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Hello there~

I'm the annoyance that's been posting, asking and inquiring all the way from reddit and instagram. My name's Mohamed Sarwat, graduated as a petroleum engineer in 2014, working as a graphic designer instead. I tinkered with so many things including arduino, programming, 2D and 3D design, short story writing, poetry, game development (though still early) and i am an otaku (invested in anime, manga, manhwa).

I want to go into the game development field with a rocket to be honest. I've been stuck in theories for a while, watching "Extra Credits" and other sources while tinkering with Unity3D and UE4. I have to say that i'm not specialized really, like a raw mass of potential that you can exploit.

I am excited and very grateful for such an event that could be the kickstart of what i've been looking for. Hope to meet you all there to benefit and be useful to others. If you need anything, know more or connect, feel free to come and say hi.

* Social Stuff:

-Instagram: @edgedsoul


-Portfolio(so bad):

Thanks again, take care and have a great day~

Thanks for introducing yourself.

Your camping festival art looks good and suitable for game assets. Thumbs up.

Your instagram... well, I can say we're gonna have so much fun time :D.

Looking forward to meet you.

should i be very worried about the three dots after "instagram..."? 🤔

nope i was just missing with you as it's fun account :). Nice cat! Hope it's joining the jam

i know 😁 i'm just kidding. I wish, the cat was mine a long time ago but couldn't travel with me, so i left him back home. Sure thing, looking forward to meeting everyone 🤗

Same here :)