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I presume this would be submitting a pre-existing game or asset, rather than creating something new? And were you suggesting this game or something different of mine? Just wanting to get a little more information beyond the linked page.

edit: but yes. Would be up for it.

Elegant little game, really awesome!

Smoothly done, I keep forgetting about this simple maze creation type and you’ve made beautiful use of it. Really good work!

Really cool little game, the line showing the slashing motions works really well

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Let me double check, might have broken in the formatting!

Edit: hmm, copied and pasted both versions and both worked fine. I wonder if based on your comments if you had something that removed whitespaces as yes, you do need the double space to function correctly. Glad you figured that out!

You can manage two people on a keyboard, SEDF + QW i think. I decided to limit it to max 4 players but maybe I should do the post-jam version to up it to the maximum of 8 players… It would get a biy crowded though!

Thank you, one of the jam notes/suggestions has been allowing you to either select or ramp up over battles the number of CPU enemies so will eventually have something along the lines of 1v1.

I plan for a post-jam version to split the gameplay into two, a roguelite progression system where you acquire additional stats/spells after each level and a separate duel mode (which is pretty much what you’ve been playing).

(2 edits) is where the slightly outdated public code is, contains first 30 levels with all but last few tweaks in.

Replied on Twitter, will try and track down the bug and fix it.

Was there meant to be a screenshot or another part of the message? Was it a bug/crash?

Thank you for letting me know about the problem!

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Oh, and a lot of the core code is available for to view over at, that’s effectively the browser version which excludes the paid for content.

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Could you try the new upload I added, “”? If this works I’d appreciate knowing as I might need to go back and recompile a lot of my older games.

I checked through some of the build notes and it wasn’t until later versions that Pico8 supported 64bit, which the original builds were done beforehand. I’m hoping this fixes your specific problem.

Give me a little while to check it out on my RPi, and see if it needs a recompile. Which OS is your RPi using?

The .p8.png is available for free at though it only covers the browser version of the game.

Minor bug, if one of the drops appears on a wall you might not be able to collect it and proceed to the next arena. Otherwise cool little idea.

Funny little game!

Was this the right uploaded version? Was screen after screen of empty space, which didnt match the screenshot.

No worries, any other problems just let me know.

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Hi, there should be additional bundles for the three games, for example NOG Arcade is under a different download name, Double check if you grabbed the right files, and not just the demo files. If there is still a problem let me know and I can help guide you to the right files. Also, if I have packaged them wrong also let me know and I will get them fixed right away!

Ah, well still very good game all the same!

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Ooops, got an “out of memory” error after messing about after the chopper landed while trying to max out the character XD Had just picked up a bomb.

I’m really glad that you are back with an update, been slowly getting stuck in with the latest update to see how things have changed/stayed the same.

Hahah, they got so violent with me for getting their order wrong. Such a pity I’m in a van and can apparently run them over…

I managed 19!

Should be the same thumby build here as on the thumby website, closest thing there is is that you also get the picodisplaypack build to for python, which does have some minor code tweaks to make it work.

Yes. It includes the thumby build, plus the pico-8 code, and other various builds.

I will pass the comment on (or she will read it herself)!

Hahaha, “censored”

Not yet, long work day and no time today. Will check tomorrow, will be tweeting about it soon as I get started on the idea.

Love this game (as you already know XD)

The chaff is extra random shots that fire in all directions, red means you don’t have any and green means you have at least 1+ random shot firing.

No, not at the present time. If I was to make it available anywhere it would be here under the paid-for source files. It wasn’t included as the code wasn’t exactly great, was just enough to mock something together so people knew what they were buying. If it’s of any interest I could include it in the source files. is the publically available source code for the game

Ah, I dont sell the source code with most of my Pico-8 projects for a few reasons.

One is that if people are purchasing it to get a better understanding of how to make a game then there are other projects of far better quality to pay for, the underlying code is not suitable in most cases to learn from.

Two, 99% of the source code for most of my games is available for free on (I should probably do a round of updates to make that clearer and/or provide direct links).

Three, I make games that should be completely playable and complete without ever paying money. That payment is just for more content if someone liked it and wants more, and the bit I protect (the bit that has actual value). The underlaying game structure doesnt change between the free and premium versions.

Four, there are enough people/bots out there which try to steal content for their own websites to make money of my work I avoid giving out the extra bit of work. This might change in time if I decide to alter the methods I make money off the games, so maybe at some time in the future it may or may not become available.

I think I will try to get around to more directly pointing people towards the freely available source code.

Wave 35 was my best, though I did play countless times during play testing. I think if I had a second player could have gotten ever further as the numbers appearing in the later waves is just so overwhelming.

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I would suggest following @krystman as they are currently doing a YouTube tutorial on making a Shmup game in Pico-8, so in time it’s highly likely they’ll be releasing it here for free (most likely) or on Lexaloffle (where you can find a huge bunch of free to play Pico-8 games).

For NOG Arcade I’ve uploaded the pico-8 png file as a source code file.

Selecting Simple mode remove directionality for presents but does ensure they follow a predictable path. Also, if you risk going lower the air time for presents is shorter meaning more likely to be accurate.