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Feathery ChristmasView game page

A text adventure to save Christmas with the help of your feathery friends
Submitted by OK Feather (@realOKfeather) — 1 day, 21 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Beginners Tutorial (Optional)#33.8003.800
Overall Enjoyment (not an average)#34.0004.000
Christmas Spirit#44.3504.350

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Development Time
3 days (for 4 persons)

Native Language

Opinion of Adventuron
Adventuron is a really good tool for beginners as it is really good at catching errors. Love it!

Parent / Child Team?

Prior Coding Experience
First Adventuron coding, experimented programmer(s).

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Hello OK Feather! Well done on your high placement.

As the top two prizes were already gone, but you finished in the top 5, you have the option of the following:

1) A Pico 8 License Key


2) Enter the "participation" prize draw (prizes allocated randomly). 

If you choose the 2nd option, the worst (or best) that can happen is that you win a different prize. Choosing the second option will put the Pico 8 license into the participation draw.

Let me know your choice. I'll be asking this same question to the entrants that finished 3rd, 4th and 5th.



Well, thanks to you for organizing this jam, it was a great experience for all of us.
It was also great to see the different approaches in the jam, it shows quite a bit of the versatility of Adventuron.

Thank you for a Pico 8 License Key, one of us still doesn't have hers <3


Please email with an email address (with reference to OK Feather), and I will send the key and redemption information.

Thank you for entering the jam.

Hope you enjoyed using this very basic system. Pico 8 is an awesome virtual console, have fun.


I loved this beautifully surreal game!  The atmosphere was wonderful and the music was stunning (I didn't want to leave the church because it was so beautiful).

Lovely little minigames and puzzles with the pigeons.  I played on hard mode, which was perfect difficulty if you're used to text adventures.

Great experience.  I only wish it had been longer!  (Not a criticism as I know all too well about jam time constraints!)


That was a very strange but cute game. Who would have thought pigeons would be so great in a Christmas setting?

I haven’t tried the HARD mode, but the puzzles in EASY mode were a bit too on the easy side (which is perfect for children, though).

The graphics are great, and so is the music (Was I the only one to listen to the final music up to the end?)

Overall, even if it was a bit short and simple, the game was one of my favourite!


Absolutely gorgeous game! I really liked the theme and mood that permeates the whole game. I really enjoyed the translation puzzle. 


This is a very weird game, but please take that as a compliment! The game world is full of talking birds, books with strange titles, and very friendly people who are just waiting around to help you, but it all fits together in a charming way. The graphics are really lovely, and definitely get some of the highest marks from me for this game jam. They are in a pixel art style that I haven't seen very often, but I really like it.

The most interesting part of the game for an author/programmer would have to be the bread-sharing puzzle, which is generated randomly each time. That must have been almost as much work as the rest of the game! Although it occasionally throws out some variations that are hard to fit together, the game doesn't seem to punish the player for getting the wrong answer, no matter how many times they have to retry the puzzle. I had a very fun time playing through this game.


Thank you for the nice comments!
Our main programmer spent a lot of time getting the new random system right, indeed!


I enjoyed this little adventure. The graphics are beautifully done. Great Christmas feel, a little surreal, talking pigeons and Korean tourists ha ha. Love that. The endgame was unusual and cool for an adventure loved that too. 


I played on easy mode and enjoyed it. Good work :)


Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it!


Wait, there was an easy mode? I missed the modes! Hah!


Hahaha we did an update after checking your transcript (which was super useful, thanks again for that!), and also added a Hard mode.
We are still working on some fixes (and making the Hard mode harder), we will update it again in the next few days.


That's great! Now I'm wondering what hard mode is!


I really enjoyed this little Christmas adventure.  Loved the artwork, music, and story which work together in harmony to create a delightfully original, and very cute festive treat for the player!  

Clues given in the text were helpful for player navigation.  Puzzle at the end of the game provided a nice little challenge for the player to solve. 


Thank you for your kind comments, they really mean a lot to us and we are so glad you enjoyed playing!

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Absolutely stonking graphics - Well done with them!


Thank you very much!


Huzzah! Thanks for the game! The graphics and music is adorable. I created a transcript of the game if you are interested! ^_^


Yes we are interested! We did not think of this feature before, but that should help a lot! Don't hesitate to DM us.
We finally started Present Quest, graphics are really cute, and we are impressed by the way story and elements unfold. You clearly put a lot in it. We'll spend more time exploring it in the coming days :-)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great! I can send it to you! I don't really know how to DM on this platform, sorry, but I can send via twitter. Or you can email me at
(There's probably a way to DM here, I'm just new to itchio and confuse easily.)

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, that was a slightly surreal and very Christmassy experience!

Short and easy, but just off-kilter enough to make it more memorable than it otherwise might have been. The peculiar set of ingredients (pigeons,  croissants, and Korean tourists in a winter wonderland...) sort of works  and the  unexpected arcade element at the end is fun.  Definite highlights for me are the tunes  (nice to hear Adventuron's ability to integrate music being put to use) and the beautiful pixel art graphics, as well as the heart-warming final wrap-up.

I see that you made the game in just a few days, and it does show in places. There are one or two language issues that could be ironed out (slightly awkward phrasing in a few places) and a scattering of bugs that I'll list here:

- Repeat of staggered text in first scene, on 'LOOK' (we only need to see that once, I think);

-the first location description is odd: "didn't deserve a present, a pigeon and a book on the floor..." Do you mean "a present, a pigeon and a book."? Still sounds odd, but makes more sense;

- The book object name is 'book on the floor' so if you are carrying it, you are carrying 'a book on the floor'. Should just be 'a book';

- There is no TAKE message for the book (it's silently added to your inventory);

- There is no EXAMINE message for the' bread and other goodies' (all the other objects have one);

- Larry's 'We will need to go to the church tower' still shows after he has gone;

- ENTER is not listed as a direction outside the church.

Those are the ones I spotted but there may be others. All easy to fix though.

Aside from those little niggles, this was great festive fun and a worthy entry to the jam - well done!


Really enjoying this sweet game.

Some other minor issues:

(1) I also noticed is that the book shop seems to have an image of the outside of a house.

(2)  I noticed an issue with music restarting from the beginning when you play the same tune twice in a row (such as typing LOOK in the first location). Obviously restarting the music is not the desired behaviour here..

To fix this, recompile with this version of Adventuron.

(3) I noticed that outside the coocoo cafe you manually print the message "Enter inside". Actually Adventuron does not list enter and exit by default. If you want Enter listed in the exit list, use the following code in your theme:

themes {
   my_theme : theme {
      lister_exits {
         is_list_enter = true
         is_list_exit  = true

Thank you for your comments. For (1), we'll probably update the description so that it makes more sense, we're a bit too short on time. (2) was basically fixed using a state machine to keep track of the track. Thanks for (3)! Update tomorrow should improve quite a few things, on top of the more challenging hard mode.


Thank you for your comments. We are happy that you enjoyed it. You are right; in the time we planned to fix, we had some feedback of a player how blocked everywhere! So we reworked a lot of things to guide the player more, but we introduced a few errors in the process.   
We used the extended deadline to implement quite a few features, including a hard mode! We'll see to iron out the remaining issues in your list in the remaining time.
Big update coming tomorrow.