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hello guys

My name is Abdullah Boushehri

I like to work on new ideas of video games

Directed and designed some games in the past game jam events (Kuwait and global)

I also know drawing, video editing & audio editing

Hope to see great games again in this GJ ^_^

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unfortunatly this version the game itself doesn't work


Thanks bojacob for the windows version

tried the game and here is the difference from the mac version:

- the blue hero can't shot down or horizontally

- no music playing

- the boss behavior was a little strange

i too had a great time there

inshalla will see you guys in other jams in the future ^_^

Yousif said he will do it later inshalla

will remind him ^_^

Hello everyone

i know i'm super late for this

but later than never right!

My name is Abullah Boushehri, you can call me BeSho for short

i don't have so many things to say else than i love video games

and i will be really happy doing one even if its super simple

unfortunately i don't know how to program them

but what i know: Audio/Video editing - Drawing - game designer* - story writer* ( * : i didn't know that i can do them till GGJ 2016 )

i hope we all gonna have a great time doing what we love

see you guys there ^_^