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PCs & Laptops (Oh God, what now?)

A topic by M.Sarwat created Sep 15, 2016 Views: 307 Replies: 2
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Good day,

I was going to ask this in private but then i thought i'd leave it here for anyone else who's wondering about this.

From what i understand so far, this even will feature two major game engines: unity3d and unreal engine 4. For unity3d, the required specs are very good and it can run onmost outdated machines just fine. It can even run on some windows based tablets. There's no problem there.

As for UE4 however, the story is different. Minimum specs are a bit more demanding, also, for people who have a macbook or something, it's sluggish and really slow to run, let alone use and develop on.

So, my point is this: for convenience and portability, a laptop is the natural thing to bring to the jam, however, i doubt that most people are rocking a high end ROG, razer or alienware that can smoothly run UE4. I was considering bringing my pc, either attaching my own monitor to its side with a simple hack and have it become semi-portable or, if provided with a screen, bring the tower alone. However, i have no idea about the logistics and organizational viability of this idea. If every person brought their pc, would that be ok? Or is it something we'll have to deal with on our own?

Again, i'm just asking because i want to know if it's just my problem or if this is something that needs to be addressed.

Anyway, sorry for the annoyance

Thank you for your time and keep up the great work



I know it's not required to use any specific game engine, i'm just asking about the viability of bringing PCs vs Laptops :D

Jam Host

Good question, thanks. My suggestion would be for ease of use to bring laptop. I will inquire about a PC for you. Are you planning on leaving it over the weekend, or carrying it back home?


Essentially, we will always encourage bringing a laptop for mobility, portability, and security reasons.

However, there's no real rule against bringing a PC. You'll have to figure out the logistics and installation, but it shouldn't be a problem after that.

In fact, you can keep it overnight throughout the event. We might even be able to secure you a corner for your setup. I'll have to personally confirm it, but we'll be locking the venue personally. So we'd keep an eye on your stuff. But don't hold us responsible of what happens to it. We're not going to punch it or try to hack it, or both, we just don't want to deal with your computer if something happened that's beyond our control.