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A jam submission

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click. 4. cats. 2!
Submitted by spacey3d (@spacey3d) — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Did you learn anything new during the jam?
I learned a lot about static variables and functions, custom unity fonts, the audio mixer, formatting and parsing strings, and simple algebra I had forgotten long ago. I also learned about stuff I can learn in the future like object pooling and scriptable objects.

Aren't you awesome for creating a game?

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The overall polish is impressive, like the clean UI and subtle animations. The music is great as well. The achievements and the unlockables are satisfying and additional gameplay elements like catch the red dot elevate it to something more than "just" a clicker game. Great job Spacey!


Spacey this is a masterpiece and fans of Click4Cats will be over the moon with this latest instalement in the best selling saga. I really enjoyed the level of polish in terms of achievements, menu animations, music choices - they all made me smile a lot which is a very nice thing for a game to do to someone. THANK YOU! meow.


Loved this, very well done. Clearly lots of clever logic under the hood. A+

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Holy crap this game is addicting! Glad to read that you learned a lot! :D

Gameplay Addicting / Addicting / Addicting (Ill keep my tab open for future game tests!)


The game you are honouring is honoured! (I mean who wouldn’t)


I like it, also I love that I can pick different track and that I can adjust it!


<3 the pixel art style. Just 10/10 couldn’t do better myself.


Good job on the UI/UX, the only remark I have is that it is sometimes hard to know what you have selected on the shop menu. (like do I have buy 1 selected or 10 selected) Great button feedback, Elysia would be proud of you!

edit: fergot to comment on the audio


I need to stop or my hand will fall off. Music is great, and varied, and listenable. The catimations get better and better with more cats.


BaDing! 10/10 would click again. The music! The achievements! The jokes! The Dot! The CATS! I have no critical feedback because this game is purrfect. 

HAHA i love this !  just as addicting as the original cookie clicker. Amazingly well made, great music (Catticus theme !). I hope you had as much fun making this game as me making it!


CATTAMARI! Idle clicking wonderful catness!


Amazing graphics as always. And even the details like settings and upgrade buttons popping up <3 

Cats flying and clustering is very well done. Balance of the game felt great overall, I found myself in a spot where I don't need to click anymore after 5 upgrades it sped up drastically. Idle game lifetime is weird when it comes to game jams so I think it speeding up at some point is a good thing so you can see the late game without spending hours.

I only had 3 achievements left. I forgot to save the game ^^