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Hey takuroya thanks for taking the time to comment.

1-0 is the latest build, but that was before I started remaking it - with the new board and features.

The sad news is (for Starpath) is that I got a job in Industry and have had to switch over to Unreal Engine 4 - which means 2 things:
- I am very short on time for personal projects
- I am not using C# or Unity much any more as I'm trying to learn UE4 and C++

I do love Starpath, and should I start finding time to work on it again, I'll be sure to update this page. The project is currently on hold until I get more time. 

Thanks for giving it a go! I've been working on an improved version for some time, but it's in Unity and I've started learning unreal so it's slightly on hold at the moment - but in an ideal world I'd like to get that finished and I'll give you a shout when thats done. This version was finished a day after the game jam so I'd agree it lacks a lot of clarity, robustness and guidance!

@Raistael thank you for the feedback, it is a known bug, there will be a new version out before the new year with many many improvements, including fixing the resolution issue. Sorry about the inconvenience and delay in response.

Sorry to hear - arrow keys should work too.

Yeah there is one glitch, but unfortunately wasn't able to fit it into the gamejam time - and wasn't game breaking as it's pretty rare. Thanks for admitting your score was based on a bug. 
Also gamejamcurator, thanks - appreciate it. There are 2 recordings of trouts, check my LD page for videos. 

Thanks for your comments guys! Sorry didnt realise people were doing comments here, I just kept an eye on the LD page.

Yes indeed it is a bug! It was due to the animation queuing problem I came across. Will look at developing this game further as time goes on

Thanks for checking it out

Super impressive! I made it through, took on bosses, and enjoyed the game! Great art, nice idea, and enjoyed the integration of theme into the game. Really liked the death animation, the music was not too short a loop either. Would have liked to have felt like I was closer to running out of time, or that I run out of time and then missed out on some good ending - meaning that if I play again without mistakes then I might get further. Found the jumping not quite behaving as I'd have expected.  Really good job!

Really appreciate your comment Shree, thank you! The cat is wonderful indeed! I actually made him and his animations before anything else - as I was a bit short of ideas and so wanted to do something that I knew I'd like and hope ideas came during the time I took to make him! Thanks for the kind words <3

Thanks so much for taking the time to write your feedback! 

I should have made it more obvious - there is a button called "EZ MODE" on the title screen that gives 99 lives instead of 9. That was made for the streamers etc, but you got a point.

I agree about the frustration of starting over and doing all the tutorials again. A level select would maybe have been a better idea. 

Thanks again, really appreciate the comments you wrote.

First Impressions: Really clean graphics, UI - looks professional (the buttons etc). Quite challenging to know what to do initially. Once I pressed E I think I then understood that one state allows to bounce, while the other holds you in position. 

Constructive (honest) feedback: I personally found it a bit difficult to make the transition between jumping and floating still in order to land on platforms. I would have liked maybe a little animation of delay when you die to restarting the game - its very non-dramatic when you die when it just instantly restarts and you teleport back to the beginning!!

First Impressions: The art is quite cute, the only thing that didn't quite feel as great as the rest was jumping - the animation and the airtime. Music was cool, especially if you made it yourself!! 

Constructive (honest) feedback: Bullets should probably move faster than you. The time slowdown would maybe feel better maybe if you slowed down your audio too - you could adjust the audioclips pitch in order to get a slow down / speed up effect. Very short game without much of a challenge, but it was cool and nice foundation you can maybe expand on! 

First Impression: So polished. Really great colours used, nice font and button images, and icons are all really on point. Cool idea, fun to play with friends. Would be good for mobile. So many topics to choose from, it helps the players choose a topic with such a wide variety built into the game. 

Constructive (honest) feedback: Not really constructive, but a lot of the game is down to players rather than the actual application - but that's due to the nature of the game. I can't think of how I would actually implemented / integrate more of the games functionality into the application. I think I would have liked some cheesy gameshow music on the title screen :D

Oh java. How I despise your puzzle. But that's not your fault. I've never understood how to solve these puzzles! It was on theme with the fact that time is counting down, and you did very well to get this done when you didn't think you'd have time to take part in the game jam.

Constructive (*honest) feedback: The empty tile should be a different colour to the background of the image I believe, so it's more clear where the empty is to the player. The music was nice, and I liked the idea of the pitch increasing as the time decreased - however it did start to hurt my head - but that's probably because I getting frustrated at the puzzle I couldn't solve!! <3 

First Impressions: SLICK DESIGN BRUTHA. Really liked the look and feel, music was good and fitted the theme also. Nice original idea, works especially well as the longer you take to read the cards and a balanced decision - the closer you are to game over - so it forces you to make non-considered decisions. Was proud of my 78 score! Great original concept, bang on theme.

Constructive (honest) feedback: A few bugs in the game as you're already aware of - like the 30 second bonus card didn't see to work. It would be nice to have some visual display to say which effect was selected on the +100 seconds OR -150 points card to add a little drama!

First Impression: I completed it... second time! I enjoyed playing it if I'm honest. It was a good level of challenge, making you need to memorize the way you came so you had to concentrate and the green arrow wasn't making it "too easy" as a result. Liked the cup of coffee and jazz when I won. Rewarding.

Constructive (honest) feedback: The graphics for the bomb has a higher resolution compared to everything else, which makes it look a bit wrong / out of place. Perspective was a bit misleading to begin with, as it was side on view of the house - yet then it was like a top down maze (or can Little Dude just float around perhaps?). Finally, to increase replay value, it'd be good if the gem positions were some what randomised. For example, to ensure it is still challenging, you could create 9 different gem positions and randomise which of those are selected. That way it makes playing the game again a new challenge (to some extent). 

First Impression: Quite a fun little game you could play with friends, taking it in turn. A bit simple as a lot of the game is managed by the players, rather than the software - but still can be a fun game to pass time on a long road trip or something. 

Constructive (honest) feedback: The logo is very low quality when compared to the nice finish you have on the main screen (the main font is nice). I'd be wary of combining yellow and black as background / foreground colours. The number doesn't change every 5 seconds. It would be good to either do it every 5 seconds, or at least have a timer displaying how long you've got left. I was left counting aloud on stream wondering if the game was broke or not, and therefore lost a bit of concentration. 

Thanks for letting me play your game! Really impressive for 12 hours!

First impressions: Found the game mechanic actually nice and responsive, despite first being being worried about the control scheme - it actually worked nicely. Implements the theme well, its nice to find those extra time pickups and there is an element of a maze game to it. I liked that you show the ending then rewind back to start quickly - almost to give a bit of a hint as to how to get out to the player before the start a level. Awesome job!

Constructive (honest) feedback: You didn't have much time, so don't take this too seriously - but the visuals could do with some improvements. Even if just the main character, I feel moving a blue ball around lacks any personality and could have added some fun to your game for an extra 20 minutes of art. Would have been good to have more levels. The check points seemed to stop me from moving for a second or two when I restarted from a checkpoint FYI.

Great to play your game.
First impressions: Great interface, nice to have options with the ability to change volumes and graphical settings. Really nice polish and menu. The game itself has a nice consistent graphical style, controls pretty well (some issues I'll discuss in moment), and the music was really nice. The slow down time was nice when dealing with the incoming red bullets. The theme was nice too - the idea of portals of enemies from different time eras etc.

Constructive (Honest!) feedback: The shooting noise gave me a headache. I think there is an issue with the sound playing for every update cycle the mouse button is held in. It would be better if it was for each bullet fired, as wouldn't be quite so intense. Another bit of feedback is the bullets don't quite go to where your mouse cursor is, they are 1 unit away (using the BG grid as a unit). I also found the movement of the camera when you shoot a bit too harsh - I understand the thinking behind it (to allow you to see more of the direction you are shooting), however the speed of camera shift jumping back and forth if you switch between shooting and not shooting was a little dizzying. 

Thank you so much for the feedback! It is indeed short, unfortunately as this was a game jam game, I found myself with only 2 hours to create levels!! So I did my best but would have enjoyed more time. 

I agree that the slow down / speed up global thing doesn't seem as needed as the local one, however, the alternative was to have tempuss remain the same speed even during global. This however lost the fun element of having the high pitched meows or the slow mo jump through airs. From a mechanic point of view, it does need a bit of a rethink - and the implementation would likely need a rehaul to allow that!

Really appreciate you taking the time to give tempuss a whirl! Stay classy <3