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Overall impressive what you all managed to make under a week! I love the art and music really great job on it. I’m really heaving the Christmas vibes! I could play this game for hours (I might try to better my score later).

The only thing that was a bit strange for me was the fact that all the scores / levels where spread into the 4 corners. If I wanted to lookup let’s say my score I had to quickly scan the 4 corners to lookup my (current) score. Personally I would have grouped them all.

I did notice that I sometimes got stuck on some random corners which was sadly unfortunate for me because the enemies never wait!

Looking forward to more games?

Great job all and have all a great holiday!

It was a fun little game! It looks like even doh you havn’t done any game development for the past 4 years you still were able to make this in a week. I like the low poly art. I was not sure what the controls were in the beginning but I managed to figure those ones quickly maybe for next game jam either include the controls in the game page or implement a way for the user to learn the inputs they need to know.

I am wondering what you would have been able to do “more” if you had more time. Glad to read that you got back into game development and enjoy the programming!

Love the concept and I can imagine where the game was leaning towards however I felt like I had no info at all. Like is the game finished / unfinished, what can I expect or just general info. The game does however look really nice and the animations look really smooth too. Great to read that you learned something from it even do it was hard! Glad to see what you will make next!

Lovely game, for a first unity project I find it quiet impressive what you manage to achieve. I managed to find a few bugs but Dan made me aware there might be some. I found it a bit unfortunate that when I died the game closed, not sure if that was meant to happen or not but if that was intentional a replay button would have been nice.

Good luck with you journey of using Unity!

Super cute game! Love the pixelated game art! Great job on implementing a Offline and Online mode, I played the online game. Surprisingly calming. It was a bit unfortunate that I was not able to select a window size myself I kept accidentality clicking outside of the window. I mean I could be more careful next time :P

Really fun game with lots of fun eastereggs! Great work on the pighorse! Even do you reused a lot of assets it was still enjoyable and impressive the amount of work you managed to do in a week!

One small pointer even doh the audio was not too loud it’s always nice to have a option to adjust or mute the audio.

Keep up the great work!

Nice game I enjoyed to play. The small tutorial was really helpful to understand the game basics.

The font you choose who matches you art style however is a bit hard to read. It would have been better to either choose another font or to give the player the ability to read it in a different font. (Like in those games where you have handwritten pages and when you press a key you get an small overlay with a clear font to read).

Graphics and theme were on point. Not sure if the music was part of the bought assets but where a nice addition to the combo.

I like the challenging part where you had to look for the characters even doh sometimes I wasted sooo much precious time on it.

Good job! :D

That’s okay! It was a very nice game anyway! :D

Reaallly fun and addicting game! I was doing great until I wanted to see what would have happend if I took lots of drinks from the same drink… well I found out to hard way that you cant throw away the drinks that you got too much on your plate. Love the art style and the music. Awesome to include a audio settings / fullscreen setting aswell as a other game mode. Great job overall!

Lovely game, the art and props really polished. I am impressed with all the work you guys managed to do under a week. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with the abilities. 90% of the time I was high jumping (floating?) over the map which made it easier and I felt like I was cheating a bit but that’s about it. Great storyline and I am curious with else you will deliver for other game jams!

Lovely game even doh it looks simple it is quiet challenging. It was a little to hard for me to finish the game however I managed to get to the devil. It would have been nice if there was a audio settings page to either lower the music or maybe mute it. It was now at its highest and I couldn’t lower it.

Thanks for the additional info!

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Skreeeee! What is going on?! Hahaha that was my first thought in this game. I sadly lost to the AI but hey who knows next time better I guess? Also super fun too see all those lovely people in the game.


At first I was a bit confused with what my goal was since the only info I got was not the hit things but then quickly I found out I had to reach the yellow platforms while avoiding the red things. Also the unusual way of controls made it a bit more challenging to control the ship but still loved it! :D

Some other info I was kinda missing is what you made and what assets you made and what assets you didn’t make so I’m not sure what to give you feedback on.

Awesome that you learned the basics of C# and Unity and just in general a lot of stuff! I hope you loved learning it too. Do you come from another programmer background or do you do other things in your free time?


I am not sure what you are giving a tribute to :/

Typo? I’m not sure if it is because we have different keyboards but on you page you mention that you have to use Q and Z to rotate the camera, however for me it was Q and E instead which for my keyboard layout was more convenient.

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Fun little arcade game but I was missing a challenge or a goal to achieve. Other than that I managed to get 150+ score and then I got intrigued to see what would happen if I crashed myself into a rock. I was not disappointed :)

Also nice to read that you learned something new! I hope those new learned skills will help you in future projects!


I think it fitted the theme well. I got an arcade / old school game vibe which is what you were going for (I hope I am not wrong saying that :P )


I liked the background audio and props to you for making it yourself! Maybe for future projects add a way to control the audio? Even if you start with a simple mute function. That way if someone would like to control it they have a way to it ;)


Nice! love the pixel art at first I thought it would be hard to see the difference between the background and the objects in front since there is not much contrast but by surprise for me it was just right enough.

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Holy crap this game is addicting! Glad to read that you learned a lot! :D

Gameplay Addicting / Addicting / Addicting (Ill keep my tab open for future game tests!)


The game you are honouring is honoured! (I mean who wouldn’t)


I like it, also I love that I can pick different track and that I can adjust it!


<3 the pixel art style. Just 10/10 couldn’t do better myself.


Good job on the UI/UX, the only remark I have is that it is sometimes hard to know what you have selected on the shop menu. (like do I have buy 1 selected or 10 selected) Great button feedback, Elysia would be proud of you!

edit: fergot to comment on the audio


I enjoyed the game! Super big fan of the story telling in the game! Never played Celeste myself but I could see what you were going for.

Only issue that I had was that the controls sometimes were hard not sure if intended.

Overall not bad at all! If you miss making games I would say start making some free time for (if you have some). I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Bug? I am not sure if this is a bug or not since I have no clue but I could dash upwards if I pressed up and after I jumped and pressed the dash button. Could be intentional.


I fun puzzle game! (>.> I hope it is a puzzle game, I never know) Well done on the art and just general feel of the layout.

At first I was confused with what my progress was suppose to be. Do I have a specific goal? I quickly understood it had to do with the number of matches you had to make. Guess I am used to the stupid mobile games where you have to achieve something all the time. Darn you mobile games!

I honestly could play this for hours just to see what level I could get.

Good job!


Well like you mentioned on your page you didn’t have gameplay but I found it intriguing anyway. I never played the game you are doing a tribute to but you made me feel like I missed out on the game!

I hope you learned a lot from it that you could reuse in future projects!

Side note: Your install instructions made me laugh ;D

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Alright sadly like the other people I am not able to play the game properly since I do not own a gamepad. So this is based on what I could do / see.

I am also impressed what you were able to make in 8 hours quiet impressive if you ask me!


Like mentioned before I sadly couldn’t test this :(


No feedback here, I sadly do not know Roikku / LakeDead. However now I am intrigued to look it up! ;D


The art looks lovely. Simple but effective!


Something I wanted to point out is that your start screen looks a bit jammed together (pun intended ;)) You have a lot of colors and things to look at (might be part of your tribute) but if you would haved used a smaller set of colors maybe 1 or 2 colors my eyes wouldn’t be all over the place.


Like wormius I had this strange restart loop everytime I was trying to play with my keyboard but it might have to do with the fact it was made for gamepads