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Thank you so much! I'm using Unity.

It's kinda hard to explain all the details of the possession and the dribbles! I did write an (unfinished) document with various details if you're interested I hope it can be of use for you :)

I'm not working on this game anymore (sorry!), as I'm busy now with a follow up game that has a league mode with player transfers and such!

I found your football game on Steam, looks so cute! Good luck with development :)


Thank you! I'm continually trying to improve upon the dribbling, and there isn't much online tutorials regarding football games. Maybe you found this too. So it's interesting to see how others tackle these things. I've started having a read of your article, it's really well written, I'd love to put together something like that of my own once I have the time. I've noted a couple of things I'd like to experiement with my own game too. Thanks for taking the time to share it.
Btw what's your current title called? Will you release to Steam? I'd love to follow your progress.

You're welcome!

My new title is called Ballsy! League, it's not on Steam yet, I need to fix myself some store art first.. but it's coming together nicely :) I think it needs another year of work though!

How is your project going?

(Sorry for my slow reply)


I love your game and study to make a football game, your document is very useful. I have bought your game  BallsyWorldCup and donated for helping me a lot.

Thanks man I appreciate that! Good luck with your football game :)

roger-peng I want to contact you, send me your email or other conacts please