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Actually a lot cooler then i expected.

Especially if you made this in only 3 hours!

i know a lot of younger children will be amused by this. Great job.

Cool video also!

i agree 100%

haha ! classic ! 

I love this. brings back the feelings of the good old 80's comecomputers!

great stuff

Superfun game !

Amazing game. So much great stuff in this one !

Only complaint was that the resolution seemed to be fixed and part of the ui was not on my screen.

One of the top games on this jam imo!

The  game works now for me.

i think this is a nice prototype for a hypercasual game.

Maybe ramp up the difficulty up a bit slower, make it a bit slower at the start or something so it's

a bit easier to get past the first few obstacles.  Or perhaps make the small gabs a little wider so you can escape there a bit easier.

Great entry,i enjoyed the challenge

Remember that you can buy/unlock new ships with yr stars in the shop.

This might make things easier.

Hey! Thanks for playing.

Yes, all levels are possible to complete without deaths.

This game seems stuck in a endless loading loop. Can't play,sorry

I really loved this one. Game is more satisfying, the more you play. So don't give up too fast and try to beat a few levels.  Grats on a great entry !