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Yes! I always upload all patches here and to steam at the same time, and will keep doing that :) (sorry for late reply)

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The time trial tracks are always the same, they are using the same seed every time. The single race and campaign tracks use a random seed :)

This is really well-made! Nice

No, part of the game is that you have to respond quickly to incoming corners, I'm afraid!

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Thanks man! I have been thinking a lot about sharing the knowledge I gained over the years, but I find it really hard, I'm not a teacher type at all. I've tried some blog posts in the past but I really hate writing them lol. I hope someday I can force myself to document some stuff.

Either way I appreciate your kind words <3

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Wow, I'm really impressed. Almost perfect for my taste.

If I had to change anything I would like a little more oversteer, and same for brake balance, as in that braking and steering makes the car slide a little. This is not really a problem since the handbrake can force the car into a slide anyway, but I prefer the normal steering/braking to do that a bit more already, too.

That's just nitpicking about my taste though. All in all, I would love to see a finished game with these graphics and these driving physics/feel. So please keep up the good work!

hiya, thanks!

the way I do dribbling is:

when player is not touching ball, walk into direction where ball is (actually, prediction of future ball position)

when player is touching ball, set ball velocity to be a combination of the player movement direction, and the direction of input/stick (these are not always the same if your player has momentum/sluggishness, after all)

I hope this helps?

fcking master!

Thanks! Someone else suggested that kind of controls too, so I think I will make it an option (I'm planning on making a 'full version' of this game) :)

Audio is indeed sorely lacking! Will definitely add that in the non-jam-version!

Web version, it did stutter a bit, but if nobody else reports this it may just have been my computer doing something in the background!

Good luck :D

I really like the concept, but I have problems with the execution.

The steering system is great, but you can't see forward very far, so it's random whether you'll hit something. That's my biggest issue.

The rhythm element could also be a bit better, maybe allow for some margin, and then have the biggest acceleration when you press at the right time, and a medium acceleration when you press it *almost* right.

Also, for some reason, the game gets choppy, not sure if that's just me?

Either way I think this has potential if the issues are addressed, and could be a very addictive game!

Thanks! I will!

(btw I don't know anything about American football either lol, I hope I didn't misrepresent it :P)

Well-made game, good graphics, I think the concept is fun, but it would be cool if you yourself could also throw weird balls == take the concept a bit further.

Tip: if possible, upload game as browser version, then more people will rate it

Ahh thanks for explaining. It could indeed have been made more clear, but I understand the time constraints of a jam can get in the way.

Either way, still gonna give it high marks because apart from that, it's a really well-made, professional looking game.

Thanks man! I think I will continue on this game later on so thanks for the ideas/criticism!

I'm sure this is a great game but I have no idea how to play it. Random limbs keep dying and I don't know if I need to use them more often or if I specifically should not, it doesn't seem to matter? Or am I missing something?

This is the winner for me. Very well-made, including 'ingame cutscenes', a chase scene, humour, and I did really like the feel of the space-bar boost, including the water sounds.

Had to laugh at "YOU DIED -> I disagree" (it's spelled with one s btw. but still ;))

Also the credits, lol :D

A great effort for a 3 day project! Things get pretty frantic, but I managed to stop the team from scoring.

A few criticism: it took me a while to understand that low score == good, maybe it could have said; opponent score:, or have a score counter for yourself for every time you 'out' a runner. Also, when you 'win', there's not message that you won, so that's a bit of an anticlimax :P

Thank you :$

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Not the most original of concepts, and I think the execution in gameplay is a bit 'harsh' too (smoother up-down movements, and more forgiving hitboxes, would be great), but I do really like the pixely artwork, so I still have a good feeling about it overall.

This is a very original idea and it works great! Could have potential for an actual game I think

this game is great, I love the music, and it's very scary to have the killer thingy approach you. I also like how the inner loop is fastest, correct physics there

yeah the hitboxes are a bit off and that makes it annoying. fun graphics though

ah sorry for the false accusations then, I missed that! :)

It took me a while to figure out I had to repeatedly tap the keys displayed on screen :)

I would have found it nice to use the cursor keys with my right hand so I could type with the left. Or maybe it's deliberate WASD to make it harder?

I did very much enjoy the graphics and the special moves made me laugh :D

This game looks really good, but I wonder if all art & programming were done in the minijam window? The assets look a bit 'too good' for such little time.. but who knows :P

The moving around feels really good, with the wobble and everything.

I do miss a bit of gameplay though, like, it's pretty casual and there's little sense of tension.

I'm not sure if it's just me but I just fail to recognize what glove to use per robo-glove. Not sure which is left or right, but also they look too similar to recognize in the hectic situation. So I end up just button mashing in frustration and failing :P

The game looks really nice though. Clever to use the game jam color scheme :P

That's odd! What browser? And are you running full screen or windowed? I will ask some friends and see if they have the same issue. Thanks for reporting!

Very nice looking game! I also like good boys and skating so that helps!

I think it would be way more fun though if it was like 5 times as fast from the start. It just feels so frustratingly sluggish and I can't get past that start because I keep on miss-timing because that slow speed is unintuitive.

Also it would be cool if you could land on some objects like benches without penalty, mario style :P

Either way, still the best looking game I came across so far, well done!

This is my favorite so far. It's pretty complete as a game.

I did bump in to some annoyances, for example, when clicking around in panic while dying, I accidentally clicked the button that restarted the game because there's no pause between dying and that menu :P Also, once I found and caught the key but somehow I couldn't get through the door in level 2? Maybe some collision boxes that are a bit off? (could just be me though).

Either way, I give it high ratings because it's a playable game from start to finish, and every aspect of feels 'well done', which is rare for a jam game!

Sometimes the cheese bounced right in my face close to the start, while another time it was nowhere to be found :P so I guess that's a bit (too) random. I do like the concept of cheese hunting though, since I really like cheese.

The concept is a bit simple - just press space as fast as you can, which I think isn't very fun, but I can see some people like this kind of thing. It's too easy though, even on hard, and once you've passed the opponent you can just tap space slowly to keep the tempo up.

I do like the music and the visuals very much though, so 5 stars for that.

I think with a bit of tweaking, to make the difficulty a bit tighter, so you actually have to fight until the finish line, this could make a fun game!

I didn't really get the concept - I just kept on adding bouncers randomly because things are going too fast to really do anything tactical (unless I'm missing something?)

Other than that, the game looks okay and the sounds and music are fun, so 5 stars for presentation, but the gameplay leaves something to be desired, sorry!

Not really my type of game, but I loved the presentation, with the music and sound effects, and the funny players. My highscore is shameful though so I won't share it lol

Thanks! And what can I say, I really like cookies!

Thanks! I might continue on this project, I'm gonna consider the dodge move too, that might well make it more interesting indeed :)

Hm thanks, that's odd. What distance did you get without giving any input? The enemies are a bit random so maybe you got lucky?

The controls are simply the cursor keys (or analog stick if you have a gamepad), thanks I should have made that clear somewhere

I don't find this very fun to play, mostly frustrating. However, I love the presentation, looks very nice and polished.

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