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Yes, you are the king and master of this adventure. Congratulations.
I hope you get the gold medal, and if you don't like gold you might like the chocolate one.
If you don't like gold or chocolate then you'll only get my congratulations.

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Thanks. I'll make the corrections.

Concerning the graphics, I tried, as many here, to find tricks to overcome the difficulty. Lighting the floors of the tower seemed like a good idea to me; I'm not a graphic designer or illustrator. I understand the frustration and disappointment for the player, but he has to deal with it.

I didn't think that trying to make a little amateur adventure game for a Game Jam was such a serious thing. It's good that it's like that.

This is the final stretch and I will be very happy if my game is next to yours.

If you need inspiration, check out the images of games like Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders or maniac mansion on MobyGames.

Adventuron doesn't recognize 'enable_standard_all_behaviour'. It doesn't want that.

That's nice. The lack of perspective is a good choice. I'm not sure about the filter.

You removed player_location and broke my game. Please don't do things like that now!

So I have until Sunday evening after midnight. My confusion comes from 12:59 AM.  We say in French 0:59 and not 12:59 AM.

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Is there a way to copy/paste game texts when I play Adventuron games on a computer? To be able to copy this into an automatic translator.

Don't be sorry. You're right to say what you say. If an experienced player, as you seem to be, is blocked then the game has a big issue.

I need to find a simple acceptable solution before the end of the Jam and I will develop this afterwards.

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I don't have time to code the game this week but I don't want to end up in the CaveJam dead room, like apparently many people registered.
I won't have time to polish the game and debug it either, but that's the way it is and I have to deal with it.
I'm going to finish the game before the end of the CaveJam.

Yes, I will complete the game before the end of the CaveJam.
You will return to the burning tower in the last room (the dark room that is now lit by the fire) and you will find an object that will tell you where to dig with the shovel (you no longer need the torch and I will use it differently). I must also put the epilogue and prologue that will explain why this game title and why the troll has been transformed into stone, but also the essential role of the pearl in this story, which I did not have time to develop; a lot of work to do!

I have Monday!??

Isn't Monday the deadline? I thought I could finish my game on Sunday!

I'm not sure of anything (and especially not in English).
The crow is perched on a gargoyle and it says "Caw... Caw..."
I don't know how else to do anything but whistle or imitate its cry.

You have a raven at your orders instead, it's better, isn't it?
Caw... Caw... (Croâ.... Croâ... in French.)

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How you put sand in the boot with only a verb and a noun?
> get sand or put sand or fill boot or insert sand?

You can fill and empty the boot with lake water. But filling the boot with sand is a good idea when the fish is not yet in the water.

The score is not really implemented...

At the top of the tower, 'whistle' or 'say caw'.

Go down to the throne room, sit on it and 'say  caw'.

For the boot, you may be right, but the image of the boot removed and the additional text, it may do a lot. And I already have a lot of waiting for a key to be pressed.

What are you waiting for?


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password: aboutlove
I still have a lot of work to do on the game. I don't know if I'll finish on time.

Kids, don't play this game: it was the Troll who guided my hand to write it and as he never went to school, there are a lot of syntax, grammar, spelling mistakes....

I don't like the use of _ All. I don't know how to disable it.

Does not work:
on_command {
     : match "_ all"  {
          : print "One thing after another." ;
          : done ;
"All" is complicated to manage in the game loop and may cause problems (this is also the case with Inform 6). We should be able to disable it.

What I did:
integers {
   score : integer "0" ;
   lastscore : integer "0" ;
subroutines {

   sub_score : subroutine {
      : if ((score-lastscore)==1) {
         : print "[[The score has just gone up by 1 point.]]" ;
      : else {
         : print {("[[The score has just gone up by " + (score-lastscore) + " points.]]" )}
      : set_integer var = "lastscore" {(score)}
In code game:
   : increment "score" ;  #add var = "score"  value = "value" ;
   : gosub "sub_score" ;

Is it possible to know the number of words the player has entered? For in game with only verb and noun, it may be interesting to send him a message like "Use no more than 2 words", if he enters more than two words.

YES! Thanks.
Can the player's order entry be in lower case letters?

I tried to put just the prompt symbol in yellow ">" (and not the whole line) and I didn't succeed. Don't bother with that, it's just a detail, but if there's a simple way to do it.

strings {
   yellow_prompt : string "<>><6>>" ;
system_messages {
  prompt = {yellow_prompt}
I tried also to cheat using prior_prompt but it displays a new line after it.

If I display in my code, with control space, the system messages, a lot of full stop are missing in message and there are spaces before the colon (which is not the case by default):

   on_remove = You take off ${entity}
   on_wear = You wear ${entity}
   exit_list_header_concise = Exits :\s
And others.

Is it possible to define the minimum length of verbs and nouns the player may input?

I can use vocabulary aliases but it's not the most convenient way : noun { aliases = [apple, appl] }

Have a look at my personal website if you want to see my other avatars.

My loading screen:

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For the loading screen, can I use the ADVENTURON CLASSROOM picture? It's nice and I don't want to make an extra drawing just for the loading screen. If so, could I have the data from the picture?

It's very successful. The technique seems good for landscapes but is it suitable for characters?
Did someone draw the Troll?  I drew it.

No problem, we're talking and that's fine.

Your definition of the Swap function is incomplete. It can also create and destroy objects, as in my previous example. And it is important to mention it.
I will stop this very useful discussion here.

So that's a bad word. This is probably due to my poor translation and understanding of these words.

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"Room zero is reserved as a storeroom for objects currently not in any room. The player can not get to room zero by using one of the reserved directions. Actions usually do not permit the player to enter this room. The last room is reserved for some sort of limbo state should the player die. This is where the player is sent with a DEAD command. It may or may not contain exits back to the other rooms."

"Storeroom", seems to me a right and simple word to define the position of objects that "are not" in the game (word used in the TRS-80 Manual: Adventure Editor (Bruce Hansen))

Adventuron's documentation refers to "special non-existence location" or "object exists somewhere in the game world"; this can create confusion (but also words like Create, Destroy, is_exists, has_not_created etc.)
The objects are in the Storeroom or not. If they are then is_exists == false, otherwise is_exists == true.
The definition of the swap() function, is now correct (Swaps the location of object1 and object2) and easier to understand in this case:
o1 in room1 (is_exists == true)
o2 in Storeroom (is_exists == false)
swap (o1, o2)
o1 in Storeroom (is_exists == false)
o2 in room1 (is_exists == true)
I'm not sure I'm clear, but it seems to me that Storeroom makes it easier for beginners to understand things.

The description of the location with on_describe(), does not seem to be part of the layers in themes settings. I would like to put this between the Exit list (X) and Object list(O) layers; but there may be a good reason why this doesn't seem possible.

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I need a secret passage from room1 to room2 or room3, depending on a certain condition and by moving with the compass direction (east). I don't know if it's the easiest solution, but it's the one I found; If it helps.
What I did:
# room1 (>east)-> room2 (if flag or condition false)
# room1 (>east)-> room3 (if flag or condition true)

locations {
   room1 : location "You are in a room1" ;
   room2 : location "You are in a room2" ;
   room3 : location "You are in a room3" ;
connections {
   from, direction, to = [
     room1, east_oneway, room2,
barriers {
   block_secret : block_path {
      from = room1
      to = room2
      gosub = secret_passage
booleans {
   is_001 : boolean "false" ;
subroutines {
   secret_passage : subroutine {
    : if (is_001 == false) {
         : print "You found a secret path to room 2" ;
         : goto "room2" ;
         : redescribe;
      : else {
         : print "You found a secret path to room 3" ;
         : goto "room3" ;
         : redescribe;

I put color in the description of the object. This works well for the object list in the room and for the inventory but not for Get's (and maybe others) default message.
shovel : object "a plastic <shovel<5>>" start_at = "inside_cave" ;
torch : object "a <torch<5>>" start_at = "inside_cave" ;
you see:
   a plastic shovel
   a torch

You take the (torch(5)) ** bug? **

You are carrying:
   a torch