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Now, i won't really talk much about how amazing this event was and how awesome people's creations and collaboration were... or maybe i will :)

This was my first game jam, but i really hope it won't be the last. I was going to leave after an hour of arriving on the first day to be honest, but i never loved being so wrong. I met people whom i never thought i'd meet, similar minded, intriguing and very interesting thinkers that can take over the world.

All teams experienced this sweet feeling of being right at home. The organization was beautiful because it was coming out of passionate hearts really. Honest, straight forward and simple. Just gave us the space and opportunity, told us to go ahead and innovate.

So, thank you :) for the opportunity, the chance and to all people whom attended and even clapped to encourage their fellow creators.

Stay awesome everyone. I just want to appeal to your passion to gaming and game dev. Let's not waste these amazing moments and this event's efforts. How? Simple, stay in touch. Let's keep chatting and reaching to one another. Let's have lan parties somewhere or even normal outings where we discuss further concepts related to what we all love and hate.

Again, i thank you all again :)

If you want to reach me, just hit me up on instagram or any other place


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Good day,

I was going to ask this in private but then i thought i'd leave it here for anyone else who's wondering about this.

From what i understand so far, this even will feature two major game engines: unity3d and unreal engine 4. For unity3d, the required specs are very good and it can run onmost outdated machines just fine. It can even run on some windows based tablets. There's no problem there.

As for UE4 however, the story is different. Minimum specs are a bit more demanding, also, for people who have a macbook or something, it's sluggish and really slow to run, let alone use and develop on.

So, my point is this: for convenience and portability, a laptop is the natural thing to bring to the jam, however, i doubt that most people are rocking a high end ROG, razer or alienware that can smoothly run UE4. I was considering bringing my pc, either attaching my own monitor to its side with a simple hack and have it become semi-portable or, if provided with a screen, bring the tower alone. However, i have no idea about the logistics and organizational viability of this idea. If every person brought their pc, would that be ok? Or is it something we'll have to deal with on our own?

Again, i'm just asking because i want to know if it's just my problem or if this is something that needs to be addressed.

Anyway, sorry for the annoyance

Thank you for your time and keep up the great work



I know it's not required to use any specific game engine, i'm just asking about the viability of bringing PCs vs Laptops :D

i know 😁 i'm just kidding. I wish, the cat was mine a long time ago but couldn't travel with me, so i left him back home. Sure thing, looking forward to meeting everyone 🤗

should i be very worried about the three dots after "instagram..."? 🤔

well, i highly recommend that we are provided with name stickers where we write our names bold and big, that way you can approach anyone and say hi, i think?

Hello there~

I'm the annoyance that's been posting, asking and inquiring all the way from reddit and instagram. My name's Mohamed Sarwat, graduated as a petroleum engineer in 2014, working as a graphic designer instead. I tinkered with so many things including arduino, programming, 2D and 3D design, short story writing, poetry, game development (though still early) and i am an otaku (invested in anime, manga, manhwa).

I want to go into the game development field with a rocket to be honest. I've been stuck in theories for a while, watching "Extra Credits" and other sources while tinkering with Unity3D and UE4. I have to say that i'm not specialized really, like a raw mass of potential that you can exploit.

I am excited and very grateful for such an event that could be the kickstart of what i've been looking for. Hope to meet you all there to benefit and be useful to others. If you need anything, know more or connect, feel free to come and say hi.

* Social Stuff:

-Instagram: @edgedsoul


-Portfolio(so bad):

Thanks again, take care and have a great day~

I'm really fond of the active replies from the organizers, thank you for that. I appreciate your insight, makes me even more excited. Most people aren't bad at being social, they just have a steeper curve to get out of the first encounter.

I'll make sure to try and find all of you there. Take care, have fun and Godspeed.

I think i agree. My point is that i'm looking forward to this event and your plan to help us connect together. Don't get me wrong, i fully support your event and am excited for it. Keep up the great work, see you there.

Good morning, good afternoon and good night (Trueman show reference, yes)

Now, i'm still not sure who's going to read this, but i'm going to write this anyway. Given the fact that this event is organized by Q8Geek (All respect for taking the initiative) and will be attended by a certain demographic and mindset, i believe that the organizers have a challenge. We are, by nature and due to our interests, probably going to be, more or less, socially awkward. I hear you random citizen, "Talk about yourself, we are social butterflies and party animals, woho!" Well, yeah, i believe that there will be more self confident people attending too. However, let's face it, there isn't a "real" or "solid" community existing outside similar events really. Think about the otakus, they rarely connect in large scale outside Q8con. I hope that our great organizers have a plan to tackle this issue and break down the Mei-level icewalls (Overwatch reference?) That might be there. I have my hopes up though, call it faith in the organizers? Perhaps.

So, just spoke my mind out, hope to see you there, take care.