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Not yet, long work day and no time today. Will check tomorrow, will be tweeting about it soon as I get started on the idea.

Love this game (as you already know XD)

The chaff is extra random shots that fire in all directions, red means you don’t have any and green means you have at least 1+ random shot firing.

No, not at the present time. If I was to make it available anywhere it would be here under the paid-for source files. It wasn’t included as the code wasn’t exactly great, was just enough to mock something together so people knew what they were buying. If it’s of any interest I could include it in the source files. is the publically available source code for the game

Ah, I dont sell the source code with most of my Pico-8 projects for a few reasons.

One is that if people are purchasing it to get a better understanding of how to make a game then there are other projects of far better quality to pay for, the underlying code is not suitable in most cases to learn from.

Two, 99% of the source code for most of my games is available for free on (I should probably do a round of updates to make that clearer and/or provide direct links).

Three, I make games that should be completely playable and complete without ever paying money. That payment is just for more content if someone liked it and wants more, and the bit I protect (the bit that has actual value). The underlaying game structure doesnt change between the free and premium versions.

Four, there are enough people/bots out there which try to steal content for their own websites to make money of my work I avoid giving out the extra bit of work. This might change in time if I decide to alter the methods I make money off the games, so maybe at some time in the future it may or may not become available.

I think I will try to get around to more directly pointing people towards the freely available source code.

Wave 35 was my best, though I did play countless times during play testing. I think if I had a second player could have gotten ever further as the numbers appearing in the later waves is just so overwhelming.

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I would suggest following @krystman as they are currently doing a YouTube tutorial on making a Shmup game in Pico-8, so in time it’s highly likely they’ll be releasing it here for free (most likely) or on Lexaloffle (where you can find a huge bunch of free to play Pico-8 games).

For NOG Arcade I’ve uploaded the pico-8 png file as a source code file.

Selecting Simple mode remove directionality for presents but does ensure they follow a predictable path. Also, if you risk going lower the air time for presents is shorter meaning more likely to be accurate.

There are a few minor tweaks to gameplay to provide the same experince but over the extended five to seven minutes of gameplay (based on difficulty level) over the one to two minutes in the bbs version. Along with that there are three additional ships to play with, each with different mix of specials and movement.

Yeah, I dont share the .p8 file directly but with most of my games I share all the core code via lexaloffle.

The lexaloffle version will have some differences, like some missing data or graphics compared to the paid for version but functionally should be the same. With that you can see and understand how it works. core code is there, you can get the png file version from there or just view the code. For picoquest its only the data for the extra modules that is missing, everything else is basically the same. is my profile, links to all games featured here at some point.

I do feel like there was something missing from this (except music, still learning how to do good music). I had thought about unit types, possible research branches but most of those usually just mean bigger numbers when it comes to fight. Diplomacy is too big a concept, and ultimately you just end up fighting. So only bit there might be 2v2 style games.

Still wracking my brain what that missing element might be, if i figure it out I will add it to the game.

I have some vague plans, at some point in the future, to take the basic concepts of this and expand ot out to a civilization style game (though again, minimalist style).

I tracked down the specific issue, so if you can press the button to play a game and then change game in the exact same frame it will allow you to play as it performs the checks on the currently displayed game before scrolling to the next one. Thank you for bug report, code is fixed and it’ll be included in the next update when I have time.

I think what is going on is in the update code, when you cycle through the games for a moment when you change game the loading prevention checks the if its the previous game, then updates the index, then attempts the load the game at the current index thus bypassing the security. I tried to prevent this but looks like i got the order of the code wrong. But thank you again, should make it easier to track down precisely and debug.

XD ah well, I was planning on adding some more tweet games to it (and expand on the free games a bit) at some later point. Thanks for the note, i will reproduce the bug and put in a fix. Seems like my time scale might have been bumped up a little.

Thank you, I was trying for a super short shmup that only lasted a minute or two so was trying to make it quick and intense.

Thanks! Most of the thanks goes to the original designer, though I did add my own little touches to the UI mostly. I loved this game as a kid, which is why I wanted to remake it.

When you do the next update I should get notifed, will try to give more feedback then.

Also came via twitter link.


  • Animations for hero when defending against arrows
  • Tracker when defending against arrows (time or how many arrows left)
  • Textured grass (it’s a large flat area without anything going on)
  • Shorter/more rounds? Make each stage quick to get through (I don’t know how many there were as second stage dragged on and I died)
  • Transition (fade-2-black, wipeout, etc) between king/defense and defense/king
  • Have hero start at door when in all cases (for quicker replay and makes narrative sense)
  • poke(0x5f5c,XX) and poke(0x5f5d,XX) to change btnp delay and interval so you don’t get a stutter when holding down X when you have the sword

That’s probably enough for this iteration of the game.

I tweaked a couple of bugs and also changed it so the ball can be either on the stairs or the landing now. Apparently I also had a bug that prevented it from telling you the trap was all set, that’s fixed now.

Thank you! I did bug fix and tweak the trap ever so slightly so now it’s either the landing or the stairs, glad you figured it out though.

I had another typo “whereever” when examining the tree, I got that fixed too now! Thank you.

I found the best way is to fly low, even slightly under the chimneys as will almost guarantee a successful delivery. Then again, you get hit by snowballs to counter that. I managed to level 12 using that technique.

I did separate out the graphics for the tree and room separately but I ran out of time to implement it into the code. When I get a few moments, I will get that ball moved. Oops, I’ll get those typo’s sorted out. Thank you for the feedback!

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I had wondered about the whole ball and the placement thing, might move it to under the stairs or vestibule, and then maybe tweak it’s description to give a bit more of a hint. Also I might change it so it can be on the stairs or by the tree, gives two options that logically make sense. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for the link. That also fixes the issue, though still noticed that the I.E. and Edge version don’t work. Ah well, at least it’s another bug down.

Confirmed that the issue still happens with v0.65 (which is the latest version via the website

In the “<style> body, html {”, if you add “image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges;” to that section it renders the loading screen correctly. This was figured out from

A fixed file should now be uploaded. While doing some additional testing, the file didn’t work on IE or Edge browsers for me.

Well, it’s a Firefox issue. Testing it on Chrome, looks fine, recheck on Firefox and I can see the blurring you’re talking about (even worse than what you had). Now I know what the source of the issue is I can see what I can do to fix the issue. Thank you, was super helpful!

Yeah, for some reason when I was thinking of an idea a day or two before the entry finished that was pretty much the first thing that came to mind and the quickly scraped together story came out of it XD

I’m not seeing any blurring on the loading screen, either the version you were looking at or recompiled with the latest Adventuron Classroom when I did the bug fix. Can you tell me the browser/machine you’re using to view the game so I can see if I can check with a setup closer to yours?

Ok, should have a fix up that handles the floss. I completely forgot about the conditions outside of the bathoom. Should now register if you drop it anywhere else.

Oops, I’ll take a look at that and see if I can’t get that fixed.

Using HINT in certain locations will help. Probably should have hooked it up to HELP as well.

I would definitely recommend playing with tutorial on, the command “activate teleporter” wasn’t immediately apparent and had to restart the game with tutorial on to find out how to use it.

And uploaded a quick fix to that.

I agree with you totally, with the limited 16 colour palette I was working with I have had a lot of debates of how to make them more readable.

My current implementation is on "easy" mode it flashes on the first time you come across an obstacle, and the instructions go through the different light levels to try and allow you to get use to them.

I could extend that to the "harder" levels, maybe with a toggle so you can turn it on and off, like "Help: On/Off".

As the time for Hanukkah arrived, I've released Hanukkah Runner to celebrate. This simple runner game (don't expect anything too complex) is themed around Ancient Israel, where the player needs to avoid obstacles while listening to classical Hanukkah tracks.

This was created and dedicated to my little one who doesn't get to see many Jewish themed games, so I thought I would throw my hat in and try to create something within the month that I had.

Hanukkah Runner

I thought it was a nice touch, if I have another update there is a minor tweak I might do to the player.