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Thanks! Cool that you offer a web version, too :)

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The binary runs in forced fullscreen, and on my multimonitor (ultrawide) setup, this means I can't see a lot of stuff so it's not playable. A lot of games do this, it would be nice if alt-enter would give you a resizable windowed version..

hf, if you have any issues, I'm happy to send you my source, just let me know

Good for her!

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Thanks so much! I'm aware of the keyboard bug, I already have a patched version waiting, but I can only upload it after the jam rating period of course :)

The clouds are made with fluid dynamics, which I based on a paper by Jos Stam and a youtube video "But How DO Fluid Simulations Work?" by "Inspecto" (can't link it for it'll embed the video here lol). It's less complex than I thought. The code is just a few functions really :)

I like it a lot!

Hard as nails, can't get past the 4th spikes lol. It's not very fun because it misses all these nuances most platform games have (like jumping lower when pressing space shorter, having a bit of forgiveness when jumping juuust past a platform etc). What I do like is the smooth camera movement.

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It went way too fast on my computer, it's impossible to dodge asteroids. It did make me laugh very hard because of that, though. (Maybe you should update the physics on FixedUpdate instead of Update?)

What I do like a lot is that you explain how it works with voice that just plays during the game. That's a nice way of doing a tutorial!

thanks :D

super creepy! nice a e s t h e t i c!


Congrats on your first game :) It's not bad, I think having sounds would be a nice improvement!

Looks very cute and the animations are very nice. I didn't really understand what the coins do though, they seem to kinda randomly throw you around?

I'm missing a fun factor, I think this is a fun mechanic 'within' a broader concept, but not as the whole game.

What I do like is the programming, it's fast, you can resize window, no lag etc, code seems solid.

I think it's an original idea and I like the simple design. But because it's very prototype'y there's just not much game yet :) Still, I see potential if you were to continue working on this.

There's a bug: I forgot to check for availability of gamepad, so it assumes you have one, and won't work otherwise. So: GAMEPAD IS NECESSARY! Sorry :)

Very atmospheric game, and trying to breed the most fancypants fish is a fun challenge :)

congrats on making this beauty!

same! I did a run where I just appeased one single group, and I figured everyone else must have ran to the opposing party, but somehow I destroyed them at the polls :s was a bit of a letdown!

I'm afraid it won't work on english PC, get filename error while unpacking. I think it has to do with japanese characters in the filenames?

Thanks!! I think the pause at the start is loading of some assets eg. music, I'll see if I can make it seem less 'crashy' :P
Thanks for the help!

I've been working on a Linux port, you can download my test version from - it would be very helpful if you could give it a try and tell me if it works for you!

Sorry for the long wait, but I'm working on a Linux port. You can download my test version from - it would be very helpful if you could give it a try and tell me if it works for you, and what distro you are using!

Most underrated game ever!

clever game, and nice minimal artstyle

this sucks! I hope MS takes it down fast!

Sorry man, I've been busy with the steam release. I'm gonna take a look later this week and let you know!

cool concept! I have the problem that I'm constantly trying to click space to release the rope, instead of clicking the mouse. I guess controls aren't very intuitive for me. But otherwise this concept is fun!

thanks for being understanding of my reply :)

and for the 4 player debug! I think I may have hardcoded the 'start button' gamepad code; maybe I should make that configurable, too. when are you planning to have friends over? I can make a temporary version for you with the start button removed for all players except p1, for example :)

hiya! thanks again for your feedback! I'm afraid I'm gonna have to disappoint you on some of them, though;

1. my idea was to have to go with a single tactical setup per game, as a deliberate constraint, so you'd have to deal with your initial choices even if they turn out wrong. (it helps that the games are only 5 minutes long anyway). also, because in PES, it always annoyed me that people kept on making tactical changes during the game, because these pauses take you out of the flow. (it's also kinda hard to build in now even if I wanted to, because of the way I coded it technically)

2. I've looked in to this issue, but the thing is; you are probably playing the cup mode, right? because in that mode, the teams are already selected, so your feedback makes sense; however, in the 'normal' mode, the team selection happens *after* the side selection, because else I have no way of knowing who is to select the teams at all yet! so the lack of flags in world cup mode is because it uses the same menu screen as the normal side selection screen. I could still add the flags/team names to the world cup version, of course, but it's kind of a low prio change because it does take more work than you may expect, for a minor issue :$ (sorry)

3. true, that's a bit of a limitation of my menu code; I think the same thing happens in other selectors. again, point taken, but low prio fix

sorry for not being helpful this time :P I still very much appreciate your feedback, but I need to push through with the steam release (they require tons of images for the library etc :/) and fixing some more game-breaking bugs. I may address some of your points in a later patch!

I've never played with more than 2 players, so I'm very curious if that works right! let me know if you manage to make it happen :)

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Thanks! Your suggestions have been most useful, so keep em coming :P

I've made sure the camera was positioned correctly.. on the default zoom level :D I see now I should have updated the code after I added zoom support; the camera should definitely be more towards the center of the pitch when zoomed out :) Thanks for debugging!

Very happy to hear you like the improvements, and that the coop & vs player was enjoyable!

uploaded new version with 1-2 passes, better sidestep dribbles, soundtrack, and some more fixes :)

thanks! i'll make the shake a little less extreme and try the thwack->goooal thing :) I don't want to put too much more time in this for now, so I'll leave it at that :P

I've added some goal shake (may need some tweaking) and a goooooool sample :) see end of this video:

Shaky goal + sound sounds like a good idea, I'm on it!

I like the pinball-tennis idea :D I've considered various pinball-mixed-with-other-genres too, there's a lot of fun possibilities when you throw in ball mechanics :P Maybe I can make a prototype of such a concept after this game :)

I'm really not looking forward to making net bulge mechanics, sounds hard :P BUT I agree some effect is needed! How about fireworks/confetti coming from the goal when you score?

Cool that you like Godot, I hear more people being positive about it! I'm coming from C++ so C# is probably better for me; I'm always fighting with Python :P But I guess it really depends where you are coming from and what you are used to :)

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Ohh Turbosliders looks very similar to my game! I swear I had never heard of it before now :D Seems a lot of fun!

Thanks for your kind words on my other projects! I did make a lot of stuff over the years, though it annoys me that I never finished anything; which is why I want to just finish this game so bad, without enlarging the scope all too much :)

Btw, a tennis game (in some abstract interpretation) is also on my todo wishlist, ballgames are fun! Also, some pinball game would be fun!

I acknowledge that your idea about very different teams, it may work well, but I have to keep that for a future project; I don't want to change too much anymore for this one. One of my future football games ideas is to also have very individualistic differences between the players; this would be denoted using hats. So if you put a hard-hat on a player, they become very strong in defense, or you can put a wizard hat on em, they get some weird tricks, etc. But yeah ideas for a future game ;)

Oh and a good point about the xenophobic connotations, didn't really realize that possibility.. but I'm not going to have my behavior changed by some woke dicks, so I'm gonna keep it in :P

Btw what language/engine do you program in?

1-2 passes is a great idea!

a question about team individuality; I did try that; for example, japan has great ball control but are very slow, most african teams are more the opposite, south-american teams have generally higher agility etc. is this not what you mean? or do you mean more extreme differences?

I fully agree on the presentation part. I made it a bit too generic. My original idea was to make it look like an MSX game - very barebones - but with modern gameplay. I guess maybe I should have gone for that, to stand out :) The idea for street football is also fun; I can still consider making other types of fantasy stadiums, but at this point I just want to release soon, and then update it later - or start a new footy game with better presentation/other graphics to start with.

(In fact, I started a few years ago with an isometric style game, with a bit larger scope; but it was a bit too big so then I made this as a way of just having a game in the market, to get some experience with that. I may continue working on that other game later.. not sure yet. The idea was to have 5-7 completely different teams, with themed stadiums. I made one so far: https://www dot (replace the 'dot'; if I paste the full link, it'll embed the video and I don't want that :) ))

Thanks so much for your kind words! I really needed that. I'm having trouble keeping up motivation since there seems to be little interest in my game :)

About the game speed; I notice that making it faster makes it more reflex-oriented, while making it slower makes it more tactics-oriented. I prefer the latter, though I understand that's a personal thing. I will consider a game speed slider for this.

The curve ball idea is a good one!

Radar/zoom good ideas, though I may add it later (I really want to release ASAP, this project is starting to drag on a bit)

Side selection, good point!


I am considering it, but only after it's done. However, I'm considering releasing a Linux version, if Unity allows me to easily do so :)