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Your true love certainly has an eclectic wish list of Christmas gifts. Can you get all of them ready tonight?
Submitted by bjbest60 (@bjbest60) — 6 days, 2 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Christmas Spirit#73.8664.250
Overall Enjoyment (not an average)#113.1083.417
Beginners Tutorial (Optional)#112.6532.917

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Development Time
14 days (not 12, sadly)

Native Language

Opinion of Adventuron

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That was a very original entry, that worked surprisingly well given the constraints.

I think the graphics didn’t render very well, and sometimes, to show your intent of using an object, you have to take it and drop it right away, which is not very intuitive.

But other than that, the descriptions were charming and the puzzles, nice, as well as the surreal atmosphere. A good if a bit simple game overall!


I had a lot of fun with this entry! I really liked the interesting restrictions to actions, it made you really focus on the puzzles. There was a really good mix of different difficulty puzzles as well. 


This game was so much fun!  Really creative with the limitation of only using get/drop and the small number of locations.

A couple of small bugs:

- If you pick the maids up in the storage room and drop them again, they stay in your inventory

- If you try to drop the ladies in the living room when neither the pipers nor drummers are there and they tell you they don't want to go there yet, the game tells you that they return to the storage room, but again they stay in your inventory

Really great game though - one of the most out-of-the-box Adventuron games I've played.


This was probably my favourite entry in this jam, in terms of the actual puzzles/mechanics. I was a bit nervous at first that limiting the player only to GET/DROP would make things too easy, but I didn't reckon on you "resetting" the world after incorrect attempts. I'm a big proponent of games that offer a large number of permutations via a small number of inputs, but this approach tends to break down when it comes to parser-based games. Thanks for showing me another way!

Even though they were low-resolution photos, your graphics looked really good. It looks like you carefully reduced the colour palette for each image (and perhaps touched them up a little), giving them a consistent level of detail and avoiding a "multicoloured snow" look.


Thanks very much!  In terms of a jam game (and also in terms of Adventuron's text-matching schema), I didn't want players (or, admittedly, me) to fiddle with "guess the verb."  I tried to give it a narrative sheen with the player being too harried to do anything else.  I'm glad it worked for you.

And thanks, too, for the kind words about the graphics.  I'm utterly inept at drawing or creating pixel art, so photos it is.  But you're right, I decreased the color palette for the images and tried to smooth them a bit when possible.

Thanks again!


I enjoyed what you were going for with the puzzles, and it was fun trying to figure out the interpretation for the different gifts! Good job!