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Introduce yourself Sticky

A topic by bashar created Sep 03, 2016 Views: 604 Replies: 21
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Since we barely know each other, and we don't know who has what skills, and as @M.Sarwat said, it can be a bit awkward on first day, I thought I'd start this topic to let everyone introduce themselves.

Share your name, brief bio, your work, skills, tools you use, any experience in video games development, and what you hope to achieve in that path.

Jam Host

And I'll start.

My name is Bashar Abdullah (@bashar3a). I'm a computer engineer, graduated in 2002 from Kuwait University, and worked in several positions as a web developer. My main project was launching the Knet online payment gateway (remember the cinema queues before NBK worked with KNCC? :).

After several jobs, I realized I'd much rather work for myself, and I started working on that. Since 2009 I've been self-employed, working on my own business. Past few years I've been going through a rut (a pattern is emerging you can tell), and I started exploring other interests. I decided to try and finally get into game industry. Ironically that ended up with me launching yet another web site ( that serves as a portfolio site for talents in the game industry (programmers, artists, composers...).

Right now, I'm in between working on Skirmish, and learning more about Unity, game design, and brainstorming game ideas. I am also dipping my toes here and there trying to make simple art, but trust me, you don't wanna see it.

Tag, you're it!



Alright, I'm next :D

My name is Dherar AlRashoud, I have an associate in Computer Engineering from Public Authority of Applied Education and Training, graduated in 2008~ish. As I explain myself to friends and strangers, I'm an adult in denial

I've been on and off trying several things for my own entertainment. Went all the way from web development, Arduino and electronics hacks, general things about networking, reverse engineering, and security, and now I'm experimenting game development.

I've been using Unity3D since 2014 maybe, give and take. I built few demos that I can share with you guys later on. And now I'm exploring the possibility of releasing a real game in different platforms.

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @Q8GEEK

Who's next?


Hello there~

I'm the annoyance that's been posting, asking and inquiring all the way from reddit and instagram. My name's Mohamed Sarwat, graduated as a petroleum engineer in 2014, working as a graphic designer instead. I tinkered with so many things including arduino, programming, 2D and 3D design, short story writing, poetry, game development (though still early) and i am an otaku (invested in anime, manga, manhwa).

I want to go into the game development field with a rocket to be honest. I've been stuck in theories for a while, watching "Extra Credits" and other sources while tinkering with Unity3D and UE4. I have to say that i'm not specialized really, like a raw mass of potential that you can exploit.

I am excited and very grateful for such an event that could be the kickstart of what i've been looking for. Hope to meet you all there to benefit and be useful to others. If you need anything, know more or connect, feel free to come and say hi.

* Social Stuff:

-Instagram: @edgedsoul


-Portfolio(so bad):

Thanks again, take care and have a great day~

Jam Host

Thanks for introducing yourself.

Your camping festival art looks good and suitable for game assets. Thumbs up.

Your instagram... well, I can say we're gonna have so much fun time :D.

Looking forward to meet you.


should i be very worried about the three dots after "instagram..."? 🤔

Jam Host

nope i was just missing with you as it's fun account :). Nice cat! Hope it's joining the jam


i know 😁 i'm just kidding. I wish, the cat was mine a long time ago but couldn't travel with me, so i left him back home. Sure thing, looking forward to meeting everyone 🤗

Jam Host

Same here :)

Hi there guys

Glad to join this interesting community and super excited to work with such ambitious groups that I will learn a lot from.Can't wait to start hustling :)

My name is Abdulrazaq AlNassar

I am still an Undergraduate students from Kuwait University-College of Enginnerig & Peteoleum-Chemical Engineering Department.

Since I was a little kid, my little imaginative mind of mine was absolutely mesmerised by the content the TV had to offer back then. Cartoons (Spacetoon, Cartoon Network, Disney...etc) and talk shows helped creating the human being i am today. My tounge started learning the "right" kind of language (both Arabic & English) the way it's supposed to be learnt. That, as a result, brought me closer to the art of storytelling and imitation but haven't fully indulged in it, yet.

Here is a list of my humble activities in the past years that i tried to accomplish just as a hobby of mine to spend some time away from the engineering world.

1-I have been a member of a volunteering group called "Thoughts & Creativity Club" for 3 years.

2-Participated as a storyteller with Dr.Haifa AlSanousi from the department of arabic literature (Kuwait University) in her reading-improvements program done with the state of Ahmedi.

3-Had a role in a historical yet musical play created and presented to the public by Loyac called "Min Hawa AlAndalus" (you can google it to know more about the newspapers reviews) on September 2014 at Da'iya there where the prime minister and several hundreds of people witnessed it.

4-Also with LOYAC but this time with their "Little Loyacers" program targeting young ages of boys and girls, I had the opportunity to be join them and having couple of weekly storytelling sessions with the kids and finally wrapping everything up with a big closing ceremony on January 2015.

4-The Chemical Engineering Students Society (ChESS) ,located at Khladia's campus, picked me to be their "Head of Activities Committee" for the academic year 2014-2015.

5-Recently, I was named by the same previous society to be their "President" for the academic year 2015-2016.

6-Participated with several other teachers in an program that was approved by the ministry of education that was focusing on fusing the material in the students books (mainly Arabic and English literature) into more technological approaches such as audio books & interacting panels that would make the learning process much more intriguing than it is right now with the old-school ways of teaching.

7-Frequently doing storytelling sessions in Arabic & English for both Loyac and Q8BOOKSTORE until today.

Jam Host

thanks Abdulrazaq for this introduction. Would be great to start having game writers in Kuwait, as I'm sure right now we dont.

Q8bookstore: wow. Those guys still around :)

  1. I hope everyone gets a team with very well-rounder skills for a balanced competition. Yeah they are but got relocated to Yarmouk instead of Salmiya 😅 #Bookworms_till_death
Jam Host

wish same here.

I think devs are rarest breed here then artists.

Good to know they still are open :)

Hi ..

Name: Khazam Alhamdan ..

Title: Graduated Computer Engineer ..

Age: 24 ..

Gender: Male ..

Developer: Yes ..

Designer: No ..

Cool: Yes ..

Checkout my ANDROID little & old game

by any chance you would like to know me more follow me on instagram..


Jam Host

Hi Khazam,

Thanks for introducing yourself, and great to have you on board. See you Thursday :)

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Hello! I'm Omar Khalil. You may remember me as the programmer behind Witch Co. from Global Game Jam 2016 (It's in my profile if you want to have a look). At the moment I'm currently working on a small Breakout clone with a twist: touching the ball with the paddle is bad, so you'll need to fling falling bricks towards the ball to keep it going. Here's a gif:


(give it a while to load... I have no idea how to make optimized high quality gifs).

I've had tons of fun during the last game jam and I'm really looking forward to this one. See you all very soon!


Hello everyone

i know i'm super late for this

but later than never right!

My name is Abullah Boushehri, you can call me BeSho for short

i don't have so many things to say else than i love video games

and i will be really happy doing one even if its super simple

unfortunately i don't know how to program them

but what i know: Audio/Video editing - Drawing - game designer* - story writer* ( * : i didn't know that i can do them till GGJ 2016 )

i hope we all gonna have a great time doing what we love

see you guys there ^_^

Jam Host(+1)

As you said, better late than never. And thanks for the introduction. I have seen you in several Lucky GG videos I think.

Great to have you :)

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Jam Host


Thanks for sharing a brief about yourself. Def would be great to have you join the event, and everyone can get into a team :)

See you then.

Hello! i'm new here! just want to show a game i made with game maker studio.

I don't have many thing to tell on me, just that i like lua and that i don't code very well. :)

Now a dumb question: what do we win at the end?

Jam Host

LOL... that was you? We were wondering who uploaded this game.

The event is about gathering, making connections, and working with others over full weekend. Helps sharpen skills, and grow the community. There is no winner or rewards. The experience is the reward by itself.

nice! do you organise other game jams? i'm new i would like to make some friend.


Yes, we will most likely host Global Game Jam 2017's Kuwaiti Site!