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Hello potato!

Hello everyone,

Do you have a question about the jam itself?

Well, this thread is here to answer them to our best!

Hello everyone!

Let's introduce ourselves here, and I'll start it with myself.

My name is Dherar, I'm a beginner Unity3D developer, I already have few silly games published on Android, working my way into making better and proper games.

My bad, I thought that was for features requests only, not blocks requests

I'd love to see streets. I'm sure you can utilize assets Kenney already made, like streets.

Probably a resize would be enough to have them imported.

I suggest a category for blocks request, so that we can request blocks hoping someone would make them happen.

I couldn't find a category that fits this post, so I posted it here.

Thanks :D

Yes, we will most likely host Global Game Jam 2017's Kuwaiti Site!

Essentially, we will always encourage bringing a laptop for mobility, portability, and security reasons.

However, there's no real rule against bringing a PC. You'll have to figure out the logistics and installation, but it shouldn't be a problem after that.

In fact, you can keep it overnight throughout the event. We might even be able to secure you a corner for your setup. I'll have to personally confirm it, but we'll be locking the venue personally. So we'd keep an eye on your stuff. But don't hold us responsible of what happens to it. We're not going to punch it or try to hack it, or both, we just don't want to deal with your computer if something happened that's beyond our control.

Actually, yes.

I should!

Thanks for understanding :D

Alright, I'm next :D

My name is Dherar AlRashoud, I have an associate in Computer Engineering from Public Authority of Applied Education and Training, graduated in 2008~ish. As I explain myself to friends and strangers, I'm an adult in denial

I've been on and off trying several things for my own entertainment. Went all the way from web development, Arduino and electronics hacks, general things about networking, reverse engineering, and security, and now I'm experimenting game development.

I've been using Unity3D since 2014 maybe, give and take. I built few demos that I can share with you guys later on. And now I'm exploring the possibility of releasing a real game in different platforms.

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @Q8GEEK

Who's next?

The reason why we decided on having a limit on team members is for teams to choose their members carefully and to stop abuse of unbalanced teams and undistributed resources.

For example, if we don't limit members, a team could have 5 programmers, 2 designers, and end up doing a small game that could've been done with, lessay, two programmers. Which means 3 programmers could've joined other teams.

That, and we had a scenario in the last game jam where a team of 6 or 7 members (Can't remember correctly) failed to present their game because their lead programmer had 2 or 3 beginner programmers to teach them how to use Unity3D. Because he got busy and couldn't really stay for long, they couldn't finish a presentable demo of the game.

We don't want that to happen again, so we have to limit team members. However, if we find that 4 members weren't enough and there are requests from teams to raise the bar, the bar will rise.

I hope you understand the situation.

Thanks :D
I hope things work better than I hope for

Otakus are Otakus, they're interested in Q8CON because it satisfies their interest in multiple categories; playing competitive games, animes, and cosplaying.

Game Jam is totally different, it's focused on those who are interested in developing games.

It's a growing community. But I can only go so far if you guys don't help me grow it up!