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Thanks very much!  In terms of a jam game (and also in terms of Adventuron's text-matching schema), I didn't want players (or, admittedly, me) to fiddle with "guess the verb."  I tried to give it a narrative sheen with the player being too harried to do anything else.  I'm glad it worked for you.

And thanks, too, for the kind words about the graphics.  I'm utterly inept at drawing or creating pixel art, so photos it is.  But you're right, I decreased the color palette for the images and tried to smooth them a bit when possible.

Thanks again!

My jam game themed around the traditional "Twelve Days of Christmas" carol is now submitted and live!  It's pretty much purely object-based puzzles.  Thanks, all, for the discussion here and on the Telegram group.  I'd certainly appreciate any bug reports and/or feedback!

Twelve Days, One Night

Cool.  Thanks for the suggestions!  I'll test them out and see what looks best.

Sure.  Here's how it's looking so far.

I really like the ZX fonts but have found a lot of them to be just a bit too blocky or otherwise weirdly spaced.  I went to the creator's website and found his Fontstruct page where he had this:

It's Bamburgh-esque but a little less rounded.  The quotation marks weren't quite right, so I fixed that and a few other small things for a very slightly modified version which I think works pretty well.  It's here:

I'm trying a limited parser--only TAKE, DROP, EXAMINE, L, I, and directions.  Everything's two words.  DROP takes care of a lot of container / supporter stuff via describing what happens.

The Shrine knows.