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Hi Infernal! Sorry for the late reply. Great to hear you enjoy/enjoyed the game! An elimination mode is a fun idea, I'll add it to the pool of ideas. Can't promise anything though, as I mostly just do service updates now with small patches, but who knows. About a splitscreen mode; I've been thinking about that myself from the start, but the problem is screen space. Because it's top-down, you really need all the visibility you can get to see upcoming corners. So a splitscreen mode would have to be horizontal, but then it becomes a problem when the road goes a bit too diagonal. I do have a 3D 'spiritual successor' to this game in the works though, and because it's 3D, I can add a splitscreen mode there. But that's the farther future :) Cheers!


Good to know, and I'm okay with this game no matter your decision. I am in fact still enjoying it; the elite cars are kicking my rear currently, but I'm getting the hang of the Audo and Chevra now. The Toyato's a little more tricky for me, but I've at least found the setup with it that works best for me, so I'll get the hang of it eventually.


Ohh I love to hear that you play and enjoy the game! Makes my life as game dev worthwhile :) Thanks!

ps. gotta be honest, I also have a love/hate relationship with the Toyato lol