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Introduce yourself! Sticky

A topic by q8geek created Aug 28, 2017 Views: 186 Replies: 11
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Hello everyone!

Let's introduce ourselves here, and I'll start it with myself.

My name is Dherar, I'm a beginner Unity3D developer, I already have few silly games published on Android, working my way into making better and proper games.

My name is Yousef and I'm a potato.


Hello potato!

Hi, I'm sadeq. I'd like to see how things work in the game dev world and meet local techies!



I'm Jafar and I've been working with games for a couple of years ..

urgh .. I'm bad at this .. 😅

My name is Levi and I hope to enhance my game dev skills by game jamming.

Hello I'm mohammad. i love puzzle and stealth games. i do video and audio editing and i like to doodle some level designs.


Mahmoud Naji Abbas here, beginner in 3DUnity as well. and working currently on simple yet fun game :P

hello guys

My name is Abdullah Boushehri

I like to work on new ideas of video games

Directed and designed some games in the past game jam events (Kuwait and global)

I also know drawing, video editing & audio editing

Hope to see great games again in this GJ ^_^


I'm Shoeb, a sophomore and lot more😁

Beginner at Adobe Illustrator, C, C++, JAVA, AutoCAD and drawing.

Looking forward for GJ to meet you all and some fun/experience. 🙏

i have ideas ^^ and more 


أدري ياي متأخر، معاكم حسين مبرمج

.Net & Audio/Little Video Editor

 :) و بالنسبة للتجمع أمس كان جدا ممتع و استفدت وايد من الشباب ما قصروا