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Ooof. Ok as someone who sufferers from Agoraphobia and PTSD this chapter 12 hit sooo much to heart it was rough getting through the beginning part of it. Between instantly relating to everything Vita was going through and then the immediate concerns the MC had afterwards... ugh.  I had to take a break.  I'm not sure if there was a trigger warning at the beginning of the game but I'd recommend putting one in the beginning of the game or in the beginning of chapters that discusses topics like that please. I wasn't prepared for the flashbacks I had and subsequent episodes.

However I will say that goes to show how the writing and delivery was spot on when it can be too close to home for someone like me.

Now to see if I can complete chapter 12...

POST EDIT: Apparently I had like 3 minutes more to read... but of course tears since again relatable ugh.  Stupid feelings go back in the cage like you're supposed to be.  Well done with the writing.

I started over and it displayed fine normally when I got to that point again.  Must be related to the old save/new sprites.

Windows OS, this appeared right after loading a saved game when using the new build. Very creepy hehe.

Ahhhh I love this story.  So many tears this build grrrrr.  Stupid hateful things.  Making my shirt all wet for no reasons.  Happy Holidays and stay safe out there!

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According to this.... Advanced Choicescript - Choice of Games LLC  All you need to do is create an image in your game's directory and just put in the right tags? CS should just parse it as long as its in the same directory as your other game files? According to the rules of the JAM that logo must be included so hopefully you get this figured out!  Might want to create a new thread though for any followup questions or hoping for response for a clearer response to this question since it isn't related to Lore.

I actually agree 100% with everything you mentioned.  You worded all my issues much better than I could have!  After catching up with the current build in one sitting like you did, I walked away with the same feeling of "I want more, but conflicted."

There was just one other thing that I felt should be brought up.  The MC reaction to beastmen.  He admits he has like zero experience of how the "real world" reacts to things.  Its the whole point of him going out of his home town.  However he has this deep rooted fear that all beastmen, except for the ones in his town, are completely hostile to humans.  He admits nothing really happens to his town because it was so isolated.  Yet somehow he has this impression beastmen just continue to raid and pillage human settlements.  If his own personal experience with beastmen were those that were non-violent and even likeable in his hometown, when he first meets a beastmen that is of the same mindset (Val)... why is he so distrustful and really an ass to him?  Yes the bandit scene happens before hand and thus roots the fear in, but I feel like that shouldn't have been enough to overwrite his own personal experience when meeting his only second person outside of his town.  First one is the bandit, second Val.  Val being the good guy that aligned with his own experiences... I feel like he wouldn't be so distrustful to have run away?  I mean carried him away by basically bridal style run through the forests, hunts him dinner, takes first watch, and listened to and accepted any requests from the MC.  That is like soap opera material that would have been flooded with a bunch of meme's saying "I'd ship that".

Something like both interactions with the bandit happens in 1 sitting.  before Val takes the MC too far he struggles with being held gets let go and runs away from Val only to run into the bandit who's still chasing them.  After that then the campfire scene happens.  Granted the MC would be very injured at this point, it would give the story a location on when Val patched up his injuries.  It was glossed over with the interaction in the inn, but its mentioned Val did a lot of the patching up and the innkeeper took over from there.  The concussion could explain the lack of memories and possible distrust still of Val.  But like you said the first 3 chapters were almost rushed.

Now excuse my wall of text as I tried to explain my thinking.  I ended up loving the story so I stayed to the end and eagerly wait for more.  Such an interesting take of the "human lost in a world of beastmen" genre.  What started that fear?  It sounded like the MC expected the world to be most human civilization with his deep fear of interacting with beastmen?  Since why would he leave the town if he expects all beastmen outside of a few to be so aggressive?  He must have expected all major cities etc to be mostly human?

Just to confirm I did go through all the chapters again and noticed they were fixed!  Also not sure if you meant for the guide to be in the English version but it contains major spoilers since we only have Act 1 and it goes through the end of the story?

I mean... if I saw that in real life... that character wearing one I'd swoon and then be afraid.  They really do rule the world.  But yeah that is why I chuckle when that scene happens.  First time I saw it I was so confused hah.

Just in case it helps found another one...

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/tl/english/capitulo06.rpy", line 5539, in script

    lucas "—...But... {w Do you know such a person...?"

Exception: Open text tag at end of string u'\u2014...But... {w Do you know such a person...?'.

I don't know if you realize, but every time I see this I have to chuckle.  To me it looks like a certain character is wearing a fedora hat.  Now that I've pointed it out you can not unsee it!  hehe

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That was quick and I'm testing it now!  I don't mind the skip part!  I will point out something I can only assume is due to the translation to english.  There are quite a few places throughout that shows unicode errors such as what I copied below.  Honestly Once I've read what the text is supposed to display, I've just hit ignore and it moves right along.  So doesn't bother me none or breaks the game in any fashion like that color preference did.  This is a very common error in all programming when dealing with localization and unicode characters.  Hopefully you won't have to redo all the translations again!  If you need more examples of this I'll try to capture them when I skip through to get back to chapter 10.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While processing text tag {w = 0.3} in u'\u2014How brave... {w = 0.3} the last time a real person rented that roof he lost both hands and legs due to a fire apparently caused out of nowhere.'.:

  File "game/tl/english/prologo.rpy", line 2144, in script

    anciano "—How brave... {w = 0.3} the last time a real person rented that roof he lost both hands and legs due to a fire apparently caused out of nowhere."

Exception: Unknown text tag u'w = 0.3'

Ahhh! That's why that sounded so familiar!  Thank you for the reference!  Well done.  Seriously, think I played the song like 4 times before Iet it move on.  Tears each time.  I honestly relate to this story you're telling too well.  Almost everything is an autobiography so far.  Different locations and names obviously but everything else is almost the same.  Its uncanny.  Thank you for sharing.

The options regarding the helmet, my option was orange.  I was shown the text for it and then again for blue.  Both times it referenced it before and after the trip with when first receiving the gift and then text message with Hamil.

Wow, just wow.  So powerful these last few chapters are.  The special moment camping brought tears to my eyes.  Would you be able to post the translation to the song?  I picked a few phrases here and there and managed to get the gist of it.  However it was still beautiful.  That cliff hanger though.  Ugh.  You know the story is captivating when you shout out loud "NO" when the end of the content shows up.  *sigh* I'll wait impatiently for the next release!  Well done.

...  If you read the third paragraph of this page... "Be advised that this is still just a stand-alone chapter, therefore loading and saving the game has been temporarily disabled."

The 5.56 ammo from the scout rifle and that you get from the quartermaster for the Debris Walkers doesn't seem to be tracking in your inventory.  I've bought some and still have 0.  He even gives you x20 of them as part of the initial new recruit thing.  Nothing.

Its not just new games, its loading old ones as well.  New version completely killed the game from being playable.  The multiple masters/end story arc npcs automatically added to the mansion and strange stats/resources.  Nothing works quite right.

As I mentioned this happens to be a passion of mine and I'm excited that you're taking the request seriously!  I have no problem reviewing anything.  I just may be a bit slow sometimes in responding.

That screenshot is a thing of beauty.  To give you an idea of how much that has improved clarity, I could read that without having to view the full size image.  Viewing the full size image I see the black outline and that is perfect in this regard.  It further accentuates the contrast without being so in your face in other methods.  Thank you thank you and thank you again for taking the request seriously

If you mouse over the big number in the middle it talks about meeting AA and AAA requirements.  Just know that AA the minimum for most people.  AAA covers almost everyone.  Only very select cases does it not meet the needs of everyone.  Try to hit AAA if possible (4.5 ratio, also written as 4.5:1)  AA as a secondary (3, also written as 3:1)  That :1 added is basically black text/white background.  Best possible contrast.

Thank you for taking the time to research and test things.  To answer your question here is a website that helps in determining if you've got enough contrast in regards to text:

Contrast Ratio: Easily calculate color contrast ratios. Passing WCAG was never this easy! (

That should link you to it prefilled with the background and text color of the splash screen before the changes you just mentioned (I took a screenshot and grabbed the color values for them).  That number in the middle is what is important.  While 3+ barely meets the min contrast ratio, it is only a pass in the regards to the font sizes that are larger.  According to WCAG that is 18pt font size and above or 14pt bold font and above.  The magic number you want is above 4.5.  If you change the color for the text (field on the right) to just plain white (#ffffff or just type white) you'll see that number jump very high.

21 is the best in the contrast ratio. 4.5 is min for most cases of visual impairments in regards to contrast impairments and colorblindness.

I can't tell you what font/color to use as its your vision.  All I can help is guide you to make informed choices.  Higher contrast is always better and covers most impairments.  Just the fact that you took the time to read/adjust shows a lot in your character.  Thank you very much.

For the a highly detailed explanation in this regard:  Understanding Success Criterion 1.4.3: Contrast (Minimum) (

If that's too much (it is even for me), the key take away is this one paragraph:


People with low vision often have difficulty reading text that does not contrast with its background. This can be exacerbated if the person has a color vision deficiency that lowers the contrast even further. Providing a minimum luminance contrast ratio between the text and its background can make the text more readable even if the person does not see the full range of colors. It also works for the rare individuals who see no color.

As a side: The OpenDyslexic font in the settings actually is everything that I mentioned regarding the font choice.  Hah.  I just noticed the prompt in game to use it to make things easier to read.  In fact it was way worse!

Hey there, great story however the recent changes did a number on my eyesight.  Please keep accessibility in mind in regards to graphic/visual updates.  Right from the launch from the game I am already having a hard time reading text on the screen.  This being a visual novel style of game that's very important.

The launch screen is what prompted me to write this comment.  Love the new animated space travel background.  Hate the color of the menu and the music note.  Its too close in hue of the background and needs a stronger contrast.  I will give props on the animation though because without that moving behind the text I actually wouldn't have been able to notice the words at all.  Even moving into the actual story itself the musical note I only am able to see it during certain scenes with higher contrast.

Some common ways to improve readability for us with tired/poor/colorblind visual impairments are: Use a brighter color, give the text a brighter stroke/outline, give the whole menu a black/translucent background to make further bring the colors apart contrast wise.  

Also, not that you've done it (thankfully) but for the love of all, please please do not ever use a crazy font for any large part of text you're expecting your readers to read.  IE you know the actual story.  They're acceptable for things like titles, headers etc.  Never for your main body of text.   Again you're not part of that group of developers but since I was talking about readability thought I'd mention it.  

Often typography and accessibility are never thought about but are a complete blocker to many when reading is the main part of this genre.  They just happen to be a passion of mine from previous employment and my own impairments. 

Although I would go so far to call that sentence a run on sentence.  I offer the following as an alternative:

"He heard that I recently moved to Norway.  After the first class I had with his group, he came to me and asked if I was liking it here."

D&D at its heart is a storytelling interactive ruleset for you and fellow players.  Alter what you want and still keep the D&D feel.  Its your world and you're the dungeon master.  As what other stated you pulled enough off that we instantly related to it and accepted the changes.  It provided the theme and the effect and kept us reading on in full enjoyment.

Here is an excerpt from the Dungeon Master's guide, pg 263 

"As the Dungeon Master, you aren’t limited by the rules in the Player’s Handbook, the guidelines in these rules, or the selection of monsters in the Monster Manual. You can let your imagination run wild."

You're doing fine and as someone who has being playing since I was 5 years old.  I've DM'ed around the country and literally have 1000's of player's character's stat cards sitting in a box next to me.  If I sat at a table with you as a DM and you provided that same captivating experience in this VN... I'd be asking you after the session when is the next one and where do I sign up?

Just wanted to point out, think this is an old bug that has been looked over a few times.  Spencer's route when asked about if you wanted to wear the hat or not.  It proceeds in the story line as the opposite of what you picked.  If you pick to wear the hate, in the club later it proceeds as if you didn't wear it.  If you choose to not wear the hat,it proceeds as if you did!  hehe.  Thanks for your hard work.

Ahh I was going to reply that it was a green orb or yellow orb.  Yellow/Orange tends to be my go to choice for colors hah.  :)

Hey also noticed that he always assumes blue orb.  I went back and started from beginning and made sure I picked a different color and it was the same.  Mentions blue but not the color I originally picked.

Got an error right after Pierre pulls out the silver orb and shows the MC how to use it.  Here:

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 6339, in <module>
NameError: name 'greenpath' is not defined
-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
Full traceback:
  File "script.rpyc", line 6335, in script
  File "D:\Itch\limits\Limits-1.04-pc\renpy\", line 1832, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "D:\Itch\limits\Limits-1.04-pc\renpy\", line 2059, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
  File "D:\Itch\limits\Limits-1.04-pc\renpy\", line 2052, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
  File "game/script.rpy", line 6339, in <module>
NameError: name 'greenpath' is not defined

Congratulations on this release!  Its an impressive feat to start something as a project like this undertakes and to see it through to the end!

Can you version the builds?  After the past 2 updates you've done when I try to launch the game now I'm presented with this and have to try to guess which one is the most recent one.  I went by file size before but this hotfix build is the same size and thus its a crap shoot on which is correct.

Check out Rob's trilogy "Galactic Conspiracies" set in the same universe.  Something tells me you'd enjoy that story line a lot from this comment... ;)

  1. I very much can't do the stone work mini-game.  The shapes all look the same to me and the only difference I'm noticing is the size of the stone blocks in the cut outs.  But there isn't a reference point in the rest of the wall to use to know which size stone blocks to pick?  I've tried the game 10 times (as I was determined to try to figure it out) and I failed it each time no more getting maybe 1 or 2 right. 
  2. The level of comfort in the home bar at the top left.  It doesn't have any clue on what the purpose of it and why I should care about it.  Doesn't tell me if there's any negatives or positives etc.  Why should I be concerned over repairing my home first vs the other quests.
  3. The fireplace and door in the home to repair.  Perhaps indicate that if I repair them I'd be able to start crafting my own consumables for combat?  At least I'm assumming that's what it does as I haven't bothered to do them yet.  Goes along the line with #2 there's no indication on why I should contemplate prioritizing them over other things.

Yeah almost all of day 4 is broke because of that error message. :

It was on my way back through if that helps.  Trying to avoid spoiler

Seem to somehow got myself stuck.

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Public versions are released 30 days after the Patreons get it

The issue with the red berries everyone mentioned could be addressed to changing them to a different berry.  The blue/yellow (where do you even get white?) aren't used nearly enough that would help with the more advanced formulas.  Also I think the improved lust one is broken.  Its not accepting the extra ingredient you get from wolves...