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Requiem for the socially awkward

A topic by M.Sarwat created Sep 03, 2016 Views: 329 Replies: 11
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Good morning, good afternoon and good night (Trueman show reference, yes)

Now, i'm still not sure who's going to read this, but i'm going to write this anyway. Given the fact that this event is organized by Q8Geek (All respect for taking the initiative) and will be attended by a certain demographic and mindset, i believe that the organizers have a challenge. We are, by nature and due to our interests, probably going to be, more or less, socially awkward. I hear you random citizen, "Talk about yourself, we are social butterflies and party animals, woho!" Well, yeah, i believe that there will be more self confident people attending too. However, let's face it, there isn't a "real" or "solid" community existing outside similar events really. Think about the otakus, they rarely connect in large scale outside Q8con. I hope that our great organizers have a plan to tackle this issue and break down the Mei-level icewalls (Overwatch reference?) That might be there. I have my hopes up though, call it faith in the organizers? Perhaps.

So, just spoke my mind out, hope to see you there, take care.


Otakus are Otakus, they're interested in Q8CON because it satisfies their interest in multiple categories; playing competitive games, animes, and cosplaying.

Game Jam is totally different, it's focused on those who are interested in developing games.

It's a growing community. But I can only go so far if you guys don't help me grow it up!


I think i agree. My point is that i'm looking forward to this event and your plan to help us connect together. Don't get me wrong, i fully support your event and am excited for it. Keep up the great work, see you there.


Thanks :D
I hope things work better than I hope for

Jam Host

Thanks for bringing up this topic. I'm helping organize the event this time, and I'm extremely socially withdrawn. So trust me, I know where you're coming from.

However from my past experience at Kuwait Global Game Jam, many people are very open and welcoming. I only came for short time, shared some thoughts with a group, and they were more than happy to get me more involved.

A good tip is to try and arrive early on the first day, before it gets too crowded. It's always harder to break into large group. I've had that feeling before. And to make it easier, once you're there, ask either for me or Dherar and we'll make sure to make it an easier introduction :)

Thing is, people here are looking to have fun making games. So they all have shared interest in talking to others, even if they relent it.


I'm really fond of the active replies from the organizers, thank you for that. I appreciate your insight, makes me even more excited. Most people aren't bad at being social, they just have a steeper curve to get out of the first encounter.

I'll make sure to try and find all of you there. Take care, have fun and Godspeed.

Jam Host

Glad you're finding the discussion useful. And I'm confident you will find yourself more social than me eventually :)


Just call Ahmad and let him play "the name game"..

whoever attended the previous event [Global Game Jam] would know what I'm talking about 😂

Jam Host (1 edit)

There is an article about it


Actually, yes.

I should!


well, i highly recommend that we are provided with name stickers where we write our names bold and big, that way you can approach anyone and say hi, i think?


That way "The Name Game" wouldn't be useful at all :p

maybe add name tags before the pitches