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Really enjoyed this game - gorgeous music and lovely atmosphere. Reporting a few bugs/issues:

You can’t interact with the ‘large crystals’ in the pond location – you have to interact with the pond and choose ‘2’ from the disambiguation menu. This is most likely due to ambiguous object naming in the code.

Another bug if you X SWORD after getting it – a code error means you can see two descriptions and part of the code.

ATTACK without specifying knight or wizard results in ‘You can’t do that here.’ It would be helpful to explain you need to specify whom you want to attack.

I really enjoyed this one! It was pitched just right. Minor bug report follows so SPOILERS BELOW:








Two tiny bugs just after defeating the Basilisk:

1. Once you've found the letter among the bones, you can search the bones again and it finds the letter again (which means it moves from your inventory to the room if you've already picked it up).

2. If you LOOK, you 'open your eyes' again even though they're no longer closed.

Glad you enjoyed! :D

Not personal experience no 🙂 Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

Sorry, only just saw this now! It is beatable - you need to interact with the other characters outside the storytelling and see what it changes. Thanks for playing!

Aww thanks! Glad you enjoyed :)

I'm also having this issue on Chrome.

Thanks for playing and engaging with the paths - I'm so glad that what I was trying to convey with the difficult choices came across, and that it was relatable!

Thanks so much - glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for playing and for your kind comments - that's lovely to hear!

Thanks for playing!  'Barry Basic and the Quick Escape' is fairly similar (but with character switching right from the start) if you want to see more of Barry and Tony.

Glad you enjoyed!

Great creepy story! Enjoyed this one.

Thanks for playing - glad you enjoyed!

I seem to have run into a possible bug during the ending - after presenting the eggs at the picnic, I just got a blank screen from which there was no exit.  Enjoyed the game though!

Very funny game. Great stuff.

Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Hi - that's right, from what I remember the last update fixed something Adventuron-specific. I was going to post matching Spectrum updates to keep everything consistent but never got round to it! Still have all my notes for it though, so maybe one day.

Thanks so much! For the character switching, I originally did it in a game for TALP two years ago with lots of fiddly coding, but since then there has been character switching functionality added to Adventuron, which makes it much easier.

Glad you enjoyed it - thanks for playing and for your comments!

Glad you're enjoying it! And thanks for the feedback - I always try to include a walkthrough as I never know which puzzles players will find difficult.

Welcome to parser!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

So pleased you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing and for your lovely comments - I'm so glad you enjoyed!

Probably not! ;)

There's definitely more to come from the Zombie Eye! Glad you liked the atmosphere, that was something I really hoped would come across 🙂

Thanks for the reports!  Will sort those in my next bugfix update.

Thanks so much for playing and for your comments! :)

So glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks so much for playing - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

What a fantastic little game. You do spooky atmosphere so well and I can't wait for your next one.

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I'm stuck as I seem to have run into a bug with the hints - the current hint says 'give the protection potion to the smith' even though I already have given it to him.  I'm currently trying to find a way of finding the florist's ring and a way of identifying the safe mushrooms.

A few more small bugs to report:

‘You’ll need to pick it up to read it’ shows up when reading the note in the jewelry box, as Rovarsson mentioned below.

You can go north to the castle from where the guard is standing but you can’t do anything there – is this supposed to happen?

The old woman talks about having taken the potion ('now I can visit my grandson...') before she’s taken it.

Rogue extra ‘Who are you talking to?’ response when I talk to the fisherman after he's moved to the bridge.

Enjoying this, hope to finish it soon!

Yes, solved it now, thank you!

Hello - could I have a hint for getting past the plant, please?  I've collected the light, invisibility and cleaning spells.

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I love the spooky theme.  Have emailed you a transcript!

Main issue (a minor one) I found was that 'toilet' is misspelt in the game as 'toliet' and the game doesn't recognise the correct spelling.

Tried again today - I'm also still getting the bug after examining the tea pot.

Hiya!  I've started a couple of times, but can't get past a bug in the third room after you examine the tea pot - every command results in the same response:

The blue sensor is the blueprint, right? I had already collected it and it said I hadn't when I was moving towards the edge of the maze, so I was a bit confused. It still let me win, so not a major issue, and I really like the puzzle 🙂

Cute little game!  Found a slight bug in the maze minigame where it says you haven't got the blueprint even when you have, but otherwise it played well.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!