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Make a Christmas-themed TEXT ADVENTURE game using Adventuron with at least 4 puzzles, and 4 graphics.

Chance to win prizes such as a Raspberry Pi 400 computer, commercial software,  retro books / magazines, and more. Prizes  for both placement and participation (terms apply).

Adventuron is super easy to learn, and no login is required. Follow the one hour step by step tutorial here. Full  documentation can be found here. Source code for a sample game can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Click JOIN JAM to enter, free of charge.

2020/12/20: To assist with last minute entries, the submission deadline has been extended to 20:00 GMT on 22nd December.

Example of a game written in Adventuron  (scroll down for jam rules) ...

Treasure of Hollowhill by John Blyth (Made with Adventuron Classroom)

Treasure of Hollowhill by John Blyth (Made with Adventuron Classroom)

Jam Rules

  • Game to be parser-based game developed in the English language using Adventuron Classroom with a Christmas theme.
  • All locations should have a location graphic.
  • Your game should involve at least 4 puzzles, and 4 graphics, including a "loading screen" graphic.
  • If using pixel art / blocky style graphics, then the resolution is suggested to be 320 x 96, or 160 x 48, or 80 x 24. You may also use non-pixel art, but try to maintain a wide aspect ratio to leave space for the text.
  • A (optional) custom font may be used (see ZX Origins by Damien Guard - )
  • You must own the rights or be licensed to use assets used in your game, and fully credit the source of those assets.
  • No curse words, racism, sexism, responses to curse words, or any grossly offensive or illegal material.  No content that is offensive to Christians or other religions.
  • Assume your game will be played by beginners to text adventure games.
  • (Optional) Please try to teach players how to play using hints  (TALP). 
  • The game will be rated on the following criteria:  Story, Puzzles, Graphics, Fun, Christmas Spirit, Interactivity,  Beginners Tutorial (Optional), Overall Enjoyment (not an average).
  • Submissions by parent / child or classroom teams should be marked as such on the game page and at time of submission.

Theme Ideas

A set of non-exhaustive game ideas:

  • Nativity story.
  • An 80s Christmas.
  • Find the lost reindeer on Christmas Eve.
  • Santa is trapped, help him escape from a festive escape room.
  • Deliver the final 3 (or more) presents of Christmas eve to 3 (or more) naughty children who have set traps to try to catch Santa.
  • You are afraid you are on the naughty list this Christmas. Your best friend tells you that - in order to be absolutely sure that Santa will visit you this Christmas - you should perform some  good deeds.
  • A Christmas Carol.
  • Anything else  (within the rules).

Getting Started / Documentation

Adventuron is a web-browser based text-adventure authoring system that makes it easy to create modern and 8-bit-styled text adventure games in a standalone HTML file (DRM free, no connection required). 

Text Adventure games are games in which you interact with the game world by typing in commands, either VERB NOUN. More complex sentences such as "TALK TO RUDOLF ABOUT SANTA" can also be handled.

On some devices, you can even use your voice to submit commands to the game.

To learn how to make a small game with Adventuron, follow the  one hour tutorial.

Also check out the documentation


Adventuron supports importing graphics (see tutorial), but does not currently have an art editor itself. Art can easily be created using online art editors. The following art editors are recommended:

Note that each graphic should ideally be 20KB or less.

Not An Artist?

There is a graphic requirement to this jam, but  you can use the same graphic in multiple locations, or even all locations if you wish.

This may result in a lower "graphics" score in the judging phase, but the 1st place is via the "overall enjoyment" category, which is not an average. If you are not an artist, don't worry about it.


The current version of Adventuron supports layers, via the overlay command.

This command allows the author to programmatically build graphics in multiple layers with transparencies.

With this technique , authors can overlay characters, or UI elements atop of the core location graphic, meaning that you might draw an NPC (non player character) in scenes, or change the graphic in a scene in response to a player action. 

Community & Support

See the "Community" tab for posts about the jam, rules, or introductions.

For technical questions on Adventuron, use the forum, and tag your post 'adventuron'.

A chatroom is available here (18+).

Follow Adventuron on Twitter here.

Placement Prizes (PL)

There are currently two placement prizes, and the winners of the jam by overall score (in order) will be able to select the placement prize of their choice.

PL1 - Raspberry Pi 400.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is a standalone Linux desktop computer, with integrated keyboard, wifi, bluetooth, 4GB memory. 

PL2 - Acorn – A World in Pixels – Book (BBC Micro / Acorn Electron) (x1)

"Celebrate the visual games history of the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron with this case bound book, contained within a beautiful slip case." - from website.

Many thanks to  David Williams- Founder of the ITEM Alliance of Schools and Educators, for the donation of this prize.

PL3 / PL4 / PL5 - Pico 8 License(s)

PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. It feels like a regular console, but runs on Windows / Mac / Linux. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a command-line, a suite of cartridge creation tools, and an online cartridge browser called SPLORE.

Many thanks to Lexaloffle Games for the donation of these keys.

Note 1: each Pico-8 prize is just one key, each placement prize is one key, see terms and conditions about placement prizes are allocated.

Note 2: An additional Pico-8 license is also available in the prize draw.

Participation Prize Draw (PA)

The following prizes have been donated for participation in the jam, subject to creating a game that satisfies all the jam rules.

 Participation prizes are allocated by a prize draw for all participants that have not won a placement prize (full terms further down the page).

PA1 - The Classic Adventurer - Special Edition (x 1)

Classic Adventurer - Special Edition - physical copy (donated by Mark Hardisty)

Classic Adventurer - Special Edition - physical copy (donated by Mark Hardisty)

Classic Adventurer is the premier text-adventure bookazine. Ideal for the coffee table of classic adventurers.

Features interviews with classic text adventure and new text adventure authors, beautiful layout and artwork, and interesting features on the subject of text adventure games.

The special edition is not yet released, and the prize will be fulfilled (subject to prize fulfilment rules) when this edition is released (should be soonish).

Thanks again to author Mark Hardisty for this donation.

PA2 -The Crimson Diamond (x 1)

"Follow amateur geologist and reluctant detective Nancy Maple to the fictional ghost town of Crimson, Ontario to investigate the discovery of a massive diamond in this retro-inspired, EGA text parser mystery adventure!" - From Steam Page.

A digital download code will be supplied to the winner of this prize, once the full game is published (target release date is late 2021).

Many thanks to Julia Minamata for donating this excellent prize.

NOTE: The Crimson Diamond is not developed using Adventuron Classroom.

PA3 - A Teletext Portrait - Drawn by Teletext Artist Steve Horsley

This prize will be the offer of your very own portrait drawn by Steve Horsley (Horsenburger). Thanks to Steve for donating this awesome prize.

PA4 - Wiffle Lever to Full ! by Bob Fischer (+ personalized doodle by author)

"In 1981, the eight-year-old Bob Fischer was entranced by Daleks, Vogons and crack Imperial Stormtroopers. Almost three decades later, Bob decides to rekindle the affair with a tour of the UK's sci-fi and cult TV conventions. Freewheeling from Doctor Who to Discworld, Star Wars to Star Trek and Robin of Sherwood to Red Dwarf, he combines misty-eyed memories with a terrifying travelogue of terrible, torturous . . . terror. Or something. In space, no one can hear you scream. And don't expect much sympathy in Peterborough, either." 

Many thanks to @Bob_Fischer for the donation of this wonderful book.  Bob is a radio presenterblogger/ author / performer, and hunter/gatherer of gems from our recent cultural past. Bob also used to write text adventures back in the 80s and recently rediscovered a dusty version of PAW along with several non-released adventure games.

Thanks Bob.

PA5 - Twilight Inventory by Gareth Pitchford - Physical Copy (x1)

"Twilight Inventory is a collection of reviews of forgotten text adventure games from the 1990s.

Created by enthusiastic amateurs, during the last days of the 8-bit computers, these home-grown titles forsook the flashy graphics of commercial arcade game experiences, concentrating instead on devious puzzles, descriptive text and interesting stories. Taking inspiration from folklore, legends, films and books, these were games with tales and settings unvisited in mainstream titles both back then and now.

Featuring contemporary reviews and additional background information, this book is designed to give the reader a flavour of the small, but vibrant and flourishing, British adventure game scene of the early 1990s. A time when companies such as Zenobi Software, Compass, River, Tartan and FSF Adventures, kept a loyal community supplied with unique experiences, delivered through the postal system in a protective Jiffy bag."

PA6 / PA7  - Pico 8 License

PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. It feels like a regular console, but runs on Windows / Mac / Linux. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a commandline, a suite of cartridge creation tools, and an online cartridge browser called SPLORE.

Many thanks to Lexaloffle Games for the donation of these keys.

Note: each prize is just one key.

Call For Donors

If you would like to contribute prizes to the prize pool,  it would be much appreciated. 

Contact with subject "Prize Donation".

Prize Terms

  • To be eligible to receive a prize, you must enter the jam with a game that meets all the rules posted for this jam.
  • There may be a delay between winning and receiving prizes if prize availability is low.
  • Placement prizes (PL prizes) will be offered in order of placement in the competition.
  • Where there is a tie, a random winner will be chosen to receive the prize. This process will be done using random draw, and details of the draw will be made public.
  • Placement prize winners may refuse to take a prize, and in that case, the prize will be offered to the next highest placed entrant, and the placement prize winner is eligible for the participation prize draw.
  • Participation prizes (PA prizes) will be drawn for entrants that have not won (or accepted) a placement prize.
  • Participation prizes may also be rejected by winners (if not wanted).
  • Winners of participation prizes, may, by mutual consent, trade their prizes prior to shipping.
  • If all participants have received a placement prize, then all participants are also eligible for the participation prize prize draw.
  • Some prizes may be substituted for other prizes (or cash) of similar value if import restrictions or tariffs make shipping unviable.

Donate a prize?

If you would like to support Adventuron's community, you can donate a prize for this jam (or a future jam), please contact

You prize can be anonymously donated or "sponsored by".

If you would like to donate, then email

Art by Ricardo Oyon

Thank You

Special thank you to the very talented, and super awesome Ricardo Oyón for creating the banner art for this gamejam.

The Cave of Festive Magic

Below is source code for a very small Adventuron game, with a festive theme.

It is highly recommended you follow Tutorial A (which takes one hour) to learn all about rapidly creating Adventures in Adventuron.

start_at = lakeside

locations {
   lakeside     : location "You are by the side of a <BEAUTIFUL LAKE<13>>.\nSnow lies all around you." ;
   forest       : location "You are on the <FOREST PATH<11>>.\n<TALL TREES<12>> tower over you on both sides." {
      on_command {
         : match "examine trees; examine tree"  {
            : if (is_at "forest") {
               : print "<APPLE<12>> trees." ;
         : match "climb tree"  {
            : print "Too slippy." ;

         : match "pick apple;get apple"  {
            : if (is_at "forest" && has_not_created "apple") {
              : print "You take an <FESTIVE APPLE<10>> from one of the trees." ;
              : pocket "apple";
   outside_cave : location "You are standing outside the <CAVE OF MAGIC<13>>." {
      on_command {
         : match "examine troll;talk troll"  {
            : if (is_present "troll") {
               : clear_screen;
               : print "\"I'M SO HUNGRY\", says the enormous TROLL in the deepest possible voice." ;
               : press_any_key ;
               : redescribe;

         : match "give apple"  {
            : if (is_present "troll" && is_carried "apple") {
               : print "The troll grabs the <FESTIVE APPLE<10>> from you hungrily. Unfortunately (for the troll), the apple is an <ENCHANTED FESTIVE APPLE<12>>, and sends the troll directly to sleep until Boxing day." ;
               : destroy "apple" ;
               : swap o1 = "troll"  o2 = "sleeping_troll" ;
               : press_any_key ;
               : redescribe;
      on_describe {
         : if (is_present "troll") {
            : print "The troll says, <\"MERRY CHRISTMAS\".<11>>.\nThe troll continues ... <\"THE PRESENTS ARE MINE, GO AWAY\"<10>>." ;
   inside_cave  : location "You are inside the <CAVE OF MAGIC<13>>." {
      on_describe {
         : print "^r^<CONGRATULATIONS !<12>>" ;
         : print "^r^<YOU WON THE GAME !<13>>" ;
         : print "^r^<MERRY CHRISTMAS!<14>>" ;
         : win_game ;


connections {
   from, direction, to = [
      lakeside,     north,        forest,
      forest,       north,        outside_cave,
      outside_cave, north_oneway, inside_cave,

objects {
   troll          : scenery "an enormous troll (guarding <PRESENTS<12>> to north)" at = "outside_cave" ;
   sleeping_troll : scenery "an enormous troll (sleeping)" ;
   apple          : object  "an apple" ;
   presents       : object  "a pile of presents" at = "inside_cave" ;

barriers {
   block_cave : block {
      location               = inside_cave
      block_when_exists      = troll
      show_blocked_exit      = true

on_startup {
   : print "^c^Find the <STOLEN CHRISTMAS PRESENTS<12>> that are in\n<- THE CHRISTMAS CAVE OF MAGIC -<10>>";
   : press_any_key ; 

on_command {
   : match "examine snow;get snow"  {
      : print "You can't hold it for very long with your bare hands." ;


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