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Jimmy's Christmas FoulView game page

Help Jimmy get a present from Santa
Submitted by Kieron Scott (@NerdOfGamers) — 4 hours, 33 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Christmas Spirit#103.5333.533
Beginners Tutorial (Optional)#122.4672.467
Overall Enjoyment (not an average)#122.6672.667

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Development Time
8-12 hours (included reading documentation and graphics, about 2-4 hours coding)

Native Language

Opinion of Adventuron
Great, would definitely think about doing something properly and more in depth at a later date.

Parent / Child Team?

Prior Coding Experience

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Hi Keiron,

You won a "Pico 8" license as part of the participation prize draw.

Please write to how you would like to redeem this prize.



The game was a bit simplistic and it was difficult to find what to do (there’s no feedback when you set up the trap).

I wonder if there are several solutions to the game (but I haven’t replayed it to check). Because a lot of locations seemed useless (e.g. under the stairs or the entrance), and I could think of a lot of ways to trap Santa, even given the small number of objects. You could drop the ball in the chimney; tie the wire a several places to make Santa trip; put the tree under the stairs to lure Santa and lock him up there; and so on.

So the game could become interesting if there were achievements, and the goal was to find all the different ways to trap Santa.

There are small typos and bugs, too (for example, X FLOSS produces “Nothing catches your eye”).

On the good points, the minimalistic writing and illustrations worked quite well. I also found that the dark wire-frame drawings were perfect for the mood: I really had the feeling I was in a dark house in the middle of the night, and the colors helped find what was important. Overall I still had a nice playthrough.


Loved this as a nice, short adventure game. Setting the trap was definitely tricky! Nice use of a very minimal graphics style. 


Thank you! I did bug fix and tweak the trap ever so slightly so now it’s either the landing or the stairs, glad you figured it out though.


I really liked the minimal graphics!

Like Verdant Tome I was a bit thrown by the trap and the placement of the ball - perhaps the ball should first appear somewhere else?

When you take the tree from the living room, it doesn't disappear from the graphic.

A couple of typos:

- 'dinning room' should be 'dining room'; this typo shows up in the hallway, the kitchen, and the dining room itself

- 'childs bed' should be 'child's bed'

A really nice little game though.  Was I the only one who felt a bit sorry for Santa? :D


I did separate out the graphics for the tree and room separately but I ran out of time to implement it into the code. When I get a few moments, I will get that ball moved. Oops, I’ll get those typo’s sorted out. Thank you for the feedback!


I had another typo “whereever” when examining the tree, I got that fixed too now! Thank you.


This was a very small but beautifully-formed game. Although graphics and text were both minimal, everything necessary for an interesting experience was present, and my playthrough was very enjoyable, no matter how brief. The one thing that I would suggest is making the required placement of the ball clearer. From the description, it seems like it could stay where you find it, although with the small number of locations to try and an educated guess, finding the correct placement wasn't too difficult in the end.

Developer (1 edit)

I had wondered about the whole ball and the placement thing, might move it to under the stairs or vestibule, and then maybe tweak it’s description to give a bit more of a hint. Also I might change it so it can be on the stairs or by the tree, gives two options that logically make sense. Thanks for the feedback.


I tweaked a couple of bugs and also changed it so the ball can be either on the stairs or the landing now. Apparently I also had a bug that prevented it from telling you the trap was all set, that’s fixed now.


A lot of the entries had you save Santa, but not this one! Hah! Nice Home Alone twist to the game! ^_^


Yeah, for some reason when I was thinking of an idea a day or two before the entry finished that was pretty much the first thing that came to mind and the quickly scraped together story came out of it XD

Your loading screen is blurred. Maybe you should compile your game with the latest version.


I’m not seeing any blurring on the loading screen, either the version you were looking at or recompiled with the latest Adventuron Classroom when I did the bug fix. Can you tell me the browser/machine you’re using to view the game so I can see if I can check with a setup closer to yours?

(1 edit)

Firefox 84.0 (64 bits), Lubuntu 20.04.1 LTS


Well, it’s a Firefox issue. Testing it on Chrome, looks fine, recheck on Firefox and I can see the blurring you’re talking about (even worse than what you had). Now I know what the source of the issue is I can see what I can do to fix the issue. Thank you, was super helpful!


Confirmed that the issue still happens with v0.65 (which is the latest version via the website

In the “<style> body, html {”, if you add “image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges;” to that section it renders the loading screen correctly. This was figured out from

A fixed file should now be uploaded. While doing some additional testing, the file didn’t work on IE or Edge browsers for me.

You can compile with this version Beta 66, but check that your game still works.


Thank you for the link. That also fixes the issue, though still noticed that the I.E. and Edge version don’t work. Ah well, at least it’s another bug down.

If I drop the floss somewhere other than the bathroom, it seems to disappear forever.


Oops, I’ll take a look at that and see if I can’t get that fixed.


Ok, should have a fix up that handles the floss. I completely forgot about the conditions outside of the bathoom. Should now register if you drop it anywhere else.

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I liked the concept of this game but couldn't figure out what to do other than walk round the house. when I typed help, all it gave me was a list of common commands. I couldn't find a present?


Using HINT in certain locations will help. Probably should have hooked it up to HELP as well.


Hello! I finished your game! If you wish to have a transcript, I can give you what I have if you want to email me

Good luck, and I was able to trap Santa! Ha!