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A big thank you :)

A topic by M.Sarwat created Oct 01, 2016 Views: 87 Replies: 1
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Now, i won't really talk much about how amazing this event was and how awesome people's creations and collaboration were... or maybe i will :)

This was my first game jam, but i really hope it won't be the last. I was going to leave after an hour of arriving on the first day to be honest, but i never loved being so wrong. I met people whom i never thought i'd meet, similar minded, intriguing and very interesting thinkers that can take over the world.

All teams experienced this sweet feeling of being right at home. The organization was beautiful because it was coming out of passionate hearts really. Honest, straight forward and simple. Just gave us the space and opportunity, told us to go ahead and innovate.

So, thank you :) for the opportunity, the chance and to all people whom attended and even clapped to encourage their fellow creators.

Stay awesome everyone. I just want to appeal to your passion to gaming and game dev. Let's not waste these amazing moments and this event's efforts. How? Simple, stay in touch. Let's keep chatting and reaching to one another. Let's have lan parties somewhere or even normal outings where we discuss further concepts related to what we all love and hate.

Again, i thank you all again :)

If you want to reach me, just hit me up on instagram or any other place



i too had a great time there

inshalla will see you guys in other jams in the future ^_^