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I don’t understand any of this, but if that helps you:

The game is nice. I completed it with a score of 6 out of 8.

The possibility to stop the tutorial doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the game; maybe it should be included in the help function.
The stylized graphics are successful and deserve to be better integrated with the text (and my English too!).

Completed. I found the answer in the Walkthrough.
Great game, thanks.

Awesome! This one will be remembered.

I’m having trouble with the launch code, any hints?

It says it has no specimens when in fact it has two. This looks like a bug, but I’m not sure I can reproduce it! I had to type INSERT SPECIMEN and they all went back to their respective places. I went back to get them and came back to the bug. I guess that’s what I did…

The games work in Firefox if I disable private browsing.

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A small detail: when there is only one frog left, it still displays a choice menu:

Which frog would you like to catch? 
 1. smooth frog  
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I can’t reproduce the error with the png anymore. Now I get two errors:

Error: Class$S923: Possible problem with your *.gwt.xml module file. The compile time user.agent value (safari) does not match the runtime user.agent value (gecko1_8). Expect more errors.

TypeError: a is null

The first one, I also have it with the other games.

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Completed. Good game, very nice graphics and fairy atmosphere.

The cricket can be retrieved indefinitely, which is a problem for the message about the egg, which is not.

Sentient Beings:
Image corrupt or trucated. N6khOz.png

I have now also had problems with the Reflections game. I have a black screen at the beginning but when I click it works. I also had problems with the graphics displaying inside this game.

Completed. Another nice and easy game.
Sometimes, after displaying a response to an action, there is a wait for a key to be pressed which is not useful since the screen is not refreshed.

The Graphics and Cheatsheet options are marked as optional, but I can’t validate my vote if I haven’t given them at least one star?

Completed. A good, quick and easy game perfect for beginners.

The adjectives red and blue could be added as synonyms for the orbs which would avoid disambiguation by simply typing the adjective: GET RED.

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There seems to be a small glitch with entering the combination of the safe. If you don’t know that you have to enter only numbers and not letters, there is no way out (except if you type a number, but how do you know?)

What is the combination?
The safe stays closed …

No, it doesn’t work with the downloadable version either. Maybe it’s my Firefox settings that are the issue. The weird thing is that your other Reflections game is launching fine.

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Some games do not launch with Firefox 87.0 (64 bits) under Lubuntu 20.04: Sentient Beings and The Blue Lettuce. I can download The Blue Lettuce, but nothing to do for Sentient Beings, I get a desperately black screen.

Perhaps a better answer is needed when the verb “dig” is used alone where there is mud:

There’s nothing worth digging here.
You heft the …

A short and sweet game suitable for beginners with elegant graphics and a nice musical atmosphere. I loved it.

A short and sweet game suitable for beginners with elegant graphics and a nice musical atmosphere. I loved it.

Completed. A quick and easy game to finish, which is a pleasant feeling.

The code of my games is on my GitLab, but it has no pedagogical or technical interest. I put it on, that’s all and that without any particular care.

That explains it! Or most of it.

I also really appreciate Garry, his advice and experience, but also his uncompromising attitude. If things are bad, they are bad and it must be said. It’s good for the game and for everything else. Flattery and blissful enthusiasm don’t seem relevant to me.

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An available source code should be clean and commented to be interesting, otherwise it is often a waste of time for the one who consults it, and even more for the one who makes stupid copy-paste without understanding anything. But it is also a great pleasure to look into the bowels of a creation even if I don’t understand it at all. “Everything that is incomprehensible does not cease to exist.” ― Blaise Pascal

You always seem to be enthusiastic and smiling, and if people laugh back, it doesn’t matter.

With all the research work you’ve done on the code, I would like to get your opinion on whether or not to make the source code of the game available. Would it be a good or a bad thing?

There should be something to say about the shovel, pickaxe and barrel that decorate the entrance to your mine. I don’t know who won’t try to interact with that.

To avoid invisible outside walls and the default message “You can’t go that way”, the boundary_message property would be useful, especially at the North Pole.

Coal is the only one on the list of chores that is not in the book.

What does TBD mean for HINT?

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It’s unfair, I had thought to look at the decorations (above the mantelpiece), which should also give the solution.

Not even for Thanksgiving? This world nearing its end.

I tried to make a torch with the cardboard cylinder (but also with anything that could burn), and light it with the flame of the chimney fire!

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The first time I played, I got stuck in Reindeer Stalls without knowing why; when I tried to get out he said “Aren’t you forgetting something?”. I had the carrots with me, but I hadn’t spoken to Volodar before, so I had no idea what “Aren’t you forgetting something?” was referring to. I think it’s a problem to get stuck like that.

Thanks for the hint.

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Maybe we need a better answer for WEAR ICE SKATES, it’s an action that doesn’t seem illogical to me. In Elves’ Bunkroom, SLEEP could be an alternative to GET ON BUNK.
Edit: There is no description for the plastic pipe.

I really want to know what’s in the depths of the mine, but I have a feeling it won’t be easy.
I couldn’t find the gingerbread, and I only managed to make one gift.
The graphics of the places, but also of the characters, are very good (except for this fluorescent green in a corridor!), and the missing ones will probably be very good.
The presentation page of the game is exemplary.
I only hope that the game is not too difficult; there doesn’t seem to have been any feedback from @Errol, which looks very strong, and that worries me a bit.

You can compile with this version Beta 66, but check that your game still works.

You can no longer find the author of your loading screen, but an image search on google finds it easily: gettyimages

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The ball is the first entry in the book, but it has nothing to say about it:

There doesn’t appear to be a topic on that. Try READ THE BOOK to see the contents.