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I loved the cinematic gameplay :) And I appreciate the nice usage of bloom/glow. 
I also liked the background noise behind the discovery sound. 

Had my 2 solid laps around the space track, and discovered what I need to discover twice.

Thanks for the game!

You discovered how it feels to be 1st.

It's Doug!

You are probably aware, restarting the game and then pressing OK to the first dialog box crashes the game( for me at least).  I mean not a big deal for a jam game :)

At first, I didn't see the Metal costs in the build menu, I feel really stupid. Once I figured that out, it was 90% downhill from there. Only thing I struggled with was the unstable feeling of the fog of war and I can't place the buildings properly because of that. everything being sand color is not helping either I guess. Though I completed it! I was still trying to add buildings here and there until I realized I just need to click "Next Day" 15 more times and I will win this.

Thanks for the game bud. I know you put nice amount of work into the shader as well. Good work!

I think this have a potential to become a nice mobile game in "merge games" genre.

Thanks for putting in the work <3

I enjoyed it less when Pomo shouting after each discovery but really loved playing it myself!

like short comments?

Nice sheet! Almost a brainoid creature.

Amazing graphics as always. And even the details like settings and upgrade buttons popping up <3 

Cats flying and clustering is very well done. Balance of the game felt great overall, I found myself in a spot where I don't need to click anymore after 5 upgrades it sped up drastically. Idle game lifetime is weird when it comes to game jams so I think it speeding up at some point is a good thing so you can see the late game without spending hours.

I only had 3 achievements left. I forgot to save the game ^^

What about something like this to teach the player how to play?