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Thank you so much BabuFactory! The artwork was generated with MidJourney using detailed prompt engineering and a lot of trial and error. :)

Fun and clever. Great writing!

Beautiful and fun. I also learned some things :)

Thank you for sharing! I have Vital (the free version) but have only poked around with it. I might have to get back into it. Supermassive is fantastic, as is Ozone. Great job, you really got a lot of your toys :). PS I'm surprised you didn't rank higher :|

This was so much fun. Very charming 8-bit dirge. Smiled the whole time. Looking forwarding to listening to some more of your work on SoundCloud!

As others have mentioned, I really enjoyed the combination of orchestral and electronic sounds. Fantastic arrangement and production quality. Game design and story is very well thought out, and I love the twist on the 'journey' concept with the two main characters. Awesome!

Great retro synths. Has a John Carpenter vibe, and would also work well in a stylized horror game. Sets a great tone for a main menu. Would love to hear the themes and concepts expanded on. Well done!

Love the opening fanfare, very classic-Disney. I really enjoyed Red and Blues' themes (which were very different). Everything is very melodic; I especially appreciated the occasional minor key when major was expected. Overall, this is exactly what I would expect to hear given your description of the game. Beautiful!

Phenomenal sound design and creativity. Awesome game design concept. Magician's Theme is a masterwork. I hear a bit of one my artists here (Trent Reznor). I would love to learn about some of the tools/instruments you used for this track. A+!

Solid build-up, slowly adding layers and textures. It was a nice touch to revisit the main theme at the end of the track. Nice work.

Really digging this track. Opening is very haunting, I love how the lead almost sounds like a lighthouse fog horn. I can hear a bit of John Carpenter in this as well. You really built up the drama in the middle third. Well done!

Before even listening to the score, this is definitely a game I would play :) And the music did not disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous. Very understated, yet has a lot of moving parts if you listen closely enough. Brian Eno would be proud. A+

You nailed the theme and I loved the exotic instrumentation. Very thoughtful in setting aside music for menus and credits, and then for various parts of gameplay. Well done.

What I really liked that you did was to really flesh out the game design/concept a bit more and describe how your tracks were informed by your game design concepts. Weird Creatures With Hats was my favorite. :)

I really enjoyed how each of the (four) pieces of this mini-suite came together. Each stands on it's own, and yet they all tie together very nicely in terms of tone and consistency. The main theme redux at the tail end of The End + Credits is very clever and was a nice touch. Loved it.

Very fitting to the theme(s) you have outlined! I especially loved the woodwinds and the percussion. Whimsical and emotional and the same time. Well done sir :)

This brought a smile to my face from the opening seconds. I could really see this being expanded into a standalone work. Great quality and production as well. A+!

If you take the "A Journey to Remember" picture above, have Roger Dean paint it, and include this song as the opening track, you've got an instant Yes album :) Very proggy, loved it!

Will do. I've been following your audio BPs for quite a while. Love the new version :)

Thank you!

Great stuff!

Loved this! You guys nailed the retro vibe (I grew up playing Commodore 64 before NES). Font, music, 'cartridges.' Very well done. A+


Really enjoyed this unique game. The music and art direction are  top-notch, and the premise of the game is an interesting concept. I hope you guys continue to develop it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to play our game Roidz!

Wow, this wasn't what I was expecting. What a nice surprise. Lots of different game mechanics and ideas going on here. Very impressive for a game jam. Well done @wizards_code!

Thank you for the review! You are correct that we've learned it is possible to respawn in places that will cause you to fall again :\ Also agree about the location of the boost buttons. The game handles, I believe, much better on a gamepad.

Looking forward to playing Cow Whisperer today :)

Loved this, very well done. Clearly lots of clever logic under the hood. A+

Very interesting concept! It took me a few games to get the hang out. Enjoyed playing, thank you!

Thank you for the review! Glad you enjoyed it. We tried hard to marry all of the elements together in a cohesive manner. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for playing! The concept of tribute can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. By the way, none of us on the development team are platformer fans :) but we wanted to use the jam to challenge ourselves in areas outside of our normal interest and expertise. Thanks again!

Thank you!

Fun! I loved the light / breakdown meter mechanic :)

Really loved this game! A fun challenge, and quirky humor. Well done!

LOL thanks!

Thank you! Going to try your entry this weekend with an Oculus (fingers crossed) :)

Thanks! Just checked out Cosmo And Yuuko. Very clever :)

Thanks, really enjoyed your entry as well. Wow!

Thank you! We've made a lot of progress today, please check out the latest build. Thanks for checking it out :)