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Unlike Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling lacked courage) Blanquette will die eaten by the wolf, whatever cards you hold. Blanquette’s death at dawn after fighting all night, is what makes Alphonse Daudet’s story so interesting.
If you have all 4 cards, you’re bound to win, as you’ll be fighting until dawn. The 5th card, The Morning Star card, the one that should enable you to defeat the wolf, will join the firmament, giving you access to the battle.

The score is buggy. I made a lot of changes for version 1; the score should now be correct.

Thank you for organizing this game jam. It was a great opportunity to create a new game.
Congratulations to Garry and all those who managed to deliver a game in the allotted time; in my opinion, that’s the greatest challenge of a game jam.

I’ve removed the TAP extension from my game, I’ll add an in-game helper if there’s any memory left on the C64 port.

Like all my games at the end of the game jam, these are closer to a prototype version than a version 1.

I don’t know what bug you’re talking about, but you can try playing version 1 if you still have some spare time.

I’ve recently read some of Kenneth Cook’s books, and it seems that in your peculiar country no animal is innocent.

I wanted the player to be able to finish the game without having to examine anything. Everything is directly visible. I should have put a pickable and examinable object framed by (*) in the first location of the game.

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I don’t remember if it’s possible to play Adventuron games offline?

I’ve submitted my game but it doesn’t appear and I don’t know if it’s been taken into account.

What minimum information should the page contain when the game is submitted?

Another unrelated question, but I can’t find an English onomatopoeia that describes the sound of a whistle? In French you could have something like this: “TRIT , TRIIIIIIT , TRllll , TRRRRRRIT”.

I also made some radical choices, we’ll see.

It’s the final stretch. I hope to have time to finish in time. There will be no beta testing for my game because I don’t want to have to deal with that. What is the status of the other games?

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This is the first time I spend so much time on paper. I’m going to start coding even if I haven’t fully completed the game design. I chose The Quill, it’s not the easiest one, but I’d like to see…

The homepage of the game jam is very well done and gives a lot of information, but it can be a bit intimidating: “Will I be able to live up to it!”

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Quelques erreurs dans le PDF :
Descriptions des type d’esprit → Description ; types
(new age, etc) → etc. (il y a toujours un point à etc.)
que l’on aurait autrement ignoré. → ignorés (les sentiers)
On peut déterminer les croyances d’un humaine => humain

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Ajout de la solution en vidéo.

You have left the strict mode active in your game. It’s not a big deal, but is it useful?

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Great! So I can participate. I just need to find someone to help me with English.
The rules of the game are a bit intimidating, it feels like we’re going to get scolded! I hope this won’t scare away beginners.

Who is ParserComp aimed at and what do you expect from the quality of the games provided?

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Quelques bizarreries de la bibliothèque :

> entrer calvaire
Vouliez-vous aller dans le calvaire ou le calvaire  ?

> casser miroir
Je songe à attaquer le miroir, mais rejette l’idée.

> grimper arbre
Il n’est pas possible d’aller [sur] les [arbre].

=> dans arbres

> e
There doesn’t appear to be an exit in that direction.

> insérer verre dans miroir
Vouliez-vous mettre le morceau de verre jaune dans l’éclat de miroir ou le miroir  ?

Il y a aussi, ci-dessus, deux caractères espace avant le point d’interrogation.

Les abréviations de déplacement h et b sont bien moins intuitives que respectivement m et d.
l n’est pas reconnu comme abréviation de regarder.

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Voulez-vous RECOMMENCER, CHARGER une partie sauvegardée ou quitter (QUITTER) ?

QUITTER est redondant.

C’est étrange que le canoë/barque soit dans l’inventaire alors que le joueur est à l’intérieur de celui-ci !

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Quelques boulettes orthographiques et grammaticales :

les mystères que ma mère a [laissé] => laissés
[la] ruban adhésif => le
L’un des [côté] => côtés
mon but ne [devrais] => devrait
bien qu’[il] luisent => ils (les arbres)
Cette viellie fontaine => vieille
je me [rend] compte => rends
[Cette] arbre => Cet
[Le] vanne => La
le journal de ma mère a [mystèrieusement] => mystérieusement
Une [tâche] de lumière => tache
le [motifs] => motif
Un interstice [apparait] dans la paroi => apparaît
mes yeux s’y [habitue] enfin => habituent
Elle est [glacé] => glacée
[Cette] endroit => Cet
Et si vous avez [trouver] la fin => trouvé
Veuillez taper l’une des [optons] proposées. => options
en 2 jours => deux jours
[Qand] j’ai enfin eu le courage => Quand
Je m’arrête un instant et [prend] => prends
Je m’amuse à [éclaire] => éclairer
C’est ce qui m’a [lancé] => lancée (le narrateur semble être une femme)
[Un] sommet du rocher est en haut. => Le !?
je n’ai rien fait d’autre que [] penser à elle. => de !?
il est toujours aussi [terni]. => terne !?
Grâce au burin, je parviens à retirer le morceau de verre [vert] de la stèle, => utile ?
Une dalle de pierre sans [ornementations] ni gravures => ornements !?
et l’endroit est apaisant sous les feuilles qui tombent [] l’odeur du pétrichor. => !?

L’apostrophe typographique est généralement plus élégant que l’apostrophe dit vertical.

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Je partage les points de vue positifs des commentaires.
J’ignorais que des passeurs à matraque pouvaient prendre le risque de partager le sort de « leurs clients » sur ces foutus rafiots.
Si la police de caractère le permet, l’utilisation de l’apostrophe typographique (’) est généralement plus élégant que l’apostrophe verticale ('). Ce n’est pas toujours le cas, il faut essayer. Idem pour le caractère unique points de suspension.

This reminds me of a fragment of Blaise Pascal’s thoughts:
“Flies are so mighty that they win battles, paralyse our minds, eat up our bodies.”
The flies that win battles are a reference to Montaigne who tells how the inhabitants of Tamly, besieged by the Portuguese, used swarms of bees to push them out.

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This short text was made for the Write 30 - Mini Jam Lightning Round (August 2021).

Short and strange, but achievable. What else can we ask for?

I was off the ship to get in the rowboat with ‘go rowboat’ again.

Finished! And all is well; I could drink rum at will.

(I will privately report a bug on; it contains a clue.)

I have the treasure, but I don’t know how to wake Cutter up to give it back.

I am using Frotz Unix and it does not seem to have an automatic scripting function. Nothing to worry about.

(2 edits)

You lock the possibility to go into the rowboat from south and down, but not with the ‘go rowboat’ action. This allows to get into the ship very quickly. I’m not sure that’s what you want.

Maybe you could add the optional extended meta verb ‘script’. This can be useful when playing.

I don’t understand any of this, but if that helps you:

The game is nice. I completed it with a score of 6 out of 8.

The possibility to stop the tutorial doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the game; maybe it should be included in the help function.
The stylized graphics are successful and deserve to be better integrated with the text (and my English too!).

Completed. I found the answer in the Walkthrough.
Great game, thanks.

Awesome! This one will be remembered.

I’m having trouble with the launch code, any hints?

It says it has no specimens when in fact it has two. This looks like a bug, but I’m not sure I can reproduce it! I had to type INSERT SPECIMEN and they all went back to their respective places. I went back to get them and came back to the bug. I guess that’s what I did…

The games work in Firefox if I disable private browsing.

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A small detail: when there is only one frog left, it still displays a choice menu:

Which frog would you like to catch? 
 1. smooth frog  
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I can’t reproduce the error with the png anymore. Now I get two errors:

Error: Class$S923: Possible problem with your *.gwt.xml module file. The compile time user.agent value (safari) does not match the runtime user.agent value (gecko1_8). Expect more errors.

TypeError: a is null

The first one, I also have it with the other games.

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Completed. Good game, very nice graphics and fairy atmosphere.

The cricket can be retrieved indefinitely, which is a problem for the message about the egg, which is not.

Sentient Beings:
Image corrupt or trucated. N6khOz.png

I have now also had problems with the Reflections game. I have a black screen at the beginning but when I click it works. I also had problems with the graphics displaying inside this game.

Completed. Another nice and easy game.
Sometimes, after displaying a response to an action, there is a wait for a key to be pressed which is not useful since the screen is not refreshed.

The Graphics and Cheatsheet options are marked as optional, but I can’t validate my vote if I haven’t given them at least one star?