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Thanks for playing and the feedback! I've gotten a few other reports of problems with that door, I'll have to look into those.

Oh, thanks for solving that bug! I'll definitely work that fix in when I update the game. 

Oh wow, nice find! Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

Did you try to mix the food with the meal?

Thanks for playing! That toilet misspelling has actually been the most reported bug so far! 

Thanks so much for playing! Glad to hear you were able to make it through!

Thanks for playing! He's got a big stomach, so you might need to feed him a lot to fill it. Or, you could try mixing something into his food to make him need to leave...

Thanks so much for showing it on your video! I'm working on a little more of a tutorial intro now!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Hopefully I'll have some more updates soon!

Thanks for playing! You're right, one of the AI parts I didn't get time to complete was actually having the enemies attack your units, they just wander around randomly right now. 

Thanks for playing! Totally agree about the one action per turn, I've been thinking of changing that so you can take multiple actions but didn't get the time to implement that yet!

Thanks for playing! I need to add some more detail to show what exactly happens in combat. And it looks like I've got a bug that completely freezes the game when there are two attacks back-to-back. Thanks for the feedback. 

Glad you like it!

I'll second this post, I'm basically in the same boat, having tinkered with both for small personal projects. However, one thing I've noticed if you venture outside of Adventuron that may influence your choice is that I feel there is a tendency with some IDEs to have native support for GitHub, making integration slightly easier. 

The biggest upside for choosing GitHub would be if you wanted more eyes on it. 

Here's my stats from Save Bigfoot's Christmas. Almost got none from outside of itch, but I really didn't seek any from outside aside from a couple twitter posts on my fairly low impression twitter account. Interestingly, I got about half of the views and plays than I did in the last Adventuron Jam, which I did the exact same publicity. Both followed almost the exact same curve though. 


Thanks for the feedback! I'd love a list of typos, I'm normally terrible at typing the first go around and I haven't had much time to do all the double checking I would have liked.

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely agree about the parser polish needed, that's the part I ran out of time on. I've been working on an update, hopefully I'll have it up soon.

Oh wow, thanks for that bug about the can - I can see exactly how that happened. I've been working to try to smooth out the vocab guessing and hopefully will have an update soon. Thanks for the feedback!

I had a lot of fun with this entry! I really liked the interesting restrictions to actions, it made you really focus on the puzzles. There was a really good mix of different difficulty puzzles as well. 

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Absolutely gorgeous game! I really liked the theme and mood that permeates the whole game. I really enjoyed the translation puzzle. 

I really liked the Solstice theme of this adventure! It had a very classic adventure feel to it - some of the puzzles were a little tricky because of the vocabulary needed. I really liked using the archaeologist as a hint system but absolutely loved doing the deciphering puzzle by hand. I know it's fallen out of style, but I absolutely love when I have to take hand written notes in an adventure game. 

I really liked how much was able to be fit in such a small area. I really appreciate the hints to look in and under things - I never would have thought of that if it was not suggested. A very fun, short and sweet game. 

I absolutely loved the achievements at the end - a total surprise and very intriguing way to inspire some replays. 

Lovely low rez graphics, show everything that is needed and respond nicely to events. 

Only thing that threw me for a while is that I moved the pool table but did not reveal anything under it until I searched under it afterward. 

Loved this as a nice, short adventure game. Setting the trap was definitely tricky! Nice use of a very minimal graphics style. 

Loved the very creative puzzles - the hint system worked very well and I definitely needed it in a few instances! Echoing previous sentiments that the linearity of the text adventure game came off unusual at first, but I think the story beats made it worth it. 

Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely see the need for some sort of feedback for the mask puzzle - changing their reactions would help a lot!

yeah, I'm going to go back and update it with a lot more verb/noun synonyms - I kinda ran out of time with that.

: )

did you find the ratchet in the campground?  You need to give Mr Maple something to fix.

Thanks for the feedback and finding all of the bugs! I totally agree that the teleporter transition really needs a sound effect - its one of the things I was working on but just ran out of time. Once I get a little more time I'll probably go back and add one. 

I would love to see which part you couldn't execute - I really didn't have enough time to flesh out all of the commands how I would have liked. 

Oh thanks, I'm gonna try this out!

Thanks, I was thinking that I should just get rid of the Mr. in text so they wouldn't type it.

I've got my entry in a place to open to the public: Save Bigfoot's Christmas! You play as one of Santa's elves who needs to prove that Bigfoot doesn't deserve to be on the naughty list this year. I know there's not too much time until submission, but would love to hear feedback or any bugs that you find!

I've got a room with a person named Mr. Maple. I have a command if the player tries to TALK TO MR. MAPLE. The command works if the player types TALK TO MR MAPLE or TALK TO MAPLE, but not if they use the period: TALK TO MR. MAPLE. I can't figure out how to allow the possibility of the player typing MR. in the input ? Any one else ever run into this problem?

Yeah, I definitely am going to break out of the 8-bit world for this one and try my hand at some more advanced pixel art. 

Hi all, I'm Tim, and this is my second Adventuron jam. I had an absolute blast on the the first one, and very excited to get started with this one. 

Thanks so much for trying it out!

Thanks for playing and the feedback!