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Captain Cutter's TreasureView game page

Captain Cutter once had three of his crew hide a treasure nearby. Now, he wants it back.
Submitted by Garry Francis — 4 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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Captain Cutter's Treasure's page

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What's your previous experience with making adventure games? (optional)
Several years with Inform 6 and Adventuron

How many hours did you spend on making this game? (optional)
3 weeks

Is English your native language? (optional)

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I have the treasure, but I don’t know how to wake Cutter up to give it back.


This may be because you bypassed the check at the dock. You should be able to leave the ship and come back and Cutter will be awake, but be warned that there are several alternate endings. If it ends in disaster, perhaps send me an email or a private message on Telegram, Discord, Facebook or and I can give some further clues.


I was off the ship to get in the rowboat with ‘go rowboat’ again.

Finished! And all is well; I could drink rum at will.

(I will privately report a bug on; it contains a clue.)

(2 edits)

You lock the possibility to go into the rowboat from south and down, but not with the ‘go rowboat’ action. This allows to get into the ship very quickly. I’m not sure that’s what you want.


Damn. 3 weeks just isn't long enough to learn a new library, design, code and test a game, especially one as complex as 'Captain Cutter's Treasure'. Thanks for the report. I'll fix it in an update after the jam. I'd advise you not to bypass the warning though, as you can get into an unwinnable situation.

Maybe you could add the optional extended meta verb ‘script’. This can be useful when playing.


I just looked it up in the manual. I am using OPTIONAL_EXTENDED_VERBSET, but I didn't realise there was a separate OPTIONAL_EXTENDED_METAVERBS. It probably doesn't matter for a production game, but it may be useful during testing. If you're using an interpreter like Windows Frotz, it captures a transcript anyway. Does your interpreter have a similar feature?

I can't do an update now, as uploads are banned during the jam period. Sorry about that.

I am using Frotz Unix and it does not seem to have an automatic scripting function. Nothing to worry about.