuals: 2+ (considered 3)

The visuals themselves aren't half bad. The User Interface in the menu is laid out in nice manner, but my issue is with later parts of the User Experience. The obstacles aren't big enough, I feel like the player is too fast, the lanes aren't communicated clearly.

Audio: 3
The audio in this game is really nice. It's not top of the game, but it's definetly one of the better aspects of the game. 

Creativity: 3
The idea in itself is really fun. It's the execution and visual communication which botch those by a lot. I'm not convinced enough to give it more than 3 stars though, because you don't address any of the consequences of the player's actions. It could also be the fact that I'm unable to play through the first level due to its speed.

While the premise of two magnetic characters is interesting, and the art is undoubtedly good, the presentation and execution of the concept lack polish and feel underdeveloped.

The most jarring part of the game are the controls. There's a lot of input lag, the characters take a while to change directions, the jumps don't feel predictable, and the "throwing" mechanic lacks any indication of where the character would land. A simple curved arrow would do wonders, and make the whole experience less "trial and error".

The concept itself feels a bit too simple, and the "two characters" gameplay doesn't do anything new. Try experimenting with the premise of "magnetic" characters. Maybe you could have the two robots attracted to each other? Maybe there are magnetic surfaces in the level, and the robot of same polarity would be pushed away, while a robot of different polarity would be "stuck" to the surface?

The presentation lacks a lot. While the art is really nice, the camera placement is awkward, the environment isn't layered properly and "melts together" optically.

My bit of advice would be to better plan out the team. I didn't like how three people on the team did modelling work, this should've been reserved to one person. There shouldn't be any overlap in a game jam team, unless the game is fully done and needs finishing touches only.

I loved the game, although I would like a detailed summary of the symbolism of the Chicken Game. 
On a serious note, it's a great game with fun mechanics, and the last level really nicely subverts your expectations by throwing in a red herring - great job!

I'm really sorry to hear that! It appears this is a bug which occurs if you move immediately after the game starts, but it's possible to play without that bug happening!

Kudos to you for recording the experience, wow! The way you initially messed up the first puzzle was EXACTLY what we envisioned.

The player is given two buttons - spawn the player next to the interaction-pressed one, make the next jump really hard if you want to miss the floor one. The correct solution is to press only ONE button in this level.

The expected response was that the player would initally press both buttons, seeing as it doesn't cause a lot of consequences - later on, we've given the player another room, but this time, if you pressed both buttons, you'd have to press the floor button. 
Pressing the floor button then causes the PARADOX.
So the player has to identify the cause of the paradox, think about the whole timeline instead of a single level (or two). Genre-wise, the game is somewhat of a CAG (Single Screen Game), because putting both characters in the same environment would be a lot less fun, and would probably hurt the readability. We made it so that instead of room-specific problems, there are multiple ways to solve a level, and some of them will cause a paradox. (Spoiler: It's always the most brute-forcey ones that cause the paradox.) 

Haha! Yeah, the "singleplayer co-op about time paradoxes and killer robots" definetly sums up the game pretty well. As for the "Trial and Error"y parts will definetly get rectified with things which make going back in time less of a hassle (think Time Forwarding, think improved Rewind controls )

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, fundamentally speaking, Out Of Control was a big backing theme for this game, we wanted to connect the player characters in a way that felt more creative than "You now control two characters - WITH ONE INPUT SYSTEM!" and making it so that the Terminator player plays back the inputs of the player has definetly helped a lot with this. We'll probably expand the game after the jam, maybe switch up some things for better visibility and controls.

I would say that while the concept is really interesting, there's not enough telegraphing of how your movements work. This makes the gameplay a bit tedious, as you can't really solve levels without "trial and error".

My highscore is 129, I did nothing